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The Key Benefits Of Using Leading Edge Lanyards

There are many applications that demand leading edge protection. The product that is used for such protection should be compact in size, easy to handle and offer maximum energy absorption to minimize the effects of a fall.

  • Constructed with durable good quality materials, the leading edge lanyards are meant to protect people from sharp falls.
  • Compact and light in weight, these lanyards offer the perfect leading edge protection.
  • A protective wrap keeps the energy absorber of the gear shielded from environmental conditions while allowing a safe window for visual inspection any time you want.
  • A good leading edge lanyard comes with single leg and twin leg options to meet the requirements of different jobs.
  • It can be used conveniently with both foot level and overhead anchorage connections.
  • Their protective PVC coated covers on the cable allow easy identification as compared to other protective gear or equipment.
  • Choosing a lightweight design is important as it contributes towards minimizing the body stress when worn for very long periods of time. In other words, it helps to enhance productivity as well.
  • The lightweight design also allows better and increased freedom of movement.
  • There are various options for connection points. This helps in picking the right one for the right job.

So go ahead and find a suitable leading edge lanyard for the safety of your workers at the job site. You can browse our site to make your pick from a high-quality collection.

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