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Allegro High Impact Polymer manhole shield
Constructed of rugged, lightweight Polyethylene with bright yellow material that resists fading. Wil..
Allegro Magnetic Lid Liter
The toughest manhole covers are easy to move with this lightweight, one-piece compact magnetic lid l..
Allegro Magnetic Manhole lid lifter
Designed for quick and safe removal and replacement of manhole covers by yourself. Minimizes stress ..
Allegro Manhole Lid Lifter
The toughest manhole covers are easy to move with this one piece lifter. It features a long all-stee..
Allegro Manhole Sign
Meeting OSHA’s confined space warning requirements by reminding workers to follow proper confined sp..
Designed to protect an area 33" x 33", this 42" high guard rail collapses to only 44" square x 4" fo..
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