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Off The Wall - Airport Barricades & Accesoires

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AR10x96 Airport Barriers
AR10X96 Airport Barricades

AR10x96 Airport Barricades

Airports worldwide use Off The Wall Airport Barricades to mark off hazardous construction zones and to ensure traveler safety. Model AR10x96 can be ordered with orange and white reflective sheeting and can hold up to 2 flashing red lights per section. This Airport Barricade is completely foreign-object­ debris-free, when interconnected they can stand up to jet blast. New molding in drain and improved drain caps extend the life of the AR10x96 Airport Barricade.

  • INTERLOCKING. Forms a continuous wall. Sections can be set up in almost any shape, straight or curved.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE. Accommodates one or more red flashing solar lights as well as large panels of reflective sheeting (sold separately).
  • COLLAPSIBLE. High density polyethylene plastic will easily collapse when run over by aircraft. Under many circum­stances barricades will pop back into shape.
  • HEAVY AND STABLE. The AR10x96 weighs in at a sub­stantial 270 lbs. when filled. When interconnected, these barricades will stay where they are positioned.
  • FLAGS & LIGHTS. Accommodates up to 2 flags and 2 lights
  • FAA. Meets requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2E.

Improving Airport Safety.
According to the FAA, poor marking of construction zones, freight ramp areas, and other hazards primarily caused a significant number of
ground accidents involving aircraft. Since OTW Safety introduced the first water-filled plastic barricade to the airport industry in 1999, we have sold more than 312,000 feet of barricades, improving safety and reducing the potential for accidents by providing clear runway and hazard marking.

AR10x96 Specifications:
10"H x 96"L x 10"W x .2" Wall
Interconnected length is 84"
22 lbs. empty • 270 lbs. full

AR24x96 Airport Barricades
AR24x96 Airport

AR24x96 Airport Barriers

If you need to maintain a substantial yet low-profile boundary around a work site, the AR24x96 Airport Barricade is the right model. Slightly larger than the AR10x96 Barricade, the AR24x96 Model is ideal for settings where more vertical height and substance are required. Extremely easy to set up, these barricades are only 45 lbs. empty but at 675 lbs. filled with water, they are a durable, no-maintenance-required answer to work zone delineation. Our modu­lar design allows this airport barricades to be connected quickly and easily to form a tamper­proof, inseparable wall that can withstand jet blast. AR24x96 airport barricades are extremely durable.

  • AIP ELIGIBLE. Approved for purchase with AIP funds.
  • MEETS FAA REQUIREMENTS. FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2E approved.
  • QUICK, EASY POSITIONING. Can be repositioned using a forklift.


  • System is modular to assemble, disassemble and nest for storage.
  • Alternate orange and white barricades for more visual contrast.
  • Allows for 6" x 72" reflective sheeting on both sides.
  • Designed to prevent access to hazardous work areas and/or runways by forming a continuous wall.
  • Can be made into a higher fence, using poles and other fencing material of your choice.
  • Fence can be attached using center post inserts.


  • Barricades are compatible with lights, fencing and, reflective sheeting.
  • Easy set-up saves time and labor costs.
  • Highly stable, easy to move when empty.
  • Stackable designs for easy storage.
  • Superior safety and minimal maintenance.

AR24X96 Specifications:
24"H x 96"L x 14"W x .20" Wall
45 lbs. empty • 675 lbs. full

Airfield Grade C01 Light
Airfield Grade C01 Light

Airfield Grade C01 Light
6.5"H x 4"W 13.5 oz.

  • Red
  • Flashing or Steady burn
  • Solar or battery powered

One of our next generation of user-friendly airport products, the screw-in, airport grade C01 light saves time and aggravation since it's so easy to install. The C01 simply screws into the AR10x96 fill hole. It is also compatible with the AR24x96 and the MB42x45 LCD when sold with our adaptor that allows for easy screw in installation. Meets current guidelines of FAA Airport Circular 150/5370-2E. AIP eligible.
Highest Quality Products.
OTW Safety invented the airport barricade in 1999 and today we continue to provide the highest quality, most user-friendly airport safety products you can buy. The AR10x96 barricades are available in orange or white. High intensity industrial grade reflective sheeting in orange and white diagonal stripe pattern is sold separately and contributes to exceptional visibility at night.

X-Marker Warning Signal
X-Marker Warning Signal

X-Marker Warning Signal (Part # WTSM27-FX)
Single: 26' 5"
Tandem: 42' 5"
Operating Length: 21'
Operating Height: 21
Traveling Height: 12' 5"
Arm Length: 27'
X-Shape (square): 19' 1"
Trailer Width: 8'

The X-Marker warning signal is an effective and efficient means for warning pilots of closed airport runways and taxiways. The warning signal also protects maintenance crews working in these areas. The X-Marker exceeds FAA guidelines for shape configuration, providing highly visible lights on out­stretched arms 27-feet long. Easy to reposition, the X-Marker quickly folds up for transport or storage.

  • Exceeds FAA guidelines.
  • Extremely portable, can be towed by most trucks.
  • Standard 2-inch ball coupler tow-hitch.
  • Rapid deployment and easy set up.
  • Either vertical or horizontal coverage.
  • 20 sealed-beam amber lights for nighttime and adverse weather.
  • 12 sealed-beam white lights for daytime.
  • Two independent power circuits to increase reliability.
  • Lockable control box and engine cage.
  • Lombardini air-cooled diesel engine with 30-gallon fuel tank.
  • Up to 160 hours of continuous operation.


  • Stability Outriggers: Telescoping design, 123" (3.12 m) span at full extension.
  • Arm-Frame Adjustability: 105% total pivot angle, adjustable in 5-degree
  • Hand-Winch: 1500 lb. capacity, fric­tion safety brake, 1/4" galvanized 7x19 aircraft cable.
  • Spring Tilt: Leaf spring tilts arm-frame assembly off vertical position.

Airport Taxiway and Runway Light Marker
Runway Light Marker

Airport Taxiway and Runway light Marker
Available in 28", 36", 48"
Easy to set up.
Frangible threaded bolt replaces existing hold down bolt without compromising the integrity of the light's base. The marker bolts in to place in less than a minute. The Airport Taxiway and Runway Light Marker can be equipped with a 3" reflective decal (sold separately) in silver/white or blue.

Friction Meter
Friction Meter - Accelerometer

Friction Meter - Solid State Accelerometer
The Bowmonk Mark 3 is the modern day equivalent of a mechanical decelerometer such as the Bowmonk Brakemeter or Tapley Brake Meter. It contains a solid state accelerometer and an accurate crystal controlled clock. During a friction test the accelerometer measures the deceleration (g-force) experienced by the transporting vehicle, 400 times per second with and accuracy of better than 2%. The Bowmonk Mark 3 is simply positioned on the passenger seat or in the footwell of the vehicle.

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