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Confined Space Accessoires

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Allegro Deluxe Umbrella
This 84" diameter umbrella offers low cost protection from sun and rain. It features heavy duty viny..
Allegro Economy Umbrella
Using the same heavy-duty safety yellow vinyl as the Allegro Deluxe Umbrella, the Economy model uses..
Allegro Guard Rail Winch
Raising and lowering equipment into confined space can be impossible without this durable winch. Eve..
Allegro Large Puncture Proof Wheels
10" puncture proof wheels increase foot print for use on soft ground. Drop axles ensure height remai..
Allegro Magnet
Offered in two strengths, the lifting magnet will lift manhole lids up to 660 lbs. The heavy duty ma..
Allegro Magnetic lid lifter extension handle
Extends existing handle on each side by 7 inches making each handle 12 inches long. This allows two ..
Allegro Magnetic Lid Lifter Hook
Designed to angle the hook for those hard to reach manholes. The zinc-plated, 5/0 chain is 24 inches..
Allegro Magnetic Lid Lifter Spreader Bar
Allows the use of two magnets simultaneously for those extra heavy and over sized lids or grates. Ba..
Allegro Magnetic Lid Liter
The toughest manhole covers are easy to move with this lightweight, one-piece compact magnetic lid l..
Allegro Magnetic Lifter Extension
Extends the overall length by 7 inches to increase the leverage for heavier lids. Also extends the d..
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