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Soa-Tech High Tech Assembly Gloves

Soa-Tech Gloves
soatech cover
Carefully designed with the end user in mind, the SOA-TECH gloves are clean, comfortable and durable. These gloves are ideal for delicate tasks or cleanroom applications. SOA-TECH gloves are super flexible and breathable.

Flexible coatings and seamless knit liners promote increased comfort and productivity. Unique fibers ensure your sensitive products are protected from contamination or damage due to electrical discharge.

SOA-TECH lightweight assembly gloves helped revolutionize the electronics assembly industry. The seamless nylon liner produces minimal lint and allows for maximum dexterity. These features not only protect your product, but also increase worker produtivity.

The ESD properties in our conductive and dissipative gloves help reduce the damage caused by the discharge of static electricity. With all the features of SOA-TECH assembly gloves, and the added protection of a continuous anti-static thread, these gloves can save you thousands of dollars in damaged products.

Other innovative features such as increased cut resistance, puncture resistant coatings and ergonomically designed hand shapes ensure safety for all workers, and protection for your products.

If you are in the manufacture of high tech electronic equipment, you owe it to yourself to examine these gloves for their benefits.

SOA-TECH gloves are divided into six categories. Click on the links below to check them out.
High Tech Assembly Nitrile Coated ESD Dissipative ESD Conductive Increased Cut Resistant Clean White PVC

High Tech Assembly Gloves
Seamless 100% nylon construction makes these hi-tech assembly gloves clean, comfortable and workable. For precise or delicate operations, these gloves provide the ultimate in touch sensitivity and dexterity. For use in cleanrooms or for assembly jobs requiring a high degree of precision. The palm on these nitrile coated assembly gloves provides outstanding grip and puncture resistance. Snug fit and flexible construction make these gloves ideal for precise operations requiring maximum dexterity such as detailed assembly, inspection, small parts handling and light fabrication.
Clean Protection
Polyurethane coating provides super grip and abrasion resistance, and protects hands from acid and chemical residues. No stray threads to produce lint and dust. Perfect in applications where absolute cleanliness is required.

Superior Sensitivity
Seamless nylon liner has an open weave to keep hands cool and to allow freedom of movement. Polyurethane coating eliminates finger fatigue associated with finger cots and allows handling of very small parts without fingerprint contamination. The increased dexterity allows workers to perform delicate tasks quickly and efficiently.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Tactile Sensistivity
Open back construction not only allows hands to breathe, but also lets the Assembly Grip gloves flex with every hand movement. Thin nitrile coating ensures great feel and protects hands.

Maximum Dexterity
Specially formulated nitrile allows freedom of hand movement and provides secure grip.

Clean & Comfortable
Seamless nylon liner fits snugly on fingers and produces only minimal lint, thereby protecting sensitive parts from contamination, and maximizing worker compliance and productivity.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Soatech B0500pf
B0500 Palm Fit
Soatech 265agl
265 Assembly Grip Lite
Soatech B0600ft
B0600 Top Fit
Soatech 370ag
370 Assembly Grip
Soatech B0610f
B0610 Fit
Soatech 545dtag
545 Dyneema Assembly Grip

ESD Dissipative ESD Conductive
These electrostatic discharge gloves protect sensitive equipment from static by dissipating static charges. Recommended for semiconductors, photographic printing or other precise operations and assembly jobs. Surface resistivity of 1 million ohms per cm. The highly effective "THUNDERON" thread used in these conductive gloves provides discharge of electricity by the Corona effect, preventing static from destroying sensitive and expensive parts during assembly of electronics, optics and telecommunications. Also recommended for applications where electrostatic discharge is essential, such as the petrochemical industry. Surface resistivity of 1000 ohms per cm.
Clean & Comfortable
Seamless construction promotes comfort and reduces hand fatigue. Polyurethane coating adds durability and grip while allowing hands to breathe. Single thread knitting ensures these gloves will produce only minimum lint, compared to standard gloves.

These gloves can be laundered many times without significant loss of dissipative properties or increase in particle discharge

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Cool & Comfortable
Woven from a single line of filament, which eliminates stray threads, these gloves are ideal for clean room use. Cool and lightweight, these conductive gloves can be laundered several times without loss of antistatic properties. Open weave allows hands to breathe and remain comfortable all day.

Superior Protection
Polyurethane coating protects hands and sensitive equipment, while providing sure grip in delicate operations.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Because these gloves are highly conductive, do not expose them to electrical current!

Soatech A0600
Soatech A0100
Soatech A0610
Soatech A0110
Soatech A0620
Soatech A0120

Increased Cut Resistant Clean White PVC
The Dyneema fiber adds increased cut resistance to these gloves. Ideal for delicate operations such as assembly jobs in which cleanliness and safety are a priority. Excellent resistance to chemical residues. A combination of increased cut resistance and outstanding flexibility found in no other gloves. Good chemical resistance and rubberlike softness combine to make these unsupported PVC gloves perfect for cleanrooms and chemical laboratories, as well as semiconductor and other detailed assembly applications. Clean, white finish visually assures cleanliness and leaves no residue.
The ultra high molecular weight polyurethane fiber allows strength without bulk. This combination allows workers to avoid nicks and cuts without sacrificing productivity or dexterity.

Cool & Comfortable
Seamless knitting allows hands to breathe and provides outstanding fit. Unique coatings add excellent grip, extra protection and durability.

Sizes: M, L, XL

Easy Slip-On Construction
Patented slip-on interior surface allows easy on and off with no particle discharge.

Superior Comfort & Protection
Strong and comfortable. 10 mil thickness for superior sensitivity. Special PVC formulation gives better chemical protection than natural rubber, yet remains soft and flexible.

Cleanroom Compatible
Can be laundered for use in Class 100 cleanrooms.

Rubber like feel, without the problems associated with latex allergies.

Soatech 540dy
540 Dyneema
Soatech B0700
Soatech 545dy
545 Dyneema
Soatech B0710

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