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Salisbury Insulating Rubber Gloves

Salisbury Insulating Rubber Gloves

Manufacturer: Salisbury by Honeywell

Product Code: E011BL8


Salisbury insulating rubber gloves are available in sizes 7 through 12, including some half sizes. Proper fit is important to minimize chafing and fatigue. To determine glove size, measure the circumference around the palm. Allow for additional room if fabric glove liners are to be worn, especially with thermal liners.

Class 00 gloves are available in red and black, Type I Natural Rubber or blue and contrasting blue/orange Type II Salcor® ozone resistant rubber. Class 0 gloves are available in red, yellow and black, Type I Natural Rubber or blue Type II Salcor® ozone resistant rubber. The contrast between the thin outer orange color against the inner blue color makes inspecting for cuts and tears easier when the glove is inflated or stretched.

Class 2 gloves are available in Type I Natural Rubber only. All insulating rubber gloves are extremely flexible and make working with small parts easy. The gloves meet or exceed ASTM D120 and IEC EN60903 Standards.


Insulated Rubber Gloves
Class Length Color Size (choose one below)
E 00 11 or 14 R, BL, B, Y or BLO 7, 8, 8H, 9, 9H
10, 10H, 11, 12
E 0 11 or 14 R, BL, B, Y or BLO
E 1 14,16 or 18 B, YB or RB
E 2 14,16 or 18 B, YB or RB

Class 3 and Class 4 Available.

EXAMPLE: E011R10 is a Class 0 11” red glove size 10.
Type I Natural Rubber available in: R=Red, Y=Yellow, B=Black, RB=Red in, Black out, YB=Yellow in, Black out.
Type II Salcor® Rubber available in: BL=Blue, BLO=Blue in, Orange out.


Insulating rubber gloves Maximum Usage
Cat. No. Proof Test Voltage AC / DC Max. Use Voltage AC / DC
00 2500 / 10,000 500 / 750
0 5,000 / 20,000 1,000 / 1,500
1 10,000 / 40,000 7,500 / 11,250
2 20,000 / 50,000 17,000 / 25,500
3 30,000 / 60,000 26,500 / 39,750
4 40,000 / 70,000 36,000 / 54,000


TEN-FOUR® GLOVE DUST is a cooling, frictionless powder that absorbs moisture and perspiration when wearing rubber gloves. The 5-oz. bottle easily fits in a pocket or glove bag. The 4-quart bulk package is used in test labs as a dusting powder.



Cat. No.

Description Weight lbs. (kgs)
10-4 12, 5 oz. Squeeze bottles 5.5 (12)
10-4-4QT 4 qt. Bulk, single 8 (19)


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