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Salisbury Glove Bags, Glove Inflator and Dielectric Footwear

Salisbury Glove Bags, Glove Inflator and Dielectric Footwear

Manufacturer: Salisbury by Honeywell

Product Code: GB112


Shock Protection

GLove BAGS - Salisbury bags are constructed of heavy duty canvas GB114 duck and are double stitched at stress points for extra durability. Canvas bags feature a snap hook for hanging on work belts. Bags feature tapered gussets with wide opening tops for easy insertion.


Product Numbering Chart for Glove BAGS
Cat. No. Glove
Length I
n (mm)
lbs. (kgs)
GB112 11 (280) 9” X 14” (229 X 356) 1 (.5)
GB114 14 (356) 9” X 16” (229 X 406) 1 (.5)
GB116 16 (406) 9” X 18” (229 X 457) 1.2 (.6)
GB118 18 (457) 9” X 20” (229 X 508) 1.5 (.7)

Glove inflator - Electrical insulating gloves must be inspected before each use. Inspection is simplified by using a portable glove inflator such as the Salisbury G99 and the G100 with adapter for Class 00 and 0 and smaller size gloves. The Patented G99 is a simple, easy to use, portable glove inflator. The G99 provides a quality means of inspecting gloves in the field. The glove is secured to the inflator using a nylon strap and fastened with hook and pile. Inflation is accomplished by pumping the bellows of the inflator.


Glove inflator
Cat. No. Description Weight
lbs. (kgs)
G99 Glove inflator kit 2 (.91)
G99B Replacement bag -
G99S Replacement strap -
G99V Replacement check valve -
G100 Glove inflator kit w/ adapter -
G100A Small low-volt glove adapter -


ASTM Dielectric Foot wear - 100% TESTED TO 20KV - Salisbury’s ASTM dielectric footwear is 100% waterproof and made from premium grade, ozone resistant rubber. The flexible hand layered construction includes a durable, nylon lining for easy on/off. The sole has a durable construction with a non-skid, bar tread outsole. The attached buckle and hardware is nonmetallic. All of Salisbury’s ASTM Dielectric Footwear conforms with ASTM F1117 and is 100% tested to the electrical hazard requirements of ASTM F1116 at 20,000 volts.


Dielectric footwear
Cat. No. Description Sizes Weight
lbs. (kgs)
21405 17”, 1 Buckle overboot Whole sizes 7 - 16 5.8 (2.6)
21406 14” 1 Buckle overboot Whole sizes 7 - 17 5.0 (2.3)
51508 Non-buckle overshoe Whole sizes 7 - 17 3.3 (1.5)
51509 2 Buckle overshoe Whole sizes 7 - 17 4.4 (2)
51511 Bob sole - non-buckle overshoe Whole sizes 7 - 16 3.3 (1.5)
51512 Bob sole - 2 buckle overshoe Whole sizes 7 - 16 4.4 (2)

NOTE: When ordering, add size as suffix to part number. Be sure to add a space between the part number and size.

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