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Testo HVAC/R Page 5 - Thermal Imaging Cameras

Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras
875 Thermal Imaging Camera
875 Thermal Imaging Camera
881 Thermal Imaging Camera
881 Thermal Imaging Camera

Testo 875 & Testo 881 Thermal Imagers:
Prevent a Crisis & Save Energy! Protect and defend your investments with the most powerful thermal imagers in their class!

Quickly identify problems and defects in building construction with testo thermal imagers! Simplify preventive maintenance programs with a thermal scan of operating equipment in industrial plants. Conduct non-invasive checks on materials and components and visualize dangerous problems before they create downtime. With other techniques you are required to shut down machinery or whole production lines to assess developing problems.
With a testo thermal imager, a single image is often enough. The testo 875 and testo 881 can also put you on the trail of potentially crippling problems that can shut down your entire operation.
With these two new heroes from testo, you will save time, energy, and money in building energy audits.
Meets and exceeds BPI/RESNET Infrared Imaging System Performance requirements for thermal imagers. The smallest temperature differences can be detected with the exceptional sensitivity and resolution of the new testo thermal imagers. The new imagers are versatile and application focused. The interchangeable lenses ensure that the right image section is always in view. The integrated digital camera facilitates the documentation of the job.
Testo thermal imagers help you identify building energy losses and cut down on your customers’ expensive heating and cooling bills. Energy savings and damage prevention is all in a day’s work in building trades and industrial plants with the testo 875 and testo 881.

Professional software for analysis and presentation The clearly structured and powerful software provides for extensive analysis and has customizable report formats. Multiple image and visual picture pairs can be incorporated in a single report. The pro software is included with every imager.

Protective Soft-Case for your thermal imager You can carry your imager safely and securely with the over-the-shoulder fitted protective carrying case. The case leaves your hands free while moving between measurement sites.
Interchangeable lenses provide flexibility The choice of wide-angle or telephoto lens allows you to adapt to the differing size and distance of measurement objects. The standard 32º lens provides a large image section, while the 9º telephoto gets you in for a close look at a detailed area. The lens interchangeability is a testo exclusive in this class of imager.
Intuitive operating menu Single handed operation is easy with motorized focus and 5-way joystick navigation. It offers fast and convenient operation, and supports your setup preferences. File creation is quick and easy on-site, or the structure can be done ahead of time on your PC.

Model 875 Thermal Imaging Camera Features
Exceptional image quality (meets BPI/RESNET standards for performance testing)
The testo 875 has a remarkable temperature resolution of 100mK and a large sensor (160 x 120 pixels) providing extraordinary image quality. Testo has utilized enhanced digital image processing to maximize overall image quality on the brilliant color display.
Ability to identify mold risk areas
The testo 875 thermal imager allows you to identify moisture concentrations in building materials and components that could become a breeding ground for mold. The evaporative cooling of damp areas can be spotted at a glance, whether it is created by condensation or water leaks.
Automatic Hot/Cold Spot Indicators
Quickly identify the hottest and coldest spots with indicators highlighting the locations on the display. This user selectable feature is included to let you mark and comment on the temperature extremes on the display.

Integrated digital camera
The testo 875-2 includes an integrated digital camera that allows you to simultaneously photograph and capture thermal images of interest.

Model 881 Thermal Imaging Camera Features
Exceptional image quality (exceeds BPI/RESNET standards for performance testing)
The testo 881 has the extraordinary temperature resolution of <80mK and a large sensor array (160 x 120 pixels) providing outstanding image quality and brilliant display.
Ability to identify mold risk areas
The testo 881 thermal imager allows you to identify moisture concentrations in building materials and components that could become a breeding ground for mold. The evaporative cooling of damp areas can be spotted at a glance, whether it is created by condensation or water leaks.
Built-in digital camera with powerful illumination
All testo 881 models include an integrated digital camera and the 881-3 features LED lighting to illuminate your workspace for the visual photos. The imager links the captured visual and thermal images in a single file so they are readily accessible for analysis and reporting.
Isotherm function / Temperature highlights
The testo 881 features user defined optical alarm that highlights the targeted temperature on the display. This provides critical temperature differentiation of your measurement object.
Voice recorded notations
The integrated voice recording capability of the testo 881 lets you make verbal/audio notes to accompany any captured image. The recording facilitates your report writing as you bring up the saved images in the software.
High temperature extension (optional)
The temperature measuring range of the testo 881 can be extended to perform higher range testing up to 1022ºF (550ºC) when fitted with an optional high temperature filter.

Performance Testing, Preventive Maintenance & Mechanical Diagnostics
Heating system test -thermal image  Heating system test - visual image mold risk thermal image  mold risk visual image
Test heating system installations with the testo 875
Check heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems quickly and easily with the testo 875. Observe the heat distribution patterns of system components or pinpoint leaks in circulating systems. Perform system evaluations, often without the need to tear open wall or floor sections. Identify and document the problems in easy to understand reports.
Identify areas where condensation would likely occur. Locate high moisture areas that can become a breeding area for mold!
Quickly highlight thermal bridges that can sap heat away from the living space, cause condensation of the moisture in the warm air and then lead to dangerous mold growth. Detecting the cold areas can identify the problem zones and allow for corrective action. Easily identify hidden water leaks that seep into walls and carpets with the testo 881.
Building defect thermal image  building defect visual image Building shell thermal image  Building shell visual image
Assess problems and defects in building construction
Both the testo 875 & testo 881 meet the requirements for building performance testing as set out by BPI/RESNET. The testo 875 & testo 881 are fast and efficient instruments for the detection of construction flaws like faulty insulation installation, air infusion through walls, windows, roofs, etc., moisture damage and much more. Larger sensors provide you greater sensitivity and detail when performing building audits.
Scan the building shell and provide visual support of your energy analysis with the testo 875 & testo 881
Testo thermal imagers can provide quick and conclusive evidence of heat and cooling loss from the outside of a building or home. Vivid displays of temperature differences highlight where insulation is inadequate, where windows or doors don’t provide protection and where a roof fails to provide proper coverage! The exceptional temperature resolution of the testo 881 of <80mK better highlights defective insulation, or thermal bridging. Use it to display other fit and finish issues that allow air leakage, causing heating or cooling of the surfaces along its path.
switchgear test thermal image  switch gear test visual image Motor test thermal image  Motor Test visual image
Check electrical switchgear, and perform breaker inspections
Testo thermal imagers provide an ideal, non-contact evaluation tool where you can actually see the heat profile of low to high voltage electrical gear. Measure temperatures from a safe distance as testo thermal imagers let you indentify overheated connections
and elements. Avoiding downtime is the quick payback for a testo thermal imager. Preventive steps can be taken before a crisis occurs.
Documentation support is very critical for preventive maintenance programs. With testo thermal imagers you quickly store thermal and visual images in a single file with a push of a button. Important digital, thermal, and audio data is stored and processed with testo’s professional software package.
For mechanical system preventive maintenance
Thermal imaging can give you a reliable early warning system for pending mechanical failures. Adding a thermal scan to routine preventive maintenance inspections of equipment can document developing heat signatures that are associated with the bearing
wear, lubrication failure, belt & pulley degradation, blocked cooling system operations and other early warning signs. You can then schedule your maintenance to avoid expensive unscheduled failures. Testo’s isotherm function can be set to flag the display with a colored band if critical temperatures are exceeded.
Reservoir level thermal  Reservoir level visual image High temp thermal image  High temp visual image
Tank and reservoir levels can be externally measured using the testo 875 or the testo 881
Readily check fluid levels in sealed tanks with a brief scan using one of testo’s thermal imagers. Since the liquid and gas portions in a tank heat and cool at differing rates, the liquid levels can be verified (e.g. after the sun warms a tank, or night time cools). This easy check gives tank operators an assurance that automated systems are registering properly, and the consequences of mistaken indicators are avoided.
High temperature measurement extension
The testo 881 can be fitted with a special lens-cover, extending the high-temperature limits that the testo 881 can measure. This means that the instrument can accurately provide measurements up to 1022ºF (550ºC) for many applications in a hot plant environment. This option is a must for all high temperature process plants and large engine applications.

Thermal Image Selection Guide
Feature 875-1 875-2i 881-1 881-2 881-3 Benefits
High thermal sensitivity (NETD) 100 mK < 80 mK

The NETD displays the smallest temperature difference which can be resolved by the imager. A low NETD assures the resolution of the smallest temperature differences. The rule of thumb is: The smaller this value is, the better the measurement resolution of the camers and the better the image quality.

Temperature range -20 to +280°C (-4 to 536°F) -20 to +350°C (-4 to 662°F)

The temperature range of your thermal imager informs you, is the temperature limit your imager is able to record and measure the heat radiation of objects.

Image refresh rate 9 Hz 33 Hz The image refresh rate informs as to how often the thermal image is refreshed per second. A high image refresh rate guarantees real time image reproduction, and provides you with reliable infrared images.
Standard lens 32° x 24° X X X X X

The 32° lens allows you to record a large area quickly, and to gain a quick overview of the temperature distribution of your measurement object – with a single image, you have more in the picture.

Interchangeable telephoto lens
9° x 7°
  X   X X

The interchangeable telephoto lens aids in the measurement of smaller details and helps visualize details even at greater distances in your thermal image.

High temperature up to 550°C,
1022°F (opt)
        X You can extend your measurement range flexibly with the high temperature option. Using a high temperature filter, the measurement of temperatures up to 550 °C, 1022 °F, is possible with your thermal imager.
Auto Hot/Cold Spot Indicator X X X X X

The coldest and the hottest spot of your measurement object are automatically marked in the thermal image in the imager display – critical heat stati can be detected at a glance.

MIN/MAX       X X The minimum and maximum values of an image section can be provded on the display
Isotherm function       X X The optical color alarm highlights critical areas easily and directly in the thermal image on site. All points in the thermal image temperature values within a pre-defined range, are marked in color.
Voice recording       X X

Record observations easily and reliably with a voice recording: Comment on every reading directly on site, providing valuable additional information.

Integrated digital camera   X X   X

Fast and easy object indentification due to the display of infrared and digital image. The digital image is automatically stored simultaneously with each infrared image.

Integrated LEDs         X The integrated power LEDs guarantee you optimum illumination of dark areas when recording digital images.
Motor focus         X The dynamic motor focus allows you to focus the IR image with one hand.

875 & 881 Kits
881-3 Kit Contents 875-2i Kit Contents
881 Kit Contents 875 Kit Contents


· NETD < 80 mK
· High quality standard lens 32° x 24°
· Integrated digital camera
· Auto Hot/Cold Spot Indicator
· Temperature range -20 to +350°C, (-4 to 662°F)
· 33 Hz (refresh rate)


· NETD 100 mK
· High quality standard lens 32° x 24°
· Auto Hot/Cold Spot Indicator
· Manual focus
· Temperature range -20 to +280°C, (-4 to 536°F)


All that the 881-1 offers plus:
· Dynamic motor focus
· Protective lens
· Voice recording
· Isotherm display in instrument
· Power LEDs
· High temperature measurement (optional)


All that the 875-1i offers plus:
· Integrated digital camera

881-3 Deluxe

also includes:
· Telephoto lens 9° x 7°
· Additional battery
· Two-bay charger
· Soft-Case with shoulder strap

875-2i Deluxe

also includes:
· Telephoto lens 9° x 7°
· Protective lens
· Additional battery
· Two-bay charger
· Sun shield

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