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THE QUALITY OF SOUND is the key to clear, accurate communications for positive control of any situation.

Sigtronics is the industry standard of excellence in high noise aircraft intercom systems since 1974. The same advanced technology has been used in the design of the emergency apparatus intercom systems to insure the highest quality, durability and reliability. Sigtronics' products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., using state-of-the-art technology to insure the highest quality and durability. Sigtronics has the most comprehensive customer support program in the industry as well as a dedicated 800 line for technical support and installation information.

HEARING PROTECTION: Now you can protect your hearing and have clear communications with all personnel. Crew member's hearing is protected by using Sigtronics' headsets. They are light-weight for comfort, reduce noise for your safety, and have noise-canceling, electret microphones for superb voice fidelity.

INTERCOMMUNICATION: Each crew member's headset is connected to a voice activated intercom system, providing convenient "hands free" communication.This feature improves safety by allowing the vehicle operator to communicate without diverting attention away from traffic surveillance. In addition, the operator now has extra sets of eyes and ears to immediately alert him to unseen traffic. Use of the Sigtronics' intercom also saves precious moments by allowing the officer to brief the crew in route.

RADIO INTERFACE: The intercom systems interface to all mobile radios, allowing communications (both transmit and receive) to be heard through each headset. Radio transmitting can be done from two or more positions. The crews' intercommunication is not transmitted over the radio. To transmit over the radio, the radio push-to-talk switch must be activated, and only that person's voice will be heard over the air.

Sigtronics Headsets for Use with Helmets

Protect your hearing, have perfect reception, and interference free transmissions.

• The noise-canceling electret microphone assures crystal clear voice communications.
• The microphone "ultra-foam" windscreen stops wind, dust and moisture from affecting microphone performance.
• All Sigtronics headsets are RFI and EMI free electronics.
• 24 dB noise reduction for compliance with NFPA 1500.
• Headset frames are made of hardened spring steel for durability.
• Cables have super-tough, insert-molded plugs. Nickel coated brass plugs prevent loss of communication due to corrosion.
• "Stop-Break" cables are made of 105 strand (per conductor), high flex, high endurance, flame proof, polyurethane coated wire.

Our SE-2 & SE-8 Series headsets feature soft headbands designed to be worn under helmets.With microphone booms that rotate 180 degrees for use on either side of the head, our SE-2 / SE-8 Series headsets offer the perfect combination of comfort, performance, and flexibility.
WARRANTY: One year parts and labor.

Headset Description — Special Features
SE-8 Standard Flex Mic Boom Headset
SE-8P Mic Push-To-Talk Switch
SE-8RPTT Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch
SE-8S One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted
SE-8SP One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted/Mic Push-To-Talk Switch
SE-8SRPTT One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted/Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch
SE-2 Standard Full Swivel Mic Boom Headset
SE-2P Mic Push-To-Talk Switch
SE-2RPTT Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch
SE-2S One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted
SE-2SP One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted/Mic Push-To-Talk Switch
SE-2SRPTT One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted/Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch

Headsets For Use Without Helmets
  • Easy grab volume controls adjust for your listening comfort
  • Self-adjusting and lightweight ear cups assure you a comfortable fit
  • Headsets are lightweight for your comfort
  • Receiver elements are not affected by temperature or humidity
  • Ear cups are high impact ABS plastic

Made with the same attention to durability and performance as the headsets for helmet use, the SE-18, SE-40 and SE-48 headsets have full headband pads for use without helmets. Available in dual or single ear cup models, with flex or full swivel mic booms, in a wide selection of standard production configurations.
Warranty: One year parts and labor.

Headset Description — Special Features
SE-48 Standard Flex Mic Boom Headset
SE-48P Mic Push-To-Talk Switch
SE-48RPTT Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch
SE-48S One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted
SE-48SP One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted / Mic Push-To-Talk Switch
SE-48SRPTT One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted / Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch
SE-40 Standard Full Swivel Mic Boom Headset
SE-40P Mic Push-To-Talk Switch
SE-40RPTT Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch
SE-40S One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted
SE-40SP One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted / Mic Push-To-Talk Switch
SE-40SRPTT One Ear Cup Hollow and Slotted / Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch
SE-18 Standard Flex Mic Boom Headset - Single Ear Cup
SE-18P Mic Push-To-Talk Switch
SE-18RPTT Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch

UltraSound Intercom

• Voice Activated—Turn on instantly when you start speaking and turn off when you stop, which eliminates constant noise pick-up through the headset microphone.
• Interfaces to single or dual mobile radios, allowing all communications, both transmit and receive, to be heard through each headset.
• Compatible with cellular telephones.
• Radio transmit is accomplished by way of the headset microphone through use of a push-to-talk switch. This design allows placement of the push-to-talk switch in the most accessible location and eliminates the need to reach for the hand microphone.
• As an added safety feature, the intercom function is automatically disabled while transmitting so that only the voice of the person transmitting goes over the air, however his voice is heard by all crew members.

FAILSAFE: The mobile radio, hand microphone and speaker will function normally with the intercom installed.The transmit keying circuit is fully isolated to provide for all radio keying configurations.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The UltraSound is small and light weight and mounts above or below the panel and adjusts for easy viewing.The intercom package comes with all the neces-sary mounting hardware for installation in the apparatus.

Small rugged mounting boxes, (1-5/16"x2"x2") are provided with every unit to accommodate headset jacks and push-to-talk switches. All systems include jack with splash cover for the pump panel. Complete and easy to follow instructions are provided along with helpful hints, operating instructions, and a toll free 800 number for technical help.

VERSATILITY: Systems are available for all fire apparatus and emergency vehicles: such as 4 crew -5 station, 6 crew -7 sta-tion or 12 crew -13 station intercoms. The extra station can be installed where needed (i.e. pump panel, bucket, turret.)

Sigtronics can also customize systems to fit your special requirements.

RADIO OPERATION: Models US-45S, US-67S and US-12S are for single radio operation. Models US-45D, US-67D and US-12D are configured for dual radio operation.They have additional switches that allow you to select which radio to transmit and receive on.

STATIONS:The US-45S and US-45D intercoms will accept up to four headsets.Two positions will have radio transmit capability. The US-67S and US-67D will accept up to six headsets. Three positions will have radio transmit capability.The US-12S and US-12D will accept up to twelve headsets. Four positions have radio transmit capability. Radio transmit at the pump panel is included in all the above systems.

Extra headsets can be paralleled where crew members operate from more than one position. Additional positions may be added at platform (turntable), ladder tip (bucket) or tailboard.

WARRANTY: Two years parts and labor.

Specifications for Voice Activated Intercoms
Intercom Positions Radio Transmit
US-45S 4 (5 with pump panel) 2 + pump panel Single
US-45D 4 (5 with pump panel) 2 + pump panel Dual
US-67S 6 (7 with pump panel) 3 + pump panel Single
US-67D 6 (7 with pump panel) 3 + pump panel Dual
US-12S Up to 12 (13 with pump panel) 4 + pump panel Single
US-12D Up to 12 (13 with pump panel) 4 + pump panel Dual

EMS Voice Activated Intercoms
EMS - Dual radio system with cellular telephone (above)
This example is for an EMS system installation using a US-67D UltraSound intercom with optional MRIM-2 mobile radio interface module and accessories. This system will support up to 6 headset positions with 3 of the positions having transmit capability on two radios. The MRIM-2 will allow a cellular radio telephone to be added to the system.
Engine - Single radio system with Y adapter (above)
This example is for a system using a US-45S UltraSound intercom with optional mobile radio adapter (Y-Adapter, if necessary) and accessories. This system will support up to 4 headset positions simultaneously with 2 of the positions having transmit capability on one radio. One ear cup and slotted headset models are available for the driver when monitoring outside communications is desired.

S-A-F-E Communicator

Communicate On 2 Radios At The Same Time And Monitor A Third Radio!

DUAL RADIO CAPABILITY: You and a crew member can communicate with two agencies at the same time and have intercom capability with two more crew members. The dual radio capability of the S-A-F-E unit allows the two command headset positions to select which radios to transmit and receive on, independent of the other headset. Each headset position has dual volume controls; one for your radio reception, and the other for your intercom volume level. The third and fourth headset positions are slaved to the right side of the unit and will hear whichever radio the right side has selected.

AUXILIARY INPUT: You can also selectively monitor a third radio via the auxiliary input.


• Excellent RF immunity guarantees clean, clear, radio communications.
• Automatic Sidetone Generation allows everyone in the vehicle to hear both sides of the radio conversation.
• Uses Sigtronics' noise attenuating, single plug headsets.
• The unit can be mounted above or below the panel and will adjust to various angles for easy viewing.
• Quick Disconnect feature gives it flexibility and makes it interchangeable.
• Standard Equipment includes:4 headset jacks and mounting boxes. 2 push-to-talk (PTT) switches. 4 foot interface cable, 1 roll of hook up wire. Installation and Operating instructions.

OPTIONAL: Dual S-A-F-E Communicator (Remote Head)

The Dual S-A-F-E Communicator is similar to the unit described above except there are two identical boxes (one becomes a remote head to be mounted somewhere other than in the driver's area). It allows four crew members to transmit on two radios and up to eight people have voice activated intercom capability. Ideal for use in command vans.

• Equipment provided is the same as regular S-A-F-E except there are four PTT switches and 8 headset jacks and mount­ing boxes.

WARRANTY: Two years parts and labor

Mobile Radio Interface Module

MRIM-2 — Mobile Radio Interface Module
• Connects between a single headset, push-to-talk (PTT) switch and your mobile radio or use it to connect a cellular telephone to your intercom system.
• Allows two-way radio communication via the Sigtronics' emergency headsets
• Normal radio operation is possible with the standard hand microphone and speaker.
• Can be used in high noise applications where radio communication is required, but vehicle intercom is not.
• All mounting hardware, jack box, switch box (PTT) and wire are included.

WARRANTY: Two years parts and labor.


• Connects between a Sigtronics headset and your portable hand-held radio and allows two-way radio communications via the headset.
• The adapter consists of a belt clip box,which contains a radio push-to-talk switch, a standard headset jack, and a portable radio interface cable.
• Simply unplug your headset from the emergency vehicle and plug it directly into the Portable Radio Adapter.
• Call for the model number of the adapter that is compatible with your portable radio.

WARRANTY: One year parts and labor

• Makes it possible for pump panel operators or rescue personnel to move away from the vehicle while continuing to operate the mobile radio and maintain intercom communications (if applicable).
• Can be used with Sigtronics' emergency headsets and intercom systems or with the Mobile Radio Interface Module.
• Includes a standard headset jack and a push-to-talk switch mounted on a belt clip box with your choice of coiled cords. Model No. 900106 extends to 15 feet Model No. 900107 extends to 30 feet.

WARRANTY: One year parts and labor.

Mobile Radio "Y"Adapters

• These high-quality adapters are used to connect Sigtronics emergency intercoms and MRIM-2's to your mobile radios.
• No modifications are required!
• Simply plug the hand mic into the adapter, plug the adapter into the radio's micconnector,and connect the other side of the adapter to your Sigtronics intercom or MRIM-2.
• Your existing radio hand mic will still function as normal.

Radio Adapters for Sigtronic Equipment
Bendix King EF Johnson Pryme Terra
Ericsson / GE Kenwood Ranger Thales
M/A-Com Wireless Maxon Relm Uniden
Fanon Courier Midland Ritron Wilson
ICOM Motorola TAIT Yaesu Vertex

Emergency Radio Switcher Digital Voice Recorder

• The Emergency Radio Switcher allows AM / FM radio to be heard whenever intercom and / or mobile radio communications are not occurring.
• AM / FM radio will not be heard over mobile radio, it will automatically be muted when communications occur.
• Our Radio Switcher is great for monitoring traffic and weather reports.

• Instantly records information from dispatch to be played back later, which helps to reduce radio traffic.
• Both sides of radio and intercom conversations can be recorded.
• Recorder is non-volatile: will not erase message with loss of power. Messages erase only when recorded over.

Power Supply Adapter Ring Bypass Cables

Power Supply Adapter

• This genuine Sigtronics engi­neered and built adapter is used to safely control the power to your Sigtronics systems in vehicles with 24 volt DC or 12 volt positive ground electrical systems.
• For use with Ultrasound, EAI, and S-A-F-E intercoms. Digital Voice Recorder, and Emergency Radio Switcher.

Ring Bypass Cables

• When collector rings are not available at aerial turntable for intercom system wiring, our Ring Bypass Cable will provide connection from apparatus body to turntable, bypassing collector rings.
• It will allow for a jack and push-to-talk switch at the turntable and a jack at the ladder tip.

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