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Ultrasafe Index

Western Safety Home Manufacturers Fall Protection  




Ultra-Safe Page 1

Ultra-Safe Body Harnesses Page 1

Ultra-Safe Page 2

Ultra-Safe Body Harnesses 2 (Pillow-Flex Harnesses)

Ultra-Safe Page 3

Ultra-Safe Body Harnesses 3 (Aerial Lift Kits and Custom Harnesses)

Ultra-Safe Page 4

Lanyards and Shock Absorbers

Ultra-Safe Page 5

Lanyards 2 (Shock Absorbing and Y-Type Lanyards)

Ultra-Safe Page 6

Specialty Lanyards

Ultra-Safe Page 7

Snaphooks, Carabiners, Rappelling Hardware, Rope Grabs

Ultra-Safe Page 8

Roofer Kits, Lifelines, Anchorages, Rebar Assemblies

Ultra-Safe Page 9

Anchors and Self Retracting Lifelines

Ultra-Safe Page 10

Aerial Lift Kits, Tripods, Cantilever Arms and Echoanchor

Ultra-Safe Page 11

Retractable Roof Brackets, Beam Anchors

Ultra-Safe Page 12

Lifelines, Rescue and Ladder Systems

Ultra-Safe Page 13

Snaphooks and Carabiners - 3,500 lb. Gates

Ultra-Safe Page 14

Lanyards with 3,500 lb. Gates and work accessories