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Peltor is a world leader in hearing protection and communications. They manufacture a complete line of earmuffs for hearing protection. They also make a wide range of electronic headsets for hearing protection and communications. Whatever you need, you'll find a Peltor product to suit your needs. Most of the Peltor headsets come in headband, neckband and hard hat mount models.
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Passive hearing protective products. Non electronic earmuffs. Attenuation chart provided on page.

  1. H10 earmuff
  2. H7 earmuff
  3. H9 earmuff
  4. H6 earmuff

The OPTIME line of muffs is introduced to make it easier to pick the correct muff for a given noise level. Makes compliance checks easier.

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Electronic headsets. Products featured on this page are:

  1. Alert AM / FM radio headsets
  2. Tactical Pro electronic headsets
  3. Surround electronic headsets
  4. HT series listen only headsets
  5. HearPlugs listen only earpiece
  6. HearPlugs 2-way headset
  7. MT series throat microphone / earpiece
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Electronic headsets continued:

  1. MT series 2-way headsets
  2. MT series Fireman headsets
  3. Y2000 emergency response intercom system
  4. PowerCom PLUS 2-way wireless headsets
  5. PowerCom PLUS wireless shooting range headsets
  6. SWAT • TAC special ops headsets
  7. COM - TAC military headsets
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Earplugs from Peltor. "Next" brand.

  1. Nitro Earplugs
  2. No-Touch Foam Earplugs
  3. Tri-Flange Earplugs

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