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Atrix Vacuums

Atrix Industrial Vacuums

Atrix has been in business since 1981. Over the years, we have introduced numerous models of Industrial Vacuums including the Omega Plus, the Green Supreme, the HEPA Express, the High Capacity, IPM (Pest), Abatement and HEPA Backpack Vacuums.

As a company, Atrix take pridee in producing products of the utmost quality and providing our customers with excellent service. Thanks to these efforts, we have been able to build a strong brand with a reputable name.

We are proud to manufacture the finest filtration, ESD Safe vacuums that are available. We are one of the few companies that manufacture patented HEPA and ULPA Filters. Atrix also offers wide range of Tools, Complete Tool Kits, ESD Safety Products, Smocks and Cleaning Supplies.
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Atrix Ergo Backpack Vac
Atrix VACBP1 Ergo Backpack VAC   WARRANTY 1 Year Limited CONVENIENT Easily Convertible (Left H..
Atrix Express Vacuums
Atrix Express Vacuums PORTABLE. Weighing just 4 pounds, the Atrix Express Plus is one of the light..
Atrix HCTV5H High Capacity Vacuum system
Atrix HCTV5H High Capacity Vacuum system The HCTV5H has a large 5-gallon capacity filter with a qui..
Atrix New Generation Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum
Atrix New Generation Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum Features  Rechargeable Lithium Ion batt..
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