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Salisbury 2008 - This is an OLDER Salisbury Page. For Reference Purposes Only.
Salisbury 2013 Section "A" Page 1 Line Hose and Connectors; Selection, Sizing
Page 2 (Protectors & Covers, Conventional)
Page 3 (Cable End Caps, Shotgun Applicators, Special Equipment)
Salisbury 2013 Section "B" Page 4 Electrical Insulating Blankets, SALCOR Rubber, ASTM Class 2 or 4
Page 5 Roll Blankets, Insulating Aprons, Switchboard Matting, Arc Suppression Blankets
Page 6 Blanket Accessories including clamp pins, blanket buttons, Ty-Straps, and blanket storage canisters
Salisbury 2013 Section "C" Page 7 Pole Guards and Lightweight Conductor Covers
Page 8 Cross Arm Guards, Switch Jaw Guards, Storage Bags, Barrier Sheets, Hot Covers, Elbow Covers
Salisbury 2013 Section "D" Page 9 Protection from Animal Outages in Substations
Salisbury 2013 Section "E" Page 10 Low and High Voltage Linemen's Gloves and Mittens
Page 11 Leather Protectors for Linemen's Gloves and Glove Storage Bags
Page 12 Sleeves: Molded, Dipped, SALCOR, Natural Rubber, Sleeve Storage Bags
Page 13 Glove Liners, Work Gloves, Cleaners, Supplies
Salisbury 2013 Section "F" Page 14 Dielectric Overshoes, 14KV and 20KV
Salisbury 2013 Section "G" Page 15 Insulated Jumper Clamps, Part 1; Sure-Lock, Salcor, Clear Plastic and FRP Insulated Jumper Clamps
Page 16 Jumper Clamps, Part 2; Stirrup Clamps, Jumper Parking Stand, Stick Installed Jumpers, Cables, Ferrules
Salisbury 2013 Section "H" Page 17 Temporary Grounding Equipment; Introduction and Duck Bill Grounding Clamps
Page 18 Temporary Grounding Clamps; "C" Type Clamps in various sizes
Page 19 Temporary Grounding Clamps; Pressure Terminal Clamps, Substation Bus Clamps, Flat Jaw Clamps
Page 20 Temporary Grounding Clamps; Heavy Duty Dual Purpose, Cutout Clamps, Ball & Socket Clamps
Page 21 Grounding Cables, Threaded Ferrules, Shrouded and Unshrouded Ferrules, Strain Relief Sleeves
Page 22 Single Grounding Assemblies and Sets, 3 and 4 Wire Universal Grounding Assemblies and Sets
Page 23 Special Grounding Sets; 4 Way Connectors, Dead Front Grounding Jumpers & Elbows
Salisbury 2013 Section "I" Page 24 Safety Line of Temporary Protective Grounding Equipment; Duck Bill Grounding Clamps
Page 25 Safety Line of Temporary Protective Grounding Equipment; "C" Type Grounding Clamps
Page 26 Bus Bar & Alligator Bus Clamps, Substation Bus Clamps, Grounding Clamps for Flats & Angles
Page 27 Cutout Clamps, Running Rail Clamps, Ball & Socket Clamps
Page 28 Grounding Cables and Shrouded and Unshrouded Ferrules for Safety Line Sets
Page 29 Single Point Distribution Grounding Set, Ball Socket 4-Way Connector Sets, Quick Grip Ground Clamps
Page 30 4 Way Connectors, Squeeze-Ons, Industrial Ground 4-Way Sets, Standard Ground Sets, Neutral Jumper Set
Page 31 Underground Dead Break Set, URD Assembly, Grounded Bushing Sets, Elbow Grounding Sets
Salisbury 2013 Section "J" Page 32 Ball Studs, Grounding Clamp Hanger Studs, Truck Grounding Reels, Pin to Threaded Adapters
Page 33 Grounding Tools, Conductor Cleaning Tools, Ground Elbows and Accessories
Page 34 Underground Grounding Studs, Underground Tools and Ground Adapter Device Kits
Page 35 Hydraulic Cable Spike, Hydraulic Blade Spike Clamp, Hand Operated Ground Spike, Cutter, Accessories
Salisbury 2013 Section "K" Page 36 Hot Switch Sticks, Clamp Sticks, Universal Switch Sticks
Page 37 Double Ended Hot Switch Sticks, Tie Heads, Toggle Handle Clampsticks
Page 38 Specialty Hot Switch Sticks
Page 39 Hot stick tool holders, storage bags and tubes, static discharge sticks and hooks, rescue hook
Page 40 Hot Stick Ferrules, Hot Stick Tools
Page 41 Hot Stick Tools, continued
Page 42 Hot Stick Tools, Fuse Puller Tools, Armor Rod Tools, Penta Sockets, Jumper Heads
Page 43 Connector Tool Heads, Parallel Groove Clamp, Hand Tools, Cutters
Page 44 Transformer Gin Assemblies, Tool Frame, Cross Arm Gin, Ground Rod Drivers, Framing Jack
Page 45 Temporary Side Arms & Transfer Arms, Fiberglass Hot Clampsticks Repair Parts List
Salisbury 2013 Section "L" Page 46 Salvar and Silicone Insulators
Salisbury 2013 Section "M" Page 47 Voltage Detectors
Salisbury 2013 Section "N" Page 48 Miller Fall Protection 1 - Linemen's Belts, Tool Lanyards, Bucket Ladder, Bucket Kit, StopFall Restraint
Page 49 Miller Fall Protection 2 - Arc-Rated Body Harnesses, Lanyards, Anchor Straps and Positioning & Restraint Lanyards
Page 50 Miller Fall Protection 3 - DuraFlex Harness, Non-Stretch Harness, Manyard Lanyard, Relief Step
Page 51 Turbolite Fall Limiter, Side Winder Retractable Lanyard, Fixed Beam Anchor, Hook Anchor
Page 52 Wire Hook Anchor, Carabiners, Aerial Boom Lift Strap, DuraHoist Portable Confined Space System
Page 53 DuraHoist Fall Arrest Post, Confined Space Rescue System, MightEvac Hoist, Manhandler Hoist
Salisbury 2013 Section "X" Page 54 Accessories: Canvas Bags, Compound Pots, Cable Bandages, Insulating Saddles, Hand Lines, Hooks
Page 55 Blocks, Safety Hooks, Arm Slings, Pole Adapter Kits for Saws, Pole Draw Bars
Page 56 National Disaster Response Program - After Hours Emergency Customer Service