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Safety Spotter - Safety Mirrors for Hard Hats

Safety Spotter Overview

A typical dynamic construction site with heavy machinery and various pedestrian workers.

Danger zones highlighted in red identify truck blind spots when backing. Vehicles turning while backing present an even more unpredictable path.

Safety Spotter Hardhat Mirrors have a similar effectiveness to side view mirrors on vehicles. Factoring in the mirrors dynamic ability, a wearer can almost instantly scan a full 180 degrees to the rear.

They can increase the workers field of view allowing him or her to clearly see danger approaching from behind. Rather than leaving the control exclusively in the hands of observers and equipment operators, pedestrian workers can contribute as well, identifying a far broader range of blind zone activity.

Below shows a typical construction site, with heavy equipment backing up into working position. The zones highlighted in red/orange are blind spots for drivers of the equipment backing into place. The overlay "virtual screens" show the rear field of vision of the workers who are wearing Safety Spotter mirrors on their hard hats.

" This device is a passive safety device, as such, it is dependent on the user ability for effectiveness. "

Safety Spotter Danger Zones
horizontal view of safety spotter mirrors vertical view of safety spotter mirrors
View of worker wearing safety spotter mirror view of worker wearing safety spotter mirror
Safety S Safety Spotter mirror close up
Most accidents at construction sites are caused by on-site heavy equipment. Most of these are backing accidents. The use of Safety Spotter mirrors can significantly reduce the occurance of backing accidents by enabling construction personnel to not only observe what is in front of them, but also observe what is in back of them, without having to physically turn around.

This is a work in progress. This is not a final posting. Please check back later for more information

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