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Commercial/Industrial Outerwear: StormCreek, StormShield, RuggedWear, StormCreek II, StormCreek Industrial
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Commercial/Industrial Outerwear: NitriShed, CrossOver, DryCreek, StormShield 900 Series
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Federal/Security Outerwear: Tango Duty Shell, Striker Soft Shell, Delta SWAT Series, Alpha Duty Shell
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Federal/Security Outerwear: Bravo Duty Pant, Charlie Bib Overalls, Sierra Duty Shell
We provide premium waterproof outerwear built specifically for YOU, the American worker. Our innovative products are designed to be "worker friendly" by maximizing comfort and durability while minimizing fatigue and stress on the body. We use state of the art design, cutting and manufacturing systems that allow us to build all of our products to your size and specifications.
All of our products are custom built in Salem, Oregon USA.
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Western Safety Products, Inc. 505 South Lander St., Seattle, WA 98134
Toll Free: (888) 823-0808 • Phone: (206) 264-0808 • Fax: (206) 264-4921
Website: http://www.westernsafety.comsales@westernsafety.com

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