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Versa-Guard Barricades



Versa-Guard is an easily transportable, expandable attention getting temporary barricade system. It is 36 inches high, and can expand from 17 inches to more than 11 feet. Each sturdy unit weighs 29 pounds and is easily carried to desired location. For storage, the units easily store together in a compact way, allowing maximum capacity in a minimum space. They are available in a wide variety of color combinations, and can be ordered with various optional accesories, such as sign holders, castors for easily rolling, and custom mounting hardware. See photos below for examples of Versa-Guard as deployed by several companies and governmental agencies.

Features & Benefits:

  • Expands to over 11 feet long
  • High gloss powder coated finish
  • OSHA, DOT and NRC safety colors
  • Interconnect without tools
  • Mobile
  • Compact frame design
  • Accessories available
  • Reduce accidents with a high visibility warning
  • Present a pleasant and professional look
  • Convenient compliance with safety standards
  • Create custom configurations
  • Fast deployment and set up
  • Nest for storage
  • Enhance safety warnings
  • Convenient OSHA compliance

Maximize safety and reduce accidents. The versaguard portable expanding barricade system:

  • Reduces exposure to public liability claims and worker injuries
  • Presents and imposing barricade that is difficult to circumvent
  • Provides an effective and attractive visual warning
  • Complements safety and risk reduction programs

Versaguard Usage
Prevent slips and falls by redirecting pedestrian traffic and confining slippery work areas
Protects workers and pedestrians and control plant traffic patterns Optional casters reduce deployment time
Carries like a toolbox Fast, easy and effective identification of potential hazards
Protects potential hazardous areas from pedestrian traffic. Protects workers performing maintenance

Rearguard / Machine Guards
Above: RG-1000 providing a higher level of protection and fast access behind a press brake
RG-1512 guarding the rear of a 12 press brake RG1510-90 mounted outside frame for backgauge clearance
  • Reduces the potential for serious injury with the interlock switch wired into the machine E-stop circuit
  • Enable quick and complete access to machine components for set-up, maintenance or cleaning by lifting the locking pin and folding the expansion section

Interlock features:

  • Tamper and vibration resistant keyed actuator
  • Two N/C and one N/O stainless steel contacts
  • NEMA 100V-5A, AC — UL & CE approved
  • Multiple Lockout / Tagout points

Custom units can be designed for difficult to guard machines

RearGuard / Perimeter Guarding
RG-1410 with mounting posts guarding the hydraulic lift table of a CNC panel saw Protecting a steel coil feed operation using RG-1400 series with mounting posts
Securing the feed of a double pallet CNC machining center using RG-1400 series with mounting posts
  • Floor to ceiling clearance when opened enable forklift and crane access
  • Wide selection of mounting brackets for machine, wall or column attachment
  • Stand alone configurations with mounting posts

Specifications & Options
Accessories to increase warning level: signs, flashing lamps and flags Carrying handle connects to receptacle bracket for creating custom configurations without using tools
Optional caster feet improve mobility Wall mounting brackets (left)
Fixed positon locking bar secures unit to specific length (right)
Versa-Guard Models:

Standard Unit: Expanded: 11ft. 4 in. - Folded: 17 in.
Height: 36 in. - Weight: 25 lbs.

Extended Length Unit: Expanded: 15 ft. 4 in. - Folded: 20 in.
Height: 36 in. - Weight: 38 lbs.

Extended Height Unit: Expanded: 11 ft. 4 in. - Folded: 17 in.
Height: 48 in. - Weight: 29 lbs.

Sturdy steel and aluminum frame. High gloss powder coat finish

Color combinations:
Safety Yellow & Black: Caution
Safety Orange & Black: Warning
Safety Orange & White: Traffic
White & Red: Confined Space
Safety Yellow & Magenta: Radiation
Fluorescent Yellow & Black: High Visibility
Custom color combinations available


  • Signs and sign hanging brackets
  • Flags and flashing lights
  • Non-marking casters with brake
  • Fixed position locking bar
  • Floor mounting brackets
  • Wall mounting kits

Mounting Options for RearGuard
Mounting Brackets:

Inside Frame:

  • Multiple sizes for minimum side opening and clearance for machine components
  • Bracket secured to mounting plate at 90 degrees

Outside Frame:

  • Attach to side of machine frame for backguage clearance
  • Bracket secured to mounting plate at 180 degrees

Mounting Posts:

  • 10 in. square mounting plate with gussets for maximum strength
  • Multiple sizes conform to 4, 5 and 6 foot tall sections
  • Configured with hinges, switches or both
  • Floor plates and posts for RG-1000 Series
Flexible stainless steel mesh and welding curtain options
  • Captures flying debris, including chips and broken cutters
  • Prevents hands, fingers and other objects from entering guarded area
  • Maintains flow-through ventilation and good visibility for monitoring operations
  • Available on all models and sizes

The pictures below show typical usage for the Versa-Guard, and the collapsed, stored versions (three Versa-Guard barricades shown nested)

VS 14 VS 10


The versatile Versa-Guard barricades are an excellent way to direct foot traffic safely, while lowering storage and transportation costs for traffic control devices. They are harder to circumvent or climb over and/or under than many competing traffic direction systems on the market. Below are more examples of Versa-Guard barricades in action...
VS 6 VS 16
VS 15C VS 11

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