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Putting the Exofit STRATA™ To the Test

By Tim Thompson- Product Manager at Capital Safety

At the end of the day, the most important person in the entire process of creating the DBI-SALA® ExoFit STRATA™ has been you, the at-height workers and safety managers. Beyond just inspiring us to create the innovations that make the ExoFit STRATA special, many of you have actually tested it firsthand and provided valuable feedback that has translated directly into the finished product. But we couldn’t just stop there: we had to prove that this truly is the lightest-wearing harness ever created.

For that, we turned to the research team at the H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics, based out of Northwestern Health Sciences University. Their partnership gave us a critical, experts’ perspective into the performance of the ExoFit STRATA in comparison to our competitors.

Using a combination of scales, motion capture devices, internal load cells and other equipment, their team collected precise measurements of the downward forces (weight) applied to the shoulders of each test subjects’ shoulder and upper back area.

During testing, each test subject was observed and measured while performing basic activities that the average at-height worker does each day on job sites, including standing stationary, reaching vertically (as if to climb), twisting and more. All of these key points are critical to ensuring the ExoFit STRATA significantly lightens your load throughout the entire workday—not just when you’re only standing a certain way.

When we received the test results from the Sweere Center we finally knew without a doubt that the ExoFit STRATA truly was the most innovative safety harness ever made. While the worker was standing stationary, the ExoFit STRATA delivered 85% less shoulder weight than the Miller® Aircore™ harness, and with the worker reaching vertically to simulate a climbing motion, it delivered 64% less shoulder weight than the Miller® Aircore™ harness. Likewise, compared to the FallTech® FlowTech™ harness, the ExoFit STRATA delivered 74% less shoulder weight while standing stationary and 44% less weight while reaching vertically.

With that, we finally had our answer: the ExoFit STRATA quite literally takes the weight off your shoulders, and we are thrilled to be able to share that with the world.


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