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Salisbury Insulating Gloves And Protectors

Salisbury Insulating Gloves And Protectors

Manufacturer: Salisbury by Honeywell

Product Code: GK011BL9


Shock Protection

GLove Kits - Salisbury’s insulating rubber gloves are necessary for every electrical worker’s complete safety. Salisbury’s leather protectors provide needed protection from cuts, abrasions and punctures. To keep these safety items in top condition, proper storage is very important.

Proper storage extends the service life of gloves. Folds and creases strain natural rubber and cause it to cut from ozone prematurely. Storing rubber gloves in the right size bag and never forcing more than one pair into each bag, equipment will lie flat and last longer.


Product Numbering Chart for Glove Kits
Class Length
Color Glove Size
(choose one below)
GK 00 11 or 14 B, BL, Y, R 7, 8, 8H, 9, 9H
10, 10H, 11, 12
GK 0 11 or 14 B, BL, Y, R
GK 2 14, 16, or 18 B, RB
Example: GK011BL9 11 BL 9

GK 011BL 9 is a glove kit with a Blue Class 0 glove 11” long size 9. The appropriate glove bag and leather protectors will be included.
Type I Natural Rubber available in: R=Red, Y=Yellow, B=Black RB=Red in, Black out.
Type II Salcor® Rubber available in: BL=Blue


PRO-WEAR® Arc Flash Gloves

12 - 100 cal/cm2


SAlisbury PRO-WEAR® Arc Flash Gloves are available in ATPV ratings of 12 to 100 cal/cm2*. These gloves are sewn with Nomex® thread. All gloves are made with arc rated material.


All Arc Flash Gloves are 14” long and designed in a clute cut style. One size fits most.


Cat. No. Description
AFG11 12 cal/cm2, Navy blue,
AFG20 20 cal/cm2, Navy blue
AFG31 31 cal/cm2, Royal blue
AFG40 40 cal/cm2, Gray
AFG55* 55 cal/cm2, Gray
AFG100* 100 cal/cm2, khaki

CAUTION: Arc Flash Gloves do not provide electrical protection. Do not use when insulating rubber gloves are required.

*Important : NFPA 70E does not have a Hazard Risk Category above 40 cal/cm2. Working on levels above 40 cal/cm2 should be avoided because of the blast hazards caused by arc flash.

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