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Product Terms / Glossary

ANTI-FATIGUE PROPERTIES: Cushioning qualities found in NOTRAX® matting that alleviates foot pressure, stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce stress on the lower back, leg joints and major muscle groups.
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: The degree to which NOTRAX® industrial matting products can withstand the erosive qualities of chemicals found in applicable environments.
DECALON®: An exclusive NOTRAX® fiber constructed of high Denier polypropylene yarn. Products manufactured with Decalon® offer superb wear resistance, exceptional moisture retention, and crisp pattern appearance in coordinating colors. See products #130, #131, #132, #137, #138, #139, #141, #146, #148, and #325.
DENIER: Denier is defined as the thickness of the yarn strand. Combined with the face­weight (ounces of yarn per square yard), and the density or volume of yarn strands, It is a critical factor in the performance, quality and durability of an entrance mat. NOTRAX® competitors define their quality in terms of face-weight only.
DYNA-SHIELD®: A revolutionary new process perfected by Superior Manufacturing Group that creates a tough protective barrier on the surface of foam anti-fatigue mats. Dyna­Shield® products are more resistant to wear than traditional sponge matting. See products #406, #413, #415, #417, #419, and #825.
GSII: A technology incorporated into NOTRAX® industrial floor matting products that allow them to excel in harsh industrial environments where aggressive chemicals, oils, and greases are commonly found, and where traditional matting often fails. See products #850GSII, #856GSII.
NEEDLEPUNCH: A manufacturing process for carpet matting, needlepunch is engineered with a unique blend of 4 Denier thicknesses of polypropylene yarn ranging from very fine to very thick. Needlepunch products are typically more durable, offering better crush resistance and wearability due to the density of the yarn used in the process. See products #105, #109, #117 #118, #136, #323, and #370.
NITRILE RUBBER: A synthetic rubber specifically designed for harsh environments providing superior oil, grease, animal fat, and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, gas permeability, and thermal stability. Niru® is the NOTRAX®, trademarked name for Nitrile rubber compound. See products #543, #544, #550, #551, #556, #562, #650, #656, #755, #758, #850GSII, #856GSII, #580, #585, SOLUTIONS™.
PVC COMPOUNDS: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a plastic compound used in a variety of manufacturing processes and end products. PVC is known for its durability, resistance to moisture, versatility, and its ability to withstand harsh environments. See products #420, #422, #520,#522,#620,#622,#920,#922.
TUFTED: An alternative process to needlepunch for manufacturing carpet matting, tufted products are sewn into a backing using a finer yarn. Tufted mats generally are less dense and offer better moisture retention. Tufted products also have more flexibility with colors and patterns providing a more aesthetic finished product. See products #130, #131, #132, #137, #138, #139, #141, #145, #146, #148, #150, #161, #166, #167, #168, #170, #180, #190, #231, and #325.
UNIFUSION™: A revolutionary new bonding technology that uses heat and pressure to fuse a floor matting top surface to a base material. The resulting finished product is virtually a single piece, thereby eliminating the possibility of de-lamination. See products #470, #474, #479, #480, #826, #970, #974, #979, #980.

All NOTRAX® Floor Matting Products are subject to the following applicable tests, conducted by independent laboratories prior to their introduction to the market:
All NOTRAX® carpet products passed the Flammability Test (PillTest DOC FFl-70).
Accelerated Soiling Test (ASTM D6540):
Designed to simulate the soiling that occurs from foot traffic/floor service in normal use as an entrance mat.
Accelerated Wear Test (S.I.M. Floor Machine): Designed to simulate the wear an entrance mat will receive under normal foot traffic. The results show the relative wear and crush resistance of the mat.
Water Retention: Designed to simulate the moisture retention of an entrance mat in actual usage. Tests are reported in gallons per square yard.
Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D3884-92): This is an accelerated wear test for NOTRAX® products. Results are measured in weight loss.
Compression Deflection (ASTM D3574): This test assesses the anti-fatigue properties of industrial mats.
Coefficient Of Friction (ASTM C 1028-89):
Designed to assess the slip resistance of our matting.
Elongation (ASTM D412): This test measures the weight needed to break, and the % of size increase at the breaking point.
Tear Strength (ASTM D1004): This test measures the force required to initiate the tearing of a mat.
Critical Radiant Flux (ASTM E648-94A): This test measures the level of radiant heat energy required to sustain flame propagation.

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