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Painting Safety Kits


Painting Safety Kit $ 49.95
Western Safety Products offers safety packages for painting. Whether you are painting a house with rollers and latex, or airbrushing a car, or applying Awlgrip® to a boat, we have the right kits to keep your skin clean and lungs safe. Check out our kits and optional components. If you need more information about the correct respirators and/or filters, or other safety supplies, call us at 206-622-7152 or fax us at 206-623-6208.
Tyvek 5500 Respirator
Respirator is for illustration.
Actual respirator may vary.
Call us if you want a specific

Paint Respirator


These items are included in the basic painting safety kit. The standard items in kit are:
  • Tyvek® suit, with hood and integral boot covers.
  • Half-mask respirator with Organic Vapor filters and paint prefilter.
  • Nitrile gloves (one pair included).
  • Goggles, vented
  • 5 pairs of disposable latex gloves.
Note: No air purifying filters from any manufacturer are certified for protection against Isocyanates (possibly present in some kinds of paint).
For protection against these types of paints, you MUST use a supplied air respirator system. Call us (206-622-7152) for details if you need this type of safety protection.

Optional Accessories for Painting Safety Kit.
5500 Paint Respirator Respirator.
Offers protection against dusts, fumes, mists, and paints. Call Western Safety Products at 206-622-7152 for information regarding specific filters and protection required.
$ 24.95

Price does not include filters.

Paint Cartridge Organic vapor catridge with paint/dust prefilter (prefilters are inexpensive and replaceable, offering longer life for cartridge. $ 16.95 per pair.

Additional prefilters available for
$2.98 per pair (extends life of cartridge).

Tyvek Suit Tyvek® suit. Does not include respirator.

Has integral hood and booties.

Extra large
XX large.

$ 11.95
Protective Sleeve Protective sleeve gives greater protection than Tyvek® suit alone. Protects suit from excessive wear and gives longer life. Appropriate for work in an environment with snagging or tearing hazards. $ 4.99 per pair.

One size fits all.

Latex Gloves Inexpensive disposable latex gloves offer good protection for general use. $ 9.95 per box of 100

Small, medium, large, X-large

Nitrile Gloves Nitrile gloves offer great tear resistance and chemical protection.
Recommended for use with organic acids, alkalis, alcohols, aliphatic solvents, aromatic solvents, vegetable oils, soaps and detergents.
$ 3.95 per pair

Small, medium, large, extra large

Atlas Gloves Atlas gloves
Offers strong, non-slip grip. Will outlast latex or nitrirle gloves in rough working conditions. Good for general cleanup and waste removal.
$ 7.95 per pair.

Small, medium, large

H7A Earmuffs Ear Muffs.
Offers excellent protection against sustained loud sounds, such as from an air compressor. Prevents hearing loss from chronic exposure to high decibel noise.
$ 29.95
Earplugs Ear plugs
Offers good protection from loud sounds. Inexpensive protection against hearing loss.
$ 1.99 per pair
Emergency Eyewash Eye wash.
Offers comfort to eyes stressed by exposure to airborne dust and mists. Will soothe minor irritations and promote comfort.
$ 12.95 per box
Overboots Boot covers.
Offers good protection against puncture of Tyvek® suit booties. Inexpensive. Offers good chemical protection and improved traction. Good for muddy or wet conditions.
$ 8.95 per pair


Goggles Goggles.
Provides eye protection against dust and other airborne hazards. Inexpensive and indespensible.
$ 5.95
Spray Sock Spray-sock protects head and neck from paint, chips and other debris. $5.95

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