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Spring Cone Tote & Bag System

Best Solution for Emergency Traffic Control
  • Compact for easy storage on any truck or in vehicle trunk
  • Quickly deployed Spring Cone™ delineates traffic at any scene
  • Meets MUTCD requirements for 28" highway traffic cone
  • Plastic Tote holds 2 cones in less than 1 cubic foot
  • Available in 4 cone nylon/mesh bag set or 6 cone nylon/mesh bag set
  • Flexible Spring Cone™ spills wind for increased stability
  • Cone is made of a durable, bright orange flexible mesh material
  • Rubber base holds cone in place and grips the road for added stability
  • Flexible spring allows cone to automatically self deploy
  • Cones available with Reflexite™ reflective cone collars
  • Lightweight - cones are 1/2 the weight and pack in 1/3 the space of traditional highway cones

Zephyr Emergency Traffic Control Sign System
For use with 36" and 48" Roll-up Emergency Signs.
Tested and certified to meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP350.
Protect First Responders with Early Warning Fluorescent Pink Signs
  • Meets all MUTCD & NFPA Requirements for ETC
  • Rubber coated steel plate provides excellent stability (38 lbs.)
  • Skid resistant and spills the wind without any bulky spring base
  • Easy to store, Easy to move, Easy to use
  • Sign automatically locks into place with corner pocket insertion for quick deployment

Quick Deploy Slide-n-Store Emergency Sign System
  • Deployed in less than 15 seconds
  • Stores easily in small spaces: 12" wide x 44" long for 36" sign
  • NCHRP 350 Crashworthy Certified
  • Spills wind for high speed roadway use
  • 4 telescoping legs provide greater stability
  • Simply drop the legs, move the slider and the Slide-n-Store is deployed
  • Combine the Quick Deploy Slide-n-Store sign system with Quick Deploy Spring Cones for the best solution in emergency traffic management
  • Available in 36" signs and 48" signs

Emergency Sign Legends

Emergency Sign Overlays
Standard Fluorescent Pink sign legends and overlays show above.
Note: Sign legends "Incident Ahead", "Emergency Scene Ahead", "Road Closed Ahead" and "DUI Checkpoint Ahead" have velcro applied to the sign face for overlays.

Quick Deploy Spring Cones & Omniglow Lightsticks
The combination of active/passive high visibility delineation to protect your first responders. Simply order your Quick Deploy Spring Cones with the lightstick sleeve for easy installation of the OmniGlow 10" lightstick.
  • 28" MUTCD compliant Quick Deploy Spring Cones with Reflexite® reflective cone collars for use day or night
  • 10" OmniGlow Lightsticks visible up to 1 mile with 2 hours of high visibility ligh
  • Combine these two exceptional devices for long sight distance warning to oncoming motorists
10" OmniGlow Lightsticks
  • Visible up to 1 mile
  • Up to 2 hours of high visibility light
  • Includes self standing holder
  • Formulation for standard, hot and cold weather
  • Case pack of 40

Channelizer Drums & Delineation Cones

Channelizer Drum

Drum Base Standard

Drum Base Rubber

Drum Base San-Fil
Tested and certified to meed the Crashworthy Requirements of NCHRP 350. Available in rugged, durable high density polyethylene or impact resistant, reshapeable low density polyethylene. UV inhibitors minimize fading. Retaining flange for added strength during impact. "D" Shaped design minimizes rolling after impact.

Delineator Cone
Delineator Tube
42" Looper Delineator Cone

Looped handle for easy movement and handling of several Loopers at at time. Reinforced handle prevents cones from sticking when stacked. Made of durable bright orange low density polyethylene

  42" Looper Delineator Tube

Looped handle providing handling versatility. Recessed areas prevent abrasion of reflective material. Made of durable bright orange low density polyethylene

"The Matador" plastic folding barricade. Tested and certified to meet the Crashworthy Requirements of NCHRP 350 with barricade light and San-Fil bottom panels. Type I and II. Injection molded polyethylene legs and panels providing the most cost effective all plastic barricade. Modular design allows for easy replacement of components.
"Metro-A-Cade" Barricade

Tested and certified to meet the Crashworthy Requirements of NCHRP 350 with barricade light and plastic rail. Made of impact resistant polyethylene. Phoenix plastic rails easily attach in lengths of 4', 6', 8' and 12'. Slop free stacking with built in stacking lugs.

Miscellaneous Traffic Control Products
Portable / storable Stop-Slow paddles. 18" or 24" reflective stop-slow paddles. Rolls up for easy, compact storage. MUTCD compliant for emergency flagger operations
Lighted Marshalling Baton

Industrial lightweight PolyBrite™ safety baton with steady burn or flashing light. Available in red, blue, green or amber. 6.2 oz. weight and 14.5 inches long. 400 hours of illumination in flashing mode with 2 AA batteries.

Spring Cone Visibility Kit

The all-in-one emergency kit includes the following:

  • Quick Deploy Spring Cone - Two cone tote
  • ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest
  • 10" OmniGlow lightsticks - 4 each
  • Zippered bag attaches to tote.

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