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Confined Space Accessoires

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Allegro Manhole Lid Lifter
The toughest manhole covers are easy to move with this one piece lifter. It features a long all-stee..
Allegro Manhole Sign
Meeting OSHA’s confined space warning requirements by reminding workers to follow proper confined sp..
Allegro Non-Conductive Umbrella
This 84" diameter Nonconductive Umbrella will protect you from the sun and rain at your job site. Co..
Allegro Storm Grate Lifting Adapter
Three hooks for easy lifting and moving rectangular storm grates...
Allegro Tent Heater
The lightweight Tent Heater offers the rugged, heavy duty design of all steel housing with enclosed ..
Allegro Umbrella Stand
When the umbrella pole cannot be driven into the ground, this metal stand with four locking legs tha..
MSA Workman Tripod and Workman Confined Space Entry Kits
MSA Workman Tripod and Workman Confined Space Entry Kits   MSA Tripods make confined space entry wit..
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