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About Tiefenbach

Designed around our wheel sensors, take advantage of our decades of industry experience, proven technology and commitment to provide individual products and integrated systems that improve the overall operating proficiency of today's railroads.
We pave the way...

Automation and efficiency of operations belong to the scope of our technological methods as well as "intelligent" systems that ensure safe and dependable production and train formation in classification yards, failsafe dependable systems for grade crossing protection, block section protection, point switch protection and control, bridge section protection and high speed commuter traffic applications.
Pintsch Tiefenbach has been a successful provider of electronic sensors for rail traffic for decades. In 1967, we started to use sensor technology for employment as wheel sensors in rail traffic applications.
The electronic double wheel sensor, manufactured today by Pintsch Tiefenbach, ensures safe operation and is robust with a long service life. It is the basis for our complete system solutions for the rail, transit and other market applications
At Pintsch Tiefenbach we provide our customers solutions to their signaling, mainline and yard application needs and we are dedicated to meeting the diverse requirements of today's railroads.

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