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Defibtech AED Trainer

Defibtech AED Trainer
Defibtech AED Trainer

Manufacturer: Defibtech

Product Code: DDU-100TR

AED Trainer The Standalone AED Trainer can be used to instruct students in the various operating modes of Defibtech DDU-100 Series AEDs, and in the use of an AED as part of a standard rescue protocol. The DDU-100TR is similar to a functional DDU-100 series AED in form and operation, but all rubberized exterior surfaces are red, instead of black, to clearly distinguish the unit as a training device that cannot be used to defibrillate a real patient. The Standalone AED Trainer is sold as part of the DCF-A350T-EN Standalone Training Package, which includes the following: DDU-100TR Trainer AED DCF-DBP-RC2 Training Battery (rechargeable) DTR-201 Training Battery Charger DDP-101TR Adult Training Pads DTR-400 Remote Control Also available: DDP-201TR Child/Infant Training Pads

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