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UltraTech 2012 Index


UltraTech Page 1 Spill Pallets and Spill Decks, Spill Bladders, Fluorinated Spill Pallets
UltraTech Page 2 Outdoor Drum Storage, Small Containment and Spill Pallets, Drum Racks and Shelves, Railroad Track Spill Pans
UltraTech Page 3 Drum Handling, IBC Pallets, Containment Sumps, Sump Water Bailers, Drum Funnels
UltraTech Page 4 Containment and Spill Berms and Accessories
UltraTech Page 5 Drain Seals & Plugs, Drum & Tanker Tourniquets, Spill Pools, Spill Berms, Drum Overpacks, Decon Decks, Oil Eating Microbes
UltraTech Page 6 Concrete Washout Filters, Drain and Grate Guards, Oil Skimmers, Dewatering Bags, Grate Lifters, Phosphorous Removal
UltraTech Page 7 X-Tex information, Spill Fences, Oil Booms, Vehicle Spill Tarps, Facilities Protection, ADA Pads, Drip Diverters, Smoke Cans
UltraTech Page 8 Polyethylene and Polyurethane chemical compatibilty guides, Summaries of critical regulations for spill control and prevention

Eco-Smart Logo from UltraTech International
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Made with up to 100% of recycled resin for environmentally smart and friendly production.
  • ECO-NOMICAL - Made with a cost-effective method and recycled material for smart savings.
  • ECO-LOGICAL - Certain load-bearing spill-containment products may not be safe when using 100% resins. By logically blending the smart amount of virgin resin with recycled resin, UltraTech products offer maximum safety, structural integrity and long life that cannot be achieved by 100% recycled blends.

UltraTech was the first to recognize the advantage and the reduced impact on the environment that products made of recycled materials could provide. In 1996, we introduced the Economy Model Ultra-Spill Pallet, the first recycled product of its kind in the industry by ANY manufacturer. We've since introduced a number of other products in our spill containment and other product lines that have up to 100% recycled content. But we also continue to strive to provide the best quality products available on the market. So to insure that our recycled, Eco-Smart products meet the tough standards of the rest of our line, we will only use our own scrap material in our containment products. In other words, we know exactly what's going into our products. We will not buy recycled resin from an unknown source or with no known heat history. It is impossible to know what the structural integrity of a recycled containment product is if you don't know what it is made from.
Throughout our catalog you will see the Eco-Smart logo telling you that the product that it is on has up to 100% recycled content. Because of resin availability, production and other manufacturing variables, the exact percentages of recycled material for a product at any given time, can vary somewhat. Eco-Smart is also used to designate products that are biodegradable, phosphorus-free, use natural materials or assist in recycling. Please feel free to contact us for more specific numbers and information.

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