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Tractel Wind Energy Fall Protection Page 1


Wind Energy Fall Protection
Harnessing the Wind — rigging, access and height safety equipment for wind power plants
Wind Generator

Tractel Lift

Tractelift: climb assist

By improving the working environment, service crews can work with substantially reduced fatigue and the average age for service personnel will increase. Employers can keep crews substantially longer – reducing costs in recruiting and training new crews due to less turn over.
• The climbing aid gives traction relief with a constant pulling force of about 90 lbs. (40 kg).
• The automatic pull is constant. Pull and speed work independent of each other.
• A gear motor with adjustable clutch drives a continuous circulating belt that allows the user to choose the climbing speed.
• The user can disconnect or connect himself at any position on the ladder and at any time. The climber starts the motor just by climbing. The motor stops
when the climber stop climbing.
• Motors for any power supply are easy to retrofit. Most service contracts are “base pay” plus performance bonus, hence the climb assistance will effect benefits.
• The tractel climb assist can be used to relieve stress on the body both in ascending and descending.
• One motor unit can run several Tractelift climbing systems.
• The Tractelift is designed to fit virtually any kind of vertical ladder.
• Because of its unique design, the system can be installed in two to three hours by two people.
• The Tractelift must be used with a ladder safety system.

Tractelift   Blocstop Secondary Brake
Blocstop Secondary Brake
Diverter Pulley Detachable Motor Fixed Motor
Diverter Pulley Detachable Motor Fixed Motor

Service Lifts

Service lift: inside the masts

For giving access inside the masts, in close co-operation with the system manufacturers, we develop service lifts “made to measure”, all of them profiting
from the wire rope driven principle of the Tirak® man-riding hoists. The hoist is quiet and lightweight and only requires a minimum amount of space. There is no wire rope weight inside the cabin to reduce the capacity of the lift. It is constructed for two people and their tools.
• Each lift has three separate braking systems, including overspeed protection.
• Lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum construction.
• External controls to allow the cage to be sent up or down without operator.
• Overload detection.
• Power supply: 400 or 690 volts 3 phase.

tractel service lifts
Service Lift Types

Ladder guided
• Weight: 375 lbs. (170 kg)
• Load: 530 lbs. (240 kg)
• Hoist: L502P
• Blocstop: BSO 1000
• Rope: 5⁄16 in. (8 mm) diameter
• Speed: 60 ft./min. (18 m/min.)

Rope guided
• Weight: 375 lbs. (170 kg)
• Load: 530 lbs. (240 kg)
• Hoist: L502P
• Blocstop: BSO 1000
• Rope: 5⁄16 in. (8 mm) diameter
• Speed: 60 ft./min. (18 m/min.)

Large capacity rope guided
• Weight: 485 lbs. (220 kg)
• Load: 880 lbs. (400 kg)
• Hoist: X827 P
• Blocstop: BSO 1020
• Rope: 11⁄32 in. (9 mm) diameter
• Speed: 60 ft./min. (18 m/min.)

Fallstop Components

Fallstop: height safety equipment

Tractel Ltd. offers a full line of personal protective equipment for height safety. Tractel Ltd. offers harnesses specific to the wind industry such as the TowerPro, Promast and Proclimb. The harness is designed for technicians and professionals who spend the majority of their working time climbing up and down vertical structures.
Tractel also offers a range of mechanical products such as the blocfor self-retracting lifeline and stopfor rope grabs. The blocfor provides freedom of movement to worker’s performing their job at various heights. The device will automatically lock in the event a fall locking the mechanism and arresting the fall within 2 ft. (0.6 m) The stopfor rope grabs are available for 5⁄8 in. (16 mm) rope and offer hands free travel on the rope. ment for access, working and rescue situations in wind.
• Comfortable fall arrest, work positioning and sit harnesses.
• Single or two-leg lanyards with shock absorber.
• Blocfor® sel-retractable lifelines and retrieval devices. Available with synthetic rope to avoid damage to varnished surfaces and fiberglass parts of the structure.
• Temporary and permanent anchor points to attach the fall arrest system.
• Connectors, scaffolding hooks and accessories.
• Work positioning and restraint lanyards for multiple purpose use.
• Height safety kits for the most frequently encountered working situation box for transport and storage.
• Tractel has equipment to meet the new ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-2007 recommendations.

On the Nacelle of a wind generator hub On the mast of a wind generator Descending from the generating platform
Body Harness Shock Absorbing Lanyard - Stretchfor Shock Absorbing Lanyard
• Frontal attachment for ladder
• Frontal suspension point for climb assist
• Padded shoulder and legs
• Lightweight

• 41⁄2 to 6 ft. (1.4 to 1.8 m) Stretchfor shock-absorbing lanyard
• Two arms, 3⁄4 in. (19 mm) and 21⁄4 in. (57 mm) locking snap hooks,
• Retrieval D-rings for rescue

• 6 ft. (1.8 m) shock-absorbing lanyard, 5⁄8 in. (16 mm) rope
• Two arms, 3⁄4 in. (19 mm) locking snap hooks at shock pack and 21⁄2 in. (64 mm). aluminium snap hooks at each arm
• To be used with rope grab for rescue

Derope Systems

Derope®: evacuation & rescue device

The Tractel Derope® is a controlled-descent evacuation and rescue system which can be used at heights or in confined space situations. The simple nature of the Derope® and its use, makes training on the unit easy to retain and follow compared to other devices.
• Descent height of up to 1,300 ft. (400 m) for one person and 330 ft. (100 m) for two persons simultaneously.
• Allows a rescue operation to be carried out down a cableway or tagline positioned at an angle of 30 or 60°.
• Operates with a centrifugal brake, keeping a constant speed of 138 ft./min. (42 m/min.).


Part # Description
K7230/WK 230 ft. (70 m) Derope® rescue system
K7280/WK 280 ft. (85 m) Derope® rescue system
K7330/WK 330 ft. (100 m) Derope® rescue system
Model KT Derope System Model UpE Derope System
Model KT Model Up E
Descending a Wind Generator Mast on a service ladder
Ladder Safe System

Shock Absorber for Ladder Safety System


Wire Rope Grab for Ladder Safety System

STOPCABLE® ladder safety systems
• Integrated shock absorber in upper bracket reducing forces on ladder
• Adjustable on most permanent ladders
• No special tools required for installation
• Availaible for 5⁄16 and 3⁄8 in. (8 and 9.5 mm) galvanized and stainless steel wire rope cable
FABA rigid rail ladder safety system
FABA rigid rail ladder safety system
• Available in aluminium, galvanized steel and stainless steel

Blade Maintenance Platforms

For exterior access to wind turbines, in particular for inspection and maintenance of the rotor blades and towers, the use of suspended work cages and platforms instead of cranes are pushing home their advantages.
• Time saving by offering the optimum working position.
• Large platform with a 360° access to the blade surface.
• Central control box allows you to make adjustments in the platform as you ascend the blade:
– These controls operate the distance of the platform from the tower.
– The size of the opening surrrounding the blade.
– Up/down movement along the length of the blade.
• Leveling system:
– Automatic leveling around the longitudinal axis.
– The inclination angle around the lateral axis is adjusted manually by the parallelograms.
• Platform can be moved by a service truck with a trailer.

Blade Maintance Platform at top of a blade Blade Maintenance Platform Blade Maintenance Platform alternate Blade Maintenance Platform near ground
Blade Maintenance platform on truck trailer

Material Handling Equipment and Supplemental Information

Training solutions

Material handling equipment
Training for the Derope® and the wind industry is provided by Tractel Ltd. The course provides wind turbine and wind service technicians basic operation of the Derope® device and wind turbine specific accessory equipment as well as the procedures for emergency descent/rescue. Upon successful completion of the course the participants will receive a certification of authorized emergency descent/tower training by Tractel Ltd.
• Provides up to date, comprehensive and consistent information and training to employees needing to work at height.
• Reinforces the culture of safety within the workplace and encourage safe working practices.
• Ensures a comprehensive understanding of the control measures available, especially in relation to equipment, its correct use and limitations.
• Practical use of rescue and emergency escape.
• Practical rescue exercise from the hub, nacelle and over the side.
• Equipment inspection.
• Appreciation of the effects of suspension trauma.

Engineering capabilities
Our engineering team is closely involved in all aspects of project management, which brings a high degree of efficiency and responsiveness to our services. Working with you, our knowledgeable professionals will develop a custom solution to meet all your windmill maintenance application needs.

Wire Rope Hoist
Tirak Traction Hoist
Load Indicator
Load Indicator
Minifor Hoist
Minifor Hoist
Tirak Hoist
Tirak Hoist

Wire rope hoists
• lightweight portable wire rope hoists
• Capacities from 220 to 6,600 lbs. (100 to 3,000 kg)
• Unlimited lifting heights
• Radio control option
• Optional OSHA approved for man-riding

Wireless electronic load indicating device
• Comes in seven capacities 0.5, 1, 2, 3.2, 5, 6.3 and 10 t
• Display unit is removable for remote reading
• Shock and weather resistant can be used indoors or outdoors
• High accuracy 0.1% the market reference
• Optional PC link to allow advanced processing of data

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