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Sensear’s new SP1 and SP1x (Bluetooth®) range of earplugs feature Sensear’s world-first patented SENS®technology (Speech Enhancing Noise Suppression) for high quality clear speech communication and optimum hearing protection in high noise environments and across all classes of noise.
Also available in an Earmuff (SM1x & SM1)

Sensear Features & Benefits
The world’s first communication enabled electronic earplug effective in high noise environments makes the SP1 and SP1x earplug system from Sensear a winning choice for people requiring an unobtrusive design, combined with unparalleled communication functionality. The cost-effective SP1 and SP1x (Bluetooth®) earplugs and controller unit have all the features of premium hearing protectors, with the added benefit of making communication compact and easy in high noise environments.
Featuring simple, discreet styling, Sensear’s SM1 and SM1x earplugs provide easy to use, maximum comfort hearing protection that allows clear communication beyond 85dB(A) via face to face, two-way and mobile phone (SP1x only). The easy to operate control unit that can be worn discreetly around the neck, or in a pocket resembling an MP3 player. It can be used by workers in traditional settings as well as new markets including the domestic, entertainment, hospitality and security industries.
Bluetooth® technology combined with advanced SENS®technology in the SP1x earplugs offers optimised hearing and speech clarity when used with mobile phones. Offering all the features of the SP1x (without Bluetooth®), the SP1 is a premium product at a competitive price for those who still want to take advantage of face to face and two-way communication with earplug simplicity and optimum hearing protection.
Sensear’s SP1/x earplugs ensure that hearing protection continues for workers when they need to communicate in high noise, featuring unparalleled effectiveness above 85dB(A), the point at which traditional hearing protectors struggle to perform.
Incorporating Sensear’s groundbreaking SENS®technology, the SM1/x earplugs include Impact Noise Suppression and Binaural capability. The latter ensures that background noise is lowered to a safe level while retaining the natural qualities of the sound. The wearer retains awareness of their surroundings while being able to clearly hear the direction of all sound, including speech and alarms.

By addressing the need for hearing protection and clear communication in a diverse range of settings, Sensear’s technology can prevent new cases of Noise Induced Hearing Loss. The SP1 and SP1x earplug range offer new comfort and safety for people already suffering hearing loss, who can now enjoy assisted listening via Sensear’s unique Speech Enhancing Noise Suppression (SENS) Technology. The discreet styling of SP1/x earplugs also opens a range of opportunities in cases of mild to moderate hearing loss among sufferers for whom hearing aids prove ineffective in
background noise. As well as the numerous safety benefits, users of Sensear products also benefit from the newfound ability to have normal interaction with work mates on the job. As described by one user in industry field tests, “the ability to hear the customers speak, talk on the two way and mobile, and not go home with my ears ringing, is unbelievable”.
Effective across the three classes of noise hazards: continuous, intermittent and impact, Sensear’s SP1/x earplugs now mean one flexible product can be adopted by hospitality, entertainment and similar industries where the need to communicate is essential.

Sensear Models
Sensear SP1x
SP1x (with Bluetooth)
Sensear SP1
SP1 (without Bluetooth)
SENS®technology is a revolutionary technology invented by Sensear. It perfects the combination of speech enhancement and noise suppression technologies with a complex set of patented algorithms enabling what has previously been impossible, the ability to produce high quality speech audibility and optimum hearing protection in environments with noise levels above 85dB(A).
Speech Enhancement
Sensear’s revolutionary speech enhancement technology isolates and enhances speech in real-time, enabling users to hear speech clearly and safely in environments that until now has been impossible. Sensear’s speech enhancement technology is effective for mobile phone calls and two-way radio communication as it enhances the wearer’s speech and lowers background noise for the call receiver.
Noise Suppression
Sensear’s SENS®technology recognises the different properties of speech and background noise thereby allowing noise to be suppressed without distorting the speech. The technology reduces background noise to comfortable levels while retaining the original sound characteristics of noise. This allows users to retain awareness of their surroundings for optimum safety.
Sensear’s x models incorporate Bluetooth® technology, enabling pairing and subsequent connection with mobile phones so that users can take and make mobile phone calls without removing hearing protection. SENS®technology + Bluetooth® means lower background noise for the call receiver, enabling natural and comfortable communication with the wearer.
Communication Innovation
Introducing the latest advance in communication and optimum hearing protection for high noise environments. The Sensear SP1 and SP1x (Bluetooth®) earplugs have been designed for comfort, quality and endurance in the field, enabling clear communication above 85dB(A) without the need to remove hearing protection. Sensear’s SP1 and SP1x earplugs feature SENS®technology, a radical new innovation unique to Sensear products and the latest and most effective advance in the fight to eliminate Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) recognised by the World Health Organisation as the most common occupational illness globally.
Sensear In Use

Sensear Model Features
Feature SP1x SP1
Effective above 85Db(A) Yes Yes
Protects against Impact noise Yes Yes
Protects against Intermittent noise Yes Yes
Protects against Continous noise Yes Yes
Bluetooth® Yes No
Two-way interface Yes Yes
Binaural capability Yes Yes
Stereo sound quality Yes Yes
Aux input Yes Yes
MP3 compatible Yes Yes
Volume memory Yes Yes
Replaceable earplugs Yes Yes
Mobile phone interface Yes No
Boom microphone not required Yes Yes
High-Visibility safety colours Yes Yes
Industrial ruggedised Yes Yes
12+ hours continuous talk time Yes Yes

Attenuation Data (tested according to ASNI S3.19-1974)
Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 3150 4000 6300 8000 NRR value
Mean (dB) 35.7 39.0 37.3 36.0 37.4 40.1 37.8 40.6 43.1 25
Standard Deviation 5.0 4.8 5.3 5.7 5.4 4.6 3.4 3.8 3.6 25
SNR = 30 * Subject to EN352 Certification

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