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Nextteq - Gastec Information & Index

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Gastec Detector Tubes by Chemical Eleven pages of Gastec detector tubes by chemical name
Gastect Detector Tubes by Number Five pages of Gastec detector tubes by number
Dosimeter Tubes Products for passive TWA monitoring
Pyrotec Tubes Products for fluorochlorocarbon monitoring
Polytec Tubes Products for semi-quantitative analysis
HazMat & Civil Defense Kits Kits for identifying unknown chemicals, also chemical warfare test kits
Gastec 2006 Page 1 Removed (Discontinued)  
Gastec 2006 Page 2 HazMat Kits Overview (also see HazMat kits above for more detail)
Gastec 2006 Page 3 Respirator Fit Test Equipment

Gastec manufactures the GV-100-S-TR and GV-110-S-TR Air Sampling Pumps. These pumps uses Gastec tubes to detect and quantify a large number of gases and gaseous compounds. The information provided here is not a complete documentation of the GV-100-S-TR or GV-100-S-TR pumps. If you need more information, call Western Safety Products. (updated 2008)
GV-100-S-TR Sampling Pump
This is the Gastec GV-100-S-TR Air Sampling Pump, shown with a detector tube in place
GV-110-S-TR Sampling Pump
This is the Gastec GV-110-S-TR Air Sampling Pump. This pump features an automatic pump stroke counter (shown as a yellow band with numerals).
There are quite a few add-ons and adapters available. A couple are shown here. Call Western Safety Products for more information.
One hand adapter
The picture above shows the optional one-hand adapter that allows sampling without having to pull the pump handle. This is useful in tight spots and where it would be difficult to use both hands to operate the sampler. After the adapter has been installed, the operator merely needs to push the sampler button and the pump will take a sample without having to pull the pump handle.
External hoses with pump
Shown above are 5 and 10 meter extension hoses for the gastec pump. Other available add-ons and adapters include telescoping extension poles, hot probe extensions, a pyrolizer unit, and more. Call Western Safety for more information on these and other additional components for the Gastec system.

Offers from Gastec/Nextteq

For a limited time, Nextteq offers a competitive exchange of other manufacturer's gas sampling pumps for a Gastec GV-100-S-TR or GV-110-S-TR with the exchange of the competing pump and the purchase of a qualifying number of boxes of Gastec detection tubes. Call Western Safety for more information on this offer.

Also available is the new GV-110-S-TR Gastec sampling pump and an optional hand held adapter (shown several rows above). Call Western Safety for more info.

tube information
A closeup of Gastec gas detector tube(s)

The three tables below show how to read the results from a sampling operaton

tube instructions 1
When the end of the color change is flat, read the value at the end of the layer, here, 5%

tube intructions 2
When the end of color change is slanted, read the value in the middle of the slant, here 5%

tube instructions 3
When the color change is pale, read the value in the middle between the end of the dark layer
and the end of the pale layer. Here, the correct reading would be 5%

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