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LP-TSX Derail New Portable Derails: LP-TS single direction and bi-directional LP-TSX
WCH Page 1 Crossing signals, light units, signs
WCH Page 2 Gate mechanisms, counterweights, support arms, adapters, gate lights, high wind arm supports
WCH Page 3 Cantilevers, wheel sensors and warning/crossing bells
WCH Page 4 Terminal housings and accessories, security gates, test equipment, bonding drills and relays
WCH Page 5 Solar powered derails, resistance units, terminals and test switches, derails
WCH Page 6 Switch targets, switch machines, track tools, switch point guards, bumping posts
WCH Page 7 Wheel stops and chocks, rerailers, lift jacks, blue flags and signs, circuit controllers and control systems
Bumping Posts Western Cullen Hayes makes superior, world-class bumping posts
Special Bumping Posts Modified, Custom Fabricated Bumping Posts

Western-Cullen-Hayes Inc.

Western-Cullen-Hayes is one of the oldest manufacturers in the railroad industry. For over 100 years the names "Hayes" and "Western" have been synonymous with quality.
Our extensive product line includes bumping posts, wheel stops, derails, switch point guards, and blue flag devices. We make power switch point and derail machines, the ELDO electric locking derail operator, manual bonding drills, rail benders and rail tongs. Flashing light signals, both incandescent and LED, the Model 3590 Series crossing gate mechanisms and mechanical and electronic bells are made at our Chicago, Illinois facility. We design and assemble PLC based industrial grade crossing and derail systems as well as radio controlled crossing signals and switch point machines.
Western-Cullen-Hayes products are unusually durable and easy to maintain, by design. Quality was an obsession with us before it became fashionable throughout the rest of our industry. Our on-going commitment to product improvement has lead to the development of a new low maintenance gate mechanism, a light weight portable derail, a solar powered derail operator and a switch machine with onboard programmable controller.
Western-Cullen-Hayes Inc. serves the Class 1, Regional and Shortline Railroad, Commuter and Mass Transit, as well as the Industrial and Contractor markets. Anywhere there are railroad tracks, Western-Cullen-Hayes products can be found.
What follows is a complete catalog of our products with ordering references and part numbers, as applicable. This catalog supercedes all other Western-Cullen-Hayes catalogs.