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MSA ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector

MSA ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector

Manufacturer: MSA

Product Code: MSA-ALTAIR-2X

MSA ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector

Introducing the ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector from MSA; the first one- or two-gas detector that incorporates industry-leading XCell Sensor technology to deliver unparalleled performance while dramatically minimizing total cost of ownership, increasing durability and delivering enhanced worker safety, compliance and traceability.

ALTAIR 2XP Gas Detector – with XCell Pulse Technology
Compliance, Traceability and Simplicity without Compromising Safety

Don’t Leave Safety to Chance!

  • The industry best practice of conducting a bump test prior to each day’s use is easily achieved with the ALTAIR 2XP. Bump anywhere, any time, without bottled gas or accessories.
  • Visual indicators on the detector make verification of bump test easy
  • Highly visible green light verifies successful bump test (green light, check mark)
  • Flashes red when not bumped
  • The ALTAIR 2X family of detectors have full instrument traceability of bump and calibration records, peak readings, event logs and data logs.


ALTAIR 2XT – Two-Tox Gas Detector

The ALTAIR 2XT Detector eliminates the need for a second detector by utilizing proven XCell Two-Tox Sensors. XCell Two-Tox Sensors detect two gases on distinct sensor channels with digital output that minimizes cross-channel interference.

ALTAIR 2X – Single-Gas Detector

MSA revolutionized gas detection with XCell Sensor technology. By miniaturizing the sensors’ controlling electronics and placing them inside the sensor itself using MSA’s proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design, MSA XCell Sensors offer superior stability, accuracy, and sensor life.

Features Benefits
VARIETY OF OPTIONS • ALTAIR 2X single-gas detectors with XCell sensors
• ALTAIR 2XP single-gas detector with XCell pulse technology for gas-free bump testing
• ALTAIR 2XT Two-tox gas detectors with XCell Two-tox sensors
LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP • Fastest sensor response times, lowest calibration gas flow rate on the market
• 4-year expected instrument & sensor life
• 3-year warranty on instrument & most sensors (2 years on Cl2, NH3)
• Stand-alone bump tests reduce maintenance, increase productivity (ALTAIR 2XP Detector only)
• 1 device can monitor 2 gases (ALTAIR 2XT Detector only)
• Stand-alone bump test anytime, anywhere without bottled calibration gas (ALTAIR 2XP Detector only)
• Bump PASS: Green LED flash every 15 seconds, large on-screen checkmark for real-time compliance
• Bump FAIL: Red LED flash every 15 seconds, no checkmark
• End-of-sensor-life warning and alarm
FULL-TIME TRACEABILITY • Records 75 alarm events and over 100 hours of periodic data, including bump and calibration records
• Compatible with MSA GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System and MSA Link Pro software
RUGGED DURABILITY • Tough over-molded rubber armor
• Survives multiple 25-ft drops onto concrete
• Agency-certified dust- and water-tight IP67 and intrinsically-safe construction
EASY TO USE • 1-button, gloved hand operation
• Large LCD, characters, and status icons
• Onscreen step-by-step user instructions for stand-alone bump test (ALTAIR 2XP Detector only)
• 10-second backlight with adjustable timeout


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

MSA’s industry leading technology combined with product durability means that ALTAIR 2X Gas Detectors provide a lower total cost of ownership than competitive instruments and will pay for itself quickly.

Reduced Costs and Expense

  • XCell Sensor response and recovery time reduces the gas consumption for calibration and gas bump tests (where applicable)
  • The ALTAIR 2XP with XCell Pulse Technology reduces the need for specific calibration gas and bump test accessories to provide significant savings
  • The ALTAIR 2XT Two-Tox eliminates the need for a second instrument in several applications

Increased Productivity

  • Skip the gas line! The stand-alone bump test on the ALTAIR 2XP means that you will be spending more time doing the job and less time waiting in line or conducting bump tests. Spending less time at the bump station means less down time and more time producing.
  • Faster bump tests, easy compliance and product reliability means you can get to work faster and safer.


10153984 H2S-Pulse (10,15), charcoal
10154188 H2S-Pulse (10,15), glow-in-the-dark
10154071 CO-H2/H2S (CO: 25, 100; H2S: 10, 15), charcoal
10154072 CO/H2S-LC (CO: 25, 100; H2S: 5, 10), charcoal
10154073 CO/NO2 (CO: 25, 100; NO2: 2.5, 5), charcoal
10153985 SO2/H2S-LC (SO2:2, 5; H2S: 10, 15), charcoal
10154181 CO/H2S (CO: 25, 100; H2S: 10, 15), glow-in-the-dark
10154182 CO-H2/H2S (CO: 25, 100; H2S: 10, 15), glow-in-the-dark
10154183 CO/H2S-LC (CO: 25, 100; H2S: 5, 10), glow-in-the-dark
10154184 CO/NO2 (CO: 25, 100; NO2: 2.5, 5), glow-in-the-dark
10154190 SO2/H2S-LC (SO2:2, 5; H2S: 10, 15), glow-in-the-dark
10153986 CO (25, 100), charcoal
10154074 CO-H2 (25, 100), charcoal
10154075 CO-HC (25, 100), charcoal
10154076 H2S-LC (5, 10), charcoal
10162042 H2S (10, 15), charcoal
10154077 SO2 (2, 5), charcoal
10154078 NO2 (2.5, 5), charcoal
10154079 NH3 (25, 50), charcoal
10154080 Cl2 (0.5, 1), charcoal
10154185 CO (25, 100), glow-in-the-dark
10154186 CO-H2 (25, 100), glow-in-the-dark
10154187 CO-HC (25, 100), glow-in-the-dark
10154189 H2S-LC (5, 10), glow-in-the-dark
10162043 H2S (10, 15), glow-in-the-dark
10154191 SO2 (2, 5), glow-in-the-dark
10154192 NO2 (2.5, 5), glow-in-the-dark
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