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Safety Barricades


Safety Barricades

Barriers for airports, border patrol checkpoints, special events and even go-cart tracks. 

Airport Regulations require that constructions, equipment and any other potential runway hazards be delineated with lighted barricades. Western Safety Products offers Aiport Barricades from manufacturer like Off the Wall Safety, whose barricades are used and trusted by major airports worldwide, including its popular Low Profile Airport Barricade AR10x96 and its Mid Profile version AR24x96.

Our roadway barricades are designed to protect drivers, pedestrians and road construction crews by creating channels of clear delineation.  Our Security Barricades for Anti Terrorism and Force Protection are designed with volume and mass in mind and water filled can weigh over 2800 lbs. 

Mid-Profile and Jersey Style Shape Barricades can be utilized in many diverse settings. Lighter and easier to deploy than concrete barricades, they are ideal for perimeter delineation, entry control points, crowd control, construction sites, and parking areas. They may serve as temporary or semi-permanent solutions where low-speed channelizing is required.

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