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Ground Tents & Shelters

(New Product) Hot Weather Work Shelter
With increasing heat stress-related injuries and deaths on the work site, the need for shade during breaks has become imperative. The Pelsue Shade Tent provides portable instant shade. Using time proven Pelsue tent technology, the shade tent offers on site shade for work crews. The tent is easy to set up and has a rugged construction. Multiple sizes are available

    • Provides portable shade–sets up in seconds
    • Industrial strength–made for daily commercial use
    • Pops up in seconds–no loose parts or finger pinching frames
    • Opaque roof fabric–also used in airplane windshield covers!
  • Three mesh sides provide ventilation
  • Removable fly for blocking late afternoon sun
  • Carry case included
  • Custom colors & branding available
  • Can be set up in 24 seconds

Title 8 Section 3395 subsection D1 (d) Access to shade. (1) Shade required to be present when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit. When the outdoor temperature in the work area exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the employer shall have and maintain one or more areas with shade at all times while employees are present that are either open to the air or provided with ventilation or cooling. The amount of shade present shall be at least enough to accommodate 25% of the employees on the shift at any time, so that they can sit in a normal posture fully in the shade without having to be in physical contact with each other. The shaded area shall be located as close as practicable to the areas where employees are working.

Pelsue Hot Weather Work Shelter





6′ W x 6′ L x 6′ H

21 lbs


8′ W x 8′ L x 6′ H

33 lbs


10′ W x 10′ L x 6′ H

43 lbs

"A" Style Ground Tent
"A" Style Ground Tent (above) - single zipper door with tie backs
"A" model tents include two screen windows with roll up flaps, three tie down cords through the hum, ground flaps, single zippered front door, exterior roof line loops for tie down, carry case and three tent stakes
"D" Style Ground Tent
"D" Style Ground Tent (above) - interconnectable door flap
"D" model tents include two screen windows with roll up flaps, three tie down cords through the hub, ground flaps, heavy duty frame, wide open fron, snap and D-rings with interconnectable flaps (connect two tents together), ventilation hose entry sleeve, interior and exterior roof line loops for tie down, carry case and three tent stakes
"Z" Style Ground Tent
"Z" Style Ground Tent (above) - dual zipper roll up door
"Z" model tents include two screen windows with roll up flaps, three tie down cords through the hub, ground flaps, heavy duty frame, wide open front, dual zipper roll up door, ventilation hose entry sleeve, interior and exterior roof line loops for tie down, carry case and three tent stakes

All Pelsue Ground Tents Feature:

  • One-piece, instant set up
  • No loose parts
  • Two screened windows
  • Tie-down cords through hubs
  • Ground flaps for weight anchoring
  • Rubber, non-slip feet
  • Exterior, roof level D-rings
  • Carry case and tent stakes
Tent Set Up Photos

Ground Tent Information
Model Size Weight Folded Dimension
6504A 48" x 48" 18 lbs. 6" x 46"
6506A 70" x 70" 20 lbs. 6" x 56"
6508A 94" x 94" 31 lbs. 7" x 66"
6510A 118" x 118" 34 lbs. 8" x 76"
6514A 166" x 166" 162 lbs. 10" x 124"
Model Size Weight Folded Dimension
6506Z 70" x 70" 21 lbs. 6" x 56"
6508Z 94" x 94" 32 lbs. 7" x 66"
6510Z 118" x 118" 34 lbs. 8" x 76"
6512Z 142" x 142" 92 lbs. 10" x 100"
Model Size Weight Folded Dimension
6506D 70" x 70" 21 lbs. 6" x 56"
6508D 94" x 94" 32 lbs. 7" x 66"
6510D 118" x 118" 36 lbs. 8" x 81"
6510C 118" x 118" 51 lbs. 8" x 88"
6512D 142" x 142" 94 lbs. 10" x 100"

Special Tents
"DRAD" Ground Tent
DRAD Ground Tent
D style w/rear access door
This tent incorporates the standard features found in the Pelsue "D" series ground tents, along with a 30" wide rollup rear door for personnel entry and exit. It is ideal for working up against any tuype of cabinet. The tent also doubles as a stand alone ground tent for construction or splicing. Two sizes available: model 6508DRAD and 6510DRAD
"High-5" Ground Tent
High-5 Ground Tent
D style w/extra height
Tent measures 6' x 6' x 8' high. Ideal for use over industrial tripod or davit retrieval hoists. May be used to cover pad or pole mounted cabinets or anywhere that additional height is required. Rear access 1/2 moon style zipper door included. Door style velcro slit and 8" dia. heater/ventilator hose sleeve. Model 65068A
Ground Tent with Cable Slot
Ground Tent w/Cable Slot
D style w/cable slot access door
This Pelsue D model ground tent features a vertical slit in the rear wall, from the hub to the ground. Slit is closed over by means of a velcro style closure and a hook and ring assembly. Used to allow entry of cable or pipe when doing fusion or splicing in the tent. Includes vent sleeve. Two sizes available: model 6506DCS and 6508DCS

Special Ground Tent Information
Model Size Weight Folded Dimension
6508DRAD 8' x 8' x 6' H 32 lbs. 7" x 7" x 66"
6510DRAD 10' x 10' x 6.5' H 36 lbs. 8" x 8" x 81"
65068A 6' x 6' x 8' H 27 lbs. 7" x 7" x 66"
6506DCS 6' x 6' x 6' H 21 lbs. 6" x 6" x 36"
6508DCS 8' x 8' x 6' H 32 lbs. 7" x 7" x 66"
6508LG 8' x 8' x 6' H 38 lbs. 12" x 12" x 70"
6508LGF 8' x 8' x 6' H 41 lbs. 12" x 12" x 70"
6508LGH 8' x 8' x 6' H 47 lbs. 12" x 12" x 70"

Fiber Optic Splicing Tents & Emergency Use Tents
Fiber Optic Splicing Tent Emergency Use Tent

Fiber Optic Splicing Tents
This Pelsue innovation features a heavier polycotton breathable fabric and solar fly/sunshade. The walls are solid white and constructed of acrylic for "breathability" and increased light. Cable slots w/velcro style closures allow easy access to cable while doors are shut. May be used with Pelsue portable air conditioners and heaters

6508LG - Fiber optic splice tent with solar fly, no floor
6508LGF - Fiber optic splice tent with solar fly and standard floor
6508LGH - Fiber optic splice tent with solar fly and heavy duty floor

Emergency Use Tents
Pelsue Emergency Response tents feature highly visible lime green fabric & a reflective stripe. Perfect for Fire & Police departments, Ambulance crews, Bio-Terror incidents, Hazmat Decontamination, Mass Casualty incidents, Rehab situations, Command Post, Patient Isolation, Emergency Response, and Fire/Rescue operations. Anywhere, Anytime instant shelter is needed, these tents can be set up in seconds. Custom color, size, and logos available.

6510DES - Ground tent, lime green and white w/reflective stripe
Shelter Heating, A/C kits also available. Propane heater, ventilator, 15' ventilator hose, plastic hose canister, and LPG hose. Air conditioners in 13,500 (120 VAC) or 24,000 (220 VAC) models

Multi Use Tents
Multi Use Tents Multi Use Tent Hardware

Multi Tent
One tent, five applications: Choose the hardware based on your application. Door style features snap and D-ring closures. Hardware ordered separately. Available in two models:

Model 6334A
44" x 44" x 90" H.
Weight: 11 lbs.
Includes strand mounting hardware (Part No. 63350)

Model 6334ANH
Multi tent with no hardware

Trench Tents & Manhole Tents
Trench Tent Manhole Tents

Trench Tents
Available in three standard sizes, these tents offer protection from the elements during trenching or boring operations. One piece construction allows for easy set up and dismantle. Openings on both ends for easy access. One-piece structure features no interior obstructions. This tent may be used as a modular setup by adding as many units (end to end) as required.

Model 6408A
Dimensions: 8' x 16' x 6.6' H
Weight: 43 lbs.
Folded Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 75"

Model 6413A
Dimensions: 13' x 24' x 8.25' H
Weight: 109 lbs.
Folded Dimensions: 12" x 16" x 100"

Model 6416A
Dimensions: 16' x 30' x 10.25' H
Weight: 185 lbs.
Folded Dimensions: 12" x 16" x 129"

Manhole Tents
Pelsue manhole tents are built to fit most manhole guards on the market today having an inside pipe diameter of 3/4". Model 6000 includes a bowed metal frame and fits guards with four vertical post openings. Model 6005 has a fiberglass frame and fits guards which have only the two front vertical pipes to attach to. Standard color is yellow.

Model 6000
For use with Pelsue Guard # 4000
Dimensions: 40" x 40" x 66" H
Weight: 8 lbs.
Folded Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 38"

Model 6005
For use with Pelsue Guard # 4000A
Dimensions: 40" x 40" x 66" H
Weight: 6 lbs.
Folded Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 38"

Cabinet Tents & Shelters
Shelter CM Series Track Cabinet Tent

Cabinet Mounted Canopies - CM Series
A lightweight, one piece canopy is attached to a cabinet or vehicle using an aluminum extruded track assembly. The track is applied to the cabinet or vehicle by a peel an stick "3M" adhesive tape which is permanent. Once the track is in place, the canopy may be installed and dismantled in seconds. Adjustable aluminum legs at the front allow for multiple cabinet heights. Has optional sidewalls which are secured to the canopy by a velcro style closure. Fabric: white polyester.

CM Series Track system
The tracks used in the CM series tents and canopies are extruded aluminum and come with a "3M Brand VHB" adhesive backing. This is a permanent bond adhesive and appropriate care should be taken during installation. Tracks must be installed on a clean, dry surface, and at an ambient temperature of no less than 50º F (10º C).
Weight: 36" per pound

Order in one inch increments in lengths of 28" - 115". Use model # CMT + 000 + length in inches (example: 48" = CMT 000 48)

Custom canopies available - call for details

Also available: "CM" series cabinet mounted tents (same as above, but with hub and rod assembly side walls). Special track kits and custom built tents available to fit a wide variety of cabinets.

Work Umbrella
Work Umbrella

Work Umbrella
Universal style work umbrella. Sturdy PVC fabric (yellow), with wood mast

Model 6772
72" diameter work umbrella, yellow

NFPA Lifeline
NFPA Lifeline
NFPA Lifeline Safety Rope
Our lifeline is a product of over 20 years of development. Experience, field testing and design research has made our lifeline the highest quality and best performing rescue ropes anywhere. Our lifeline safety ropes are specifically designed for raising and lowering human life under the most severe conditions. Our thicker 16 strand sheath provides durability, resistance to abrasion as well as exceptional gripping power. Features excellent handling characteristics: balanced between enough stiffness for rappelling yet pliable enough for easy handling.
Smaller diameter rope is designed to be used for personal escape and safety lines. Larger diameter rope is designed to be used for heavy duty search and rescue, fire rescue, mountain rescue, industrial rescue, rappelling, litter hauling, confined space entry, police tactical situations and military operations.

NFPA LIfeline Information
Model Dia. Color MBS lbs. NFPA Rating Approx. Wt. (lbs. per 100')
PR375N-LO600 3/8" Lime w/Orange Marker 5,625 1 person, (lite use) 4.9
PR375N-OK600 3/8" Orange w/Black Marker 5,625 1 person, (lite use) 4.9
PR375N-OW600 3/8" Orange w/White Marker 5,625 1 person, (lite use) 4.9
PR375N-WR600 3/8" White w/Red Marker 5,625 1 person, (lite use) 4.9
PR437N-BY600 7/16" Blue w/Yellow Marker 6,800 1 person, (lite use) 6.4
PR437N-KK600 7/16" Solid Black 6,800 1 person, (lite use) 6.4
PR437N-LO600 7/16" Lime w/Orange Marker 6,800 1 person, (lite use) 6.4
PR437N-OK600 7/16" Orange w/Black Marker 6,800 1 person, (lite use) 6.4
PR437N-WR600 7/16" White w/Red Marker 6,800 1 person, (lite use) 6.4
PR500N-BY600 1/2" Blue w/Yellow Marker 9,450 2 person, (general use) 8.7
PR500N-KK600 1/2" Solid Black 9,450 2 person, (general use) 8.7
PR500N-LO600 1/2"

Lime w/Orange Marker

9,450 2 person, (general use) 8.7
PR500N-OB600 1/2" Orange w/Blue Marker 9,450 2 person, (general use) 8.7
PR500N-OK600 1/2" Orange w/Black Marker 9,450 2 person, (general use) 8.7
PR500N-RY600 1/2" Red w/Yellow Marker 9,450 2 person, (general use) 8.7
PR500N-WR600 1/2" White w/Red Marker 9,450 2 person, (general use) 8.7
PR625N-LO600 5/8" Lime w/Orange Marker 11,250 2 person, (general use) 12.4
PR625N-OK600 5/8" Orange w/Black Marker 11,250 2 person, (general use) 12.4
  • 600' spools standard (1,200' special request)
  • Certification: Meets UL Third Party Testing Classified to NFPA 1983-2001 edition standards
  • Construction: Static Kernmantle, 16-Carrier Braided Nylon Sheath over a Block Creel Continuous Filament Nylon Core. 100% Nylon Material. Melting Temperature: 450º F
  • Sheath: 16-Carrier, Torque Balanced, Braided Jacket with S-Z Twist - half of the strands have a right twist (S); half of the strands have a left twist (Z)
  • Labeling: Internal labeling includes Date of Mfg, Lot #, Type of Material, Mfg. Name, and Standard to meet NFPA 1983-01 ed.

Prusik Cord Accessory Rope
Prusik Cord Accessory Rope Spools
16 Strand, Nylon Kernmantle Construction provides our prusik rope with superior holding power for prusik hitches and other rigging applications. Features outstanding abrasion resistance, yet soft enough for good holding power. Only available in 600' spools
Model Dia. Color MBS lbs. Wt. (lbs. per 100')
PR250P-BW600 1/4" Blue w/White Tracer 3000 1.9
PR250P-WR600 1/4" White w/Red Tracer 3000 1.9
PR312P-BW600 5/16" Blue w/White Tracer 3700 2.7
PR312P-ORG600 5/16" Orange w/Retroglow Tracer 3700 2.7
PR312P-OY600 5/16" Orange w/Yellow Tracer 3700 2.7
PR312P-WR600 5/16" White w/Red Tracer 3700 2.7
PR312P-YK600 5/16" Yellow w/Black Tracer 3700 2.7

Locking Carabiner
Locking Carabiner This KONG™ biner is built with the classic "Large-D" shape and has a gate that opens more than 1" to fit over larger objects. Twist lock gate ensures safety adn meets OSHA standards for industrial connectors.
Model P102 MBS 11,250 lbs. NFPA-G Certified

Pelsue Rescue Tripod
Pelsue Rescue Tripod

The Pelsue Rescue Tripod is designed for industrial rescue applications. Telescoping anodized aluminum legs allow for height adjustments in 5" increments per leg. The legs also adjust to any angle to meet the most demanding situations. Cast aluminum head has three heavy duty rigging anchor points plus a built-in, man rated cable ready pulley. Our rescue tripod adjusts to 11' 6", allowing for full retrieval of a litter baskeet in vertical rescues.

  • Minimum height: 6 ft., model PO54. 4 ft., model RT07
  • Maximum height: 11' 6" for model PO54; 7 ft for model RT07
  • Weight: 62 lbs. for model PO54; 57 lbs. for model RT07
  • Three rigging anchor points proof rated to 5000 lbs. at fully extended height
  • Built-in cable ready pulley
  • No load supporting welds
  • Adjustable telescoping legs - 5" increments
  • Feet convert to soft ground anchors and are predrilled for anchor bolts or stakes
  • Base chain included to maintain stability
Model Description
PO54 Pelsue Rescue Tripod - with built-in cable pulley - 6' to 11' 6"
RT07 Pelsue Rescue Tripod - with built-in cable pulley - 4' to 7'
PO57 Heavy duty carry case for RT07 tripod
PO58 Heavy duty carry case for PO54 tripod
PO59 Pulley assembly for P700 tripod - includes cable pulley & steel carabiner
TW07C Winch with 70' x 3/16" stainless steel cable & bracket for PO54 or RT07 tripod
TW10C Winch with 100' x 3/16" stainless steel cable & bracket for PO54 or RT07 tripod

Pelsue Rescue Tripod Carry Case
Pelsue Rescue Tripod Carry Case
Convenient carry cases designed to hold Pelsue rescue tripods. Constructed from heavy duty PVC and Cordura fabrics for long lasting protection and abrasion resistance. Includes carry handles in the center and at either end. Full length zipper allows easy access for placing or removing the tripod
Model PO57 for tripod RT07
Model PO58 for tripod PO54

Pole Hoists
PHF507 Swivel Head Pole Hoist PHF305 Fixed Head Pole Hoist
Get rescue/retrieval capabilities by attaching the pole hoist to a tower tie off ring. Works just like a fishing pole. The swivel head models allow for both vertical and horizontal retrieval in areas of limited space. It is availble in expandable 3' to 5', 5' to 7' or 6' to 10' models. Comes complete with winch bracket (winch sold separately). Optional adjustable aluminum T-bar leg available for extra stability
Model Description
PHF305 3' to 5' adjustable fixed head pole hoist
PHF307 5' to 7' adjustable swivel head pole hoist
PHF610 6' to 10' adjustable swivel head pole hoist
PHFTBL Adjustable T-bar leg for support


Man-Rated Winches
Man-Rated Winches

Pelsue winches are designed to attach to a person who is entering or exiting from a confined space. It is built with an internal braking system to prevent the accidental pay out of the line, as well as a backup locking pawl system to prevent "free-wheeling" of the winch. Cable extension (pay out) should only occur when the handle is turned counterclockwise and a force of at least 10 pounds is applied to the line. The winch frame back plate attaches to a mounting plate which can then be mated to the various Pelsue structures and components

  • Man rated to 350 lbs.
  • 10:1 safety factor
  • 5.5:1 gear ratio single speed drive
  • Retrieval rate of 23 ft. per minute
  • Continuous braking drive prevents free wheeling
  • Double pawls on friction brake provide back up safety
  • Low wear, high temperature brake pads eliminate brake maintenance for life of the winch
  • Anti-friction drive bearings assure trouble free life in continous use
  • Three permanent wraps of cable on the drum to assure low cable attachment loads
  • Level wind springs prevent loosening of cable lays
  • Slip clutch drive prevents back winding of cable drum
  • Galvanic zinc coating of all metal parts reduces corrosion in harsh environments
  • Double action locking swivel snap hook is provided that can be used with remote connect/disconnect equipment
  • Mounting means provided for quick attachment
  • Available with stainless steel cable or synthetic rope
Model Description Weight
PW07C 70 ft. stainless steel cable 30 lbs.
PW10C 100 ft. stainless steel cable 38 lbs.
PW15C 150 ft. stainless steel cable 40 lbs.
PW20C 200 ft. stainless steel cable 44 lbs.
PW30C 300 ft. stainless steel cable 48 lbs.
PW07R 70 ft. synthetic cable 25 lbs.


100 ft. synthetic cable 30 lbs.
PW15R 150 ft. synthetic cable 32 lbs.

Winch Brackets
Winch Brackets

Pelsue winch brackets are required to mount the above winches to either the Davit Retrieval System or Tripods. A variety of brackets and adapters are available to configure other manufacturer's winches or SRL's to Pelsue Retrieval equipment

Model Description
MB-PF1 Quick-connect winch bracket for Pelsue & DBI davit systems - flat
MB-PC1 Quick-connect winch bracket for UniHoist & DBI Davit Systems - curved
MB-TL1 Quick-connect winch bracket for Pelsue Rescue - PO54 & Skedco tripod models
MA-PT1 Channel only for PO54 tripod (mounts to back plate on winch)

Self Retracting Lifelines
PSRL0350-SS PSRL0120-W PSRL0130-SS

Above, Left to Right:
PSRL0350-SS (Three-way recovery lifeline 50 ft. stainless steel cable)
PSRL0120-W (Self retracting lifeline 20 ft. polyester webbing)
PSRL0130-SS (Self retracting lifeline 30 ft. stainless steel cable)

Three-way recovery units and self retracting lifelines are designed for use by construction workers, utility personnel and maintenance repair employees needing on the job fall protection. The stopping distance for all models is less than 2 ft. These units are also used in confined spaces such as manholes, tanks, vaults and other confined areas, where fall arrest and retrieval rescue are extremely important.
As a general rule, OSHA requires the use of fall protection for anyone working six or more feet above the base level of any work area.
When entering a confined space by ladder or other fixed structure, or while being lowered mechanically by a man rated winch, a worker must be attached to an independent lifeline for adequate fall protection.
Self retracting lifelines will only arrest a fall, they do not provide retrieval capabilities. The three-way recovery unit can be used for fall protection as well as retrieval if an emergency should occur. Can be mounted to the Davit Retrieval System or Tripod.
Under no circumstance shall the three way be used for routine raising and lowering (use a man rated PLPS series winch for raising and lowering).

  • Arrest distance within 2 feet
  • Stress indicator to warn user that unit has arrested a fall
  • 3/16" galvanized steel cable, stainless steel cable, technora rope, or webbing
  • Cable length: 25 - 65 ft. Webbing length: 20 - 30 ft.
  • Internal components made of bronze, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Stamped steel housing protected with zinc plating
  • Working load: 310 lbs.

Self retracting lifelines require a carabiner (model P102 - shown above) for attachment to anchorage.
Meets OSHA, ANSI and EN standards

Model Description
PSRL0350-SS Three way recovery/retractable lifeline (50 ft.) 3/16" stainless steel cable
PSRL0130-SS Retractable lifeline (30 ft.) 3/16" stainless steel cable
PSRL0120-W Retractable lifeline (20 ft.) 1" polyester webbing

Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Tower
Fall Arrest Tower
The Uni-Lite fall arrest tower is intended to provide an elevated fall arrest anchorage for up to three people. The system is composed of a composite tube and case aluminum base.
The upper insert features a 360º swivel tie off for attachment of up to three personal fall arrest systems, when used in conjunction with a 900 lb. MAF (Maximum Arrest Force) fall arrest device
The composite tower is inserted into a cast aluminum base that can be pinned in place to any one of ther various base plates (may be used with a number of different weld-on or bolt-on mounting bases (see below). May also be used with the adjustable anchor clamp.
The portable anchorage system can be used on top of transformers and other areas where walking/working surface hazards may be present
Certified as a 3-person fall arrest anchorage as per OSHA Section 1910.66 & ANSI Section A10.14
Model Description
FT-C70 Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Tower
FB-SW1 Weld-on base plate
FB-SB1 Bolt-on base plate
FB-BT1 Bolt-on base plate adapter
FB-VA1 Round base plate
FB-RB1 Round base plate for stud weld
BC-145 Anchor clamp base - adjustable
122870-001 Padded carry case for Uni-Lite tower and base

Fall Arrest Tower Base Plates
Fall Arrest Tower Base Plates
The base plates shown above provide multiple attachment options for the various fall arrest towers. Once the base plate is attached, the tower simply pins in place for use. If you don't see a unit that works for your application, a custom engineered plate can be designed and fabricated.

Davit Arm Retrieval System
Davit Arm Retrieval System
Our component based davit assembly can be mated with many styles of bases. The mast consists of an aluminum offset tube, fabricated elbow section, and aluminum center post with winch mounting bracket. Elbow units are reversible and provide cost effective, versatile means of achieving multiple offset reaches. Assemblies are offered as adjustable offset units capable of either an 18"/24" or 30"/36" or 42"/48" offset reach. All davits are man rated to 350 lbs. and offer a universal bracket for attachment of alternate lifting systems and/or 900 lb. MAF fall arrest devices. Assembly provides locations for up to two winch mounting plates. One standard Pelsue winch mounting plate is provided with the assembly.
Model Description
CP60 60" center post w/winch bracket (26 lbs.)
EF01 Fabricated elbow - reversible (10 lbs.)
DA24 18"/24" offset mast - arm only (7 lbs.)
DA36 30"/36" offset mast - arm only (10 lbs.)
DA48 42"/48" offset mast - arm only (12 lbs.)
DK1824 18"/24" offset mast, reversible elbow & center post
DK3036 30"/36" offset mast, reversible elbow & center post
DK4248 42"/48" offset mast, reversible elbow & center post
EB56 Base - expandable from 36" to 56" ID (100 lbs.)
EB66 Base - expandable from 46" to 66" ID (115 lbs.)

Davit Arm Kits
Davit Arm Kits
Kit includes the adjustable three-piece base and the DA24 offset davit system with adjustable offset reach from 18" to 24". Kit also includes a winch mounting bracket which will accommodate our Pelsue winches (see above) for bracket options (winch not included). Just add a winch and you're ready for retrieval.
Model Description
RK-EB1 Davit Arm (18"/24" offset) & Adjustable base (36" - 56")
RK-EB2 Davit Arm (18"/24" offset) & Adjustable base (46" x 66")

Davit System Sleeves

Permanent Mount Sleeves

  • Available in plated steel or stainless steel
  • Allow masts to pivot 360º
  • Drain holes eliminate water buildup
  • ABS liners with PVC slip plates
  • Accepts up to 48" offset masts
  • Sleeve is always on site
Floor Mounted
The floor mount is anchored by bolts, or it welds to a variety of surfaces such as floors, truck beds, catwalks, etc.
Center Foor Mounted
The center floor mount is anchored by bolts or it welds to a variety of surfaces such as floors, truck beds, catwalks, etc.
Sleeve Caps
Used to seal sleeves when not in use. Available in plated steel, stainless steel or ABS plastic
Pelsue DSP-F1 DSP-F2 Sleeve Caps
Model Weight
Model Weight Model Weight DSC-S2 1 lb.
DSP-F1 24 lbs. DSP-F2 24 lbs. DSC-S1 1 lb.
DSS-F1 24 lbs. DSS-F2 24 lbs. DSC-107 (all abs) .24 lbs.
Corner Mounted
Your choice of outside 90º angle or inside 90º angle. The corner mount is anchored by bolts to reinforced truck bumpers, wlls, etc.
Wall Mounted
The wall mount is anchored by bolts or welds to truck bumpers, tank walls, sides of catwalks, meter pits, clarifiers, etc.
Cylinder Core
The cylinder core mount is a drilled into existing concrete or poured into fresh concrete and must be secured to the concrete with grout or epoxy compatible with plant conditions
Model Weight Model Weight Model Weight
DSP-A2 26 lbs. DSP-W1 22 lbs. DSP-C2 8 lbs.
DSP-A1 26 lbs. DSS-W1 22 lbs. DSS-C2 8 lbs.
Flush Foor Mounted
Placed in fresh concrete, this sleeve mounts flush with the floor and is great for high traffic areas where trip hazards are a concern
Flush Floor Mounted
The existing concrete flush floor mount is drilled and bolted in concrete or welded or bolted in steel. Great for high traffic areas where trip hazards are a concern
Portable Wall Mount
The portable wall mount is made of plated carbon steel. Clamping via eight bolts, the wall mount straddles walls of tanks, caissons, shorings, etc., up to 3" thick
Model Weight Model Weight Model Weight
DSP-C1 21 lbs. DSP-F3 23 lbs. DSR-S03 58 lbs.
DSS-C1 21 lbs. DSS-F3 23 lbs.

Expandable Davit System Base
Made of 6061-T6 powder coated aluminum. The three piece base is available in two models: 36" to 56" inside diameter and 46" to 66" inside diameter. Units are only to be used with the DK1824 offset arm. Proof loaded to 5,000 lbs. with a 24" offset (Note: Maximum offset cannot exceed 24"). Certified to OSHA Regulations and ANSI Z359 Standards. Base features screw legs for adjustment on uneven terrain and base wheels which allow for the unit to be moved from one site to another without disassembling the system. Sleeve comes with ABS liner and PVC slip plate
Model Description


EB56 Base 36" to 56" ID 100 lbs.
EB66 Base 46" to 66" ID 115 lbs.

Vehicle Hitch Mount Base
RK-HS1 DK1824 VHS-A1
RK-HS1 DK1824 VHS-A1
VHS-A1 vehicle hitch mount connects with 2" square vehicle receivers. Includes aluminum "T-Bar" stabilizer leg. Designed for maximum of 24" offset davit system. Modular system offers many accessories to adapt hitch mount to your needs. Sleeve includes ABS liner and PVC slip plate
RK-HS1 kit includes vehicle hitch mount VHS-A1 and a davit system DK1824. Davit assembly includes standard Pelsue winch mount bracket. Winch not included

Counterweight Cart
CWC1 Counterweight Cart
The CWC1 is a davit retrieval system base utilizing a counterbalance technique. The unit features a steel cart with heavy duty casters. Excellent for entry into glass lined reactors and open pits.
Cart can be used with either a 2', 4' or 6' extension and a DK1824 offset mast. Maximum offset varies with length of extension used.
Masts and offset arms not included. Minimum counterweight must be used to achieve stability.
Model Description
CWC1 Counterweight cart only. No accessories
CWK1 Counterweight cart with outrigging equipment

Forklift Basket
Forklift Basket

The PNUF600-A Forklift Basket is intended to be used as a safe place for an attendant performing operations at heights. By attaching a DK1824 davit system with winch, the operator can be lifted by a forklift and lift or lower workers into position. Unit includes complete basket with side rails, floor mounted davit sleeve, operator tie-off anchor and forklift security chain

Sleeve included with capability of 30" offset for retrieval/fall arrest anchorage
5000 lb. Proof loaded attendant anchorage point
Man rated load capacity (x2) 350 lbs. (attendant and entrant)
900 lbs. maximum arrest force fall device must be used when system is employed as part of a complete fall arrest system

General Construction: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Weight: 150 lbs.

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