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The Nolan Company manufactures a wide range of quality rail maintenance and safety products. We continue to develop, test and improve the products we manufacture. Many of our products have earned a reputation for being the "standard for the industry" because of their dependable performance in railroad, mine, quarry, mill and other industrial applications.
Customer satisfaction is our goal at The Nolan Company. We are committed to competitive pricing, on-time delivery and the highest quality products. This tradition has earned us a reputation as a respected leader in the production of rail maintenance and safety products.

Nolan Page 1 Tool & Supply Carts, Push Cars, Track & Rail Dollies
Nolan Page 2 Tow Bars, Hitch Pins, Clevis, Pintle Hooks, Cast Replacement Wheels, Wheel/Axle Assemblies
Nolan Page 3 Switch Point Protectors, Derails, Rerails, Bumping Posts, Car Stops, Car Blocks, Rail Skates, Rail Puller, Wheel Chocks
Nolan Page 4 Staffs, Flags, Lights & Signs
Nolan Track Carts Track Carts: TS-1-116, ATS-1, TS-1, TS-2, TS-3
Nolan Track Dollies Track Dollies and Push Carts: TD-1, TD-2, TD-3, RD-1, RD-2, PC-10S, PC-10W
Nolan Tow Bars Tow Bars, Hitch Pins, Clevis, Pintle Hooks
Nolan Wheels Cast Replacement Wheels, Wheel/Axle Assemblies
Nolan Rerailers 1 Portable Rerailers, Switch Point Protectors
Nolan Wheel Chocks Car Stops, Wheel Chocks, Rail Skates, Rail Pullers
Nolan 2012 Car Blocks Car Blocks
Nolan 2012 Rerailers Permanent Automatic Rerailers
Nolan 2012 Derailers Several newly redesigned Derailers (This has been split up into two pages below)
Nolan 2012 Derailers 1 PD series derails and HD series derails
Nolan 2012 Derailers 2 SD series derails, LSF and LSE-2 operating stands
Nolan 2012 Derailers 3 Switch Point Protectors
Nolan 2012 Derailers 4 Nolan Automatic Derailers
Nolan Rerailers 3 Switch Point Protectors, various rerailers
Nolan Auto Derailers Automatic Derailers (new for 2013)

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