Perimeter Protection Products

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Perimeter Protection Products
Perimeter Protection In Use

• Fast Installation and Removal. Decrease Perimeter Exposure by 87%
• OSHA Compliant
• Versatile and Reusable. Use Perimeter Protection Posts During Construction at:

• Building Perimeter Between Columns
• Building Perimeter at Roof Level
• Around Elevator Shafts
• Around Stair Well Openings

Our system consists of a base plate and post. The base plate can be welded to the structural beams in the fabrication shop or in the field. The posts are then screwed into the base plates. If concrete is to be poured, we provide a protective plastic sheath to slide over the bottom of the post to facilitate easy removal at the end of the job. The posts support the wire cable at the perimeter of the building and can be easily removed and re-used on future buildings. The base plates become part of the building and at the roof level can be uncovered for future use as tie-off points with our fall arrestor accessory.

We supply base plates that will attach to many different structures. They can be: Welded to steel structures, Imbedded in "poured in place" concrete structures, Fastened to wood blocking, pre-cast concrete, or hollow core concrete planks, Clamped to I-beams, Clamped to parapets, and many others.


Our system eliminates 87% of the exposure at the edge of the building and saves a significant amount of labor during installation and even more during the removal. We have designed our system to be re-usable and to protect workers at the edge of the roof, lower floor perimeter, as well as, the stairwell and elevator shafts. It was designed to eliminate the currently used angle iron that is being welded into the roof and lower floor beams that later needs to be cut off, ground down and thrown out.

Besides saving on labor costs for installation and removal, our posts can be re-used. On high-rise buildings, re-use them on the higher floors after you close in the lower ones, and then re-use them on the next building, saving you even more money.

• 42” & 60” posts available
• OSHA compliant—supports 200 lb. side load and provides 5,000 lb. tie-off point
• Fast installation & removal
• Posts reusable on future projects
• No tools required
• Weld base plates at fabrication facility or in field
• Base plates remain as permanent fall arrestor system for building
Cost Savings for PPP products over angle iron

Perimeter Protection Product Components
Perimeter protection post with bracket bottom

The post shown at left is the basic component of the perimeter protection product system. The one shown is screwed into the base. Normally, the base is embeded in the roof or flooring concrete and is not exposed, except for the opening for the threaded section.

The base component can also accept other threaded parts such as fall arrestors. One of these is shown at right. There are other variations of fall arrestors available. These will be shown below.

The main advantage of this new perimeter protection system is the potention for huge savings in labor costs and the fact that with the exception of the cast-in-place bases, the components can be removed when the job is done and taken to another job site and re-used there.

This eliminates the labor costs of using cutting torches and grinders, along with support equipment and permitting costs needed when other temporary perimeter posts (such as angle iron) are removed at the end of the job.

Western Safety Products is proud to offer these products for the construction industry.



Small Fall Arrestor
Standard Base Plate Base with threaded post Multi use base plate
Part No. 1965-20
Standard base plate, ships unpainted. For use in steel construction. Welded to steel beams in fabrication shop or in the field. Allows for easy removal and re-use of posts.
Unique thread makes post easy to install and remove.
Base plate with shouldered coupler provides stability
and strength.

Part No. 1965-55
Can be attached using fasteners to secure it to:
• wood blocking at roof level
• existing concrete structures
• concrete framing for embedment in concrete when
the pour will be 5” or less

Small Fall Arrestor Fall Arrestor with base plate Adjustable concrete base plate

Part No. 1965-35 (without support for roof)
Can be screwed in to all base plates to provide 5,000 lb. tie-off points.

Part No. 1965-30 (with support for roof)
Screw into base plate to provide 5,000 lb. load tie-off point. Can be used during construction on all levels, and after construction on roof.

Part No. 1965-45
For use in pour-in-place concrete construction. Adjustable to accommodate concrete thickness from 5” to 12”. Can be secured with rebar and/or by screws to
framing prior to pouring concrete.

Adjustable concrete base plate with integrated tie-off Toe Board Attachment Beam Anchored Cable Support

Part No. 1965-160 (top)
Part No. 1965-165 (bottom)
For use in pour-in-place concrete construction. Adjustable for 5” to 12” pour. Attaches to 4X4 framing.
After framing is removed, use pins to attach reusable tie-off point to underside for fall protection on floor below.

Part No. 1965-60
Slides onto standard post for quick installation and removal of toe board. Will accommodate 2X4, 2X6, 2X8, 2X10, and 2X12 boards. Lumber not included.

Part No. 1965-70
Patented cable support clip provides alternative to welding a nut or washer to columns on lower floors.
Attaches to structure using standard Tek #5 screws, concrete fasteners, or by welding in place. Accepts cable up to 1/2” diameter.

Wall Attachment Bracket I-Beam Clamp Hollow Core Plank Clamp

Part No. 1965-140
Can be welded or attached to an existing wall using fasteners.

Part No. 1965-130
Designed for use on bridge structures. Allows attachment to steel I-beam without welding or drilling. Accommodates I-beams from 8” to 12” wide
and up to 1” thick.

Part No. 1965-150
Slides into pre-cast hollow core planks. Indicate thickness of web when ordering.

Slab Grabber Clamp Concrete Stair Clamp Plastic Tubing Sleeve

Part No. 1965-110
Can be attached to parapet walls or rotated and attached to edge of concrete slabs. Accommodates walls and floors from 6”to 14” thick.

Part No. 1965-120
Designed for the NJ Meadowlands stadium and the Prudential Center. Can be used during the construction of stadium seating. Clamps to concrete stairs with thicknesses from 15” to 25”.

Optional plastic tubing allows for easy removal even after concrete pour.

Locking Cable Guide Corner Brace Unit  
Patented locking cable guides adjust to any position. Accepts cable up to 1/2” diameter.

Part No. 1965-80 (42”)
Part No. 1965-85 (60”)
Swivels to adjust to any angle, and can be used for straight long-run stability, as well as corners. Transfers tension loads back into building.


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