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Electrical Protection

Western Safety Products has provided safe, dependable, hotline tools and equipment, Arc rated Clothing and protective gear, electrical gloves and more to electricians and utilities throughout the United States and around the world. While we are proud of our accomplishment we always look out for new trends and improvements for Electrical Protection.  

To provide our customers with the most reliable electrical safety products we have teamed up with industry leaders like Salisbury by Honeywell and Hastings, the originator of the Tel-O-Pole telescoping hot stick and many other patented and unique hot line tools and equipment, used by line crews around the world.   

Our broad line of Electrical Safety products not only includes the above mentioned Fiberglass Hot Sticks and Telescoping Sticks, but also Conductor Support, Shotgun Sticks, Cutters, Ratchets, Fiberglass Cleaning Products, Grounding Equipment, Regulator Neutral detectors, to only name a few. Western Safety Products also carries the complete line of Salisbury by Honeywell Insulated Tools like Wrenches, Complete Insulated Tool Kits and Voltage detectors as well as its Arc Rated Face Shields, Jackets, Bib - Overalls. Our product lineup includes everything needed to keep linesmen, utility workers, wind energy employees safe. 

If you can not find what you are looking for on our new website, please visit our previous website where additional products and manufacturer are listed. You can also call us at (206) 264-0808 or email  for additional information and pricing.

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