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Oberon Arc Flash Protection Page 1

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About Oberon Arc Flash Protective Equipment
Every day, electricians across North America are killed or receive serious burn injuries as a result of an Electrical Arc explosion. Yet these injuries can be avoided with training, proper work practices and using protective faceshields, hoods and clothing that are NFPA 70E-2000 compliant.

Oberon is the pioneer and leader in the arc flash personal protection market. Oberon's Flashguard line of head and body protective products incorporate the latest in fabric and material technologies to help protect the user from the thermal energy of an arc incident. Oberon has made significant R&D and product design investments to provide you with the highest levels of protection available in the market today.

One size does not fit all, nor does one level of protection. The flashguard line is the most extensive line of arc flash protection, including products with 15 cal/cm2, 31 cal/cm2, 50 cal/cm2, and an incredible 100 cal/cm2 ratings. The Flashguard line is the only line on the market today to reach 100 cal/cm2 and be fully tested and comply with ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E.

  • FACT: Only Oberon's 100 cal hood includes a window with 100 cal of protection. This is required by NFPA 70E 3-3.9.5. Other companies use windows in their hoods that offer less protection. The result; likely burn injuries to your face. Additionally, all Flashguard hood windows are manufactured with Oberon's proprietary Arc-X™ energy absorbing resin, which provides excellent visibility and arc protection. The inner surface is coated with a permanent antifog coating for clearer vision.
  • FACT: Oberon conservatively rates its arc flash products. Oberon uses higher confidence intervals when test data are analyzed. This tends to increase your margin of safety when using Flashguard products. Other companies tend not to use any confidence interval, which will increase the likelyhood you will be burned in an accident using their product. Other companies inflate their data for marketing purposes, not safety.
  • FACT: Clear windows provide no protection against the energy of an arc flash. ZERO. This is true whether it is a faceshield for a window in a hood. Your face will be burned. The Arc-X windows in the Flashguard line are designed and are arc rated to provide protection against the thermal energy of an arc flash.
  • FACT: Oberon's hoods and windows are tested as complete units. We know how our hood will perform in the event of an arc accident. Others test just the fabric...and can only guess how their product will perform under arc conditions.
  • FACT: Only Oberon provides a Certificate of Compliance with every Flashguard product sold, which guarantees the garment meets or exceeds all aspects of NFPA 70E, ASTM F1506 and OSHA 29CFR 1910.269. Others may tell you a story, but only Oberon puts it in writing with every Flashguard product sold.
  • Made in the USA

Oberon Arc Flash Protective Wear
Provides protection to 15 cal/cm2
Hazard / Risk category 2
Provides protection to 29 cal/cm2
Hazard / Risk category 3
Provides protection to 43 cal/cm2
Hazard / Risk category 4
Provides protection to 65 cal/cm2
Provides protection to 68 cal/cm2
Provides protection to 111 cal/cm2
Provides protection to 112 cal/cm2
Tested for Ballistic Protection
Provides protection to 12 cal/cm2

See below for more info

Arc Flash Blankets

15 KV and 25 KV models available

See below for more information

Fresh Air Hood (supplies air to hood for cooling user's head and face). Not an air purifying respiratory system!   Cooling Vest (uses non-flammable cool packs)
Arc Flash Kits
Complete kits with Arc Flash clothing, rubber gloves, Leather protectors and carrying bag.
Available for various Arc Hazard Levels and voltages
Arc Flash Gloves. Provides thermal protection A range of ASTM D-120 compliant gloves and protectors

Additional Information about Arc Flash Protective Equipment
Oberon Flashbarrier Arc Suppression Blanket
Protection for the industrial and utility electrician from arc blasts peripheral to the work area. The new Flashbarrier™ arc suppression blanket is built with proprietary fabric technologies to provide a passive barrier from peripheral arc blasts. Ideal for confined spaces such as underground vaults, the blanket will reduce the effects of an arc blast occuring beyond the primary work area. The blanket has been tested under arc conditions and is rated at 15 KV or 25 KV depending on model. An ideal compliment to Oberon's Flashguard™ line of Arc Flash suits, the Flashbarrier blanket, when properly used, will reduce the extent of the worker's exposure during an open arc event.
Constructed with a multilayer design, the blanket is designed to deflect the energy of the arc blast. The blanket is fitted with strong Kevlar straps with carabiners, developed by Oberon for this application. The blanket can be installed and removed even while wearing gloves. The Flashbarrier Arc Suppression Blanket offers six significant advantages over many of it's competitors' blankets:
  • Cost - The Flashbarrier blanket often costs significantly less than other blankets
  • Weight - The Flashbarrier blanket is lightweight, but rugged for everyday use and strong against the force of an arc explosion
  • Resists Degradation - The Flashbarrier blanket is manufactured with a Carateen™ construction, which will not degrade due to exposure to the sun's UV energy. Most competitor blankets are made with Nomex® or Kevlar® which must be protected from exposure to the sun's UV.
  • Smoke and Flame - The Flashbarrier blanket will not smoke and flame when exposed to the arc's thermal energy, unlike other blankets constructed from Nomex and Kevlar. Smoke and flames created in an enclosed space, like an underground vault could make it very difficult to rescue a worker with injuries resulting from an arc explosion.
  • Oberon Name - The Flashbarrier blanket is manufactured in the USA by the Oberon company, with over 60 years experience manufacturing safety products for the American worker.
  • Delivery and Support - Oberon consistently provides timely delivery (virtually every order ships from our factory within one week) and superior customer support (before and after purchase).

Oberon recommends that you always perform a hazardous site assessment of your workplace to insure that you are using the correct protective devices and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for your application. The Flashbarrier Blanket is available in two sizes. Custom sizes also available.
Blankets are designed to provide a passive barrier between the worker and associated equipment such as cables, splices and switches. They are not intended as a substitution for appropriate PPE or insulation from shock.

Oberon ArcShield
The arc rated faceshield for the electrical worker. Electrical work is dangerous work. Yet not every electrical worker is required by the hazards of the job to wear a full hood. For these applications, where the potential arc thermal energy is quite low, the ArcShield is ideally suited.
  • The ArcShield incorporates Oberon's unique Face-Fit® faceshield. The faceshield, manufactured from molds that are optically polished, offers excellent distortion free vision.
  • Viewing area is a large 8" X 14", for excellent unobstructed visibility of your job.
  • The ArcShield is manufactured with Oberon's proprietary Arc-X™ thermal protecting resin. This material is especially designed to trap the thermal energy of the arc explosion, and not transmit it through the faceshield to the worker.
  • The ArcShield is available with a permanent anti-fog coating on the inner surface for those who need this extra feature.
  • The ArcShield has been tested under actual arc conditions to provide approximately 8 cal/cm2 protection. It is imPORT 67,107,169,130,132,236 or a lightweight, comfortable, breathable feel. The use of FR fabric is important for compliance with electrical safety standards.
  • The vest is dielectric with no metal parts.
  • The Arc Flash Cooling Vest and cooling packs have been arc tested under arc conditions in a laboratory and have been determined to comply with OSHA 29CFR 1910.269 I,6,iii
  • The cooling packs are designed to provide approximately 1 hour of cooling to the user depending upon the ambient temperatures and the exertion level of the worker wearing the vest. The cooling packs are easily recharged by placing them in ice water before using. A spare set can be kept in a cooler and rotated with theose in the vest for continuous use. Freezing the packs will extend the cooling time, but the temperature difference will be more noticeable to the body.
  • The Oberon Arc Flash Cooling Vest is available in two sizes: Regular and Tall
  • WARNING: Arc Flash Cooling Vests should be used in conjunction and under proper arc rated garments. Vest is not intended as a primary arc flash protection. Vest has been arc tested, but is not arc rated (due to the limited surface area covered by the vest)

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