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MSA Facepieces for SCBA

Ultra Elite Facepieces

Ultravue Facepieces
MSA offers two facepieces, the Ultravue Facepiece and the Ultra Elite Facepiece. Each model can be used with MSA SCBA, and both offer an effective combination of comfort and performance. Ultravue and Ultra Elite facepieces are available in three sizes and two materials -- black Hycar rubber, and black silicone. To reduce lens fogging, users may also select from three sizes of optional nosecups and either a SpeeD-ON® Kevlar Facepiece harness or traditional rubber harness with a fully adjustable five point suspension system.

Facepiece Ordering Information
Facepiece Assemblies for Ultralite MMR and Custom 4500 MMR Air Masks (NFPA Compliant)
Ultra Elite MMR Facepiece with 1/4 turn Quick Disconnect, SpeeD-ON Head Harness and Nosecup
Size Black Hycar Rubber Black Silicone
Small 815869 815870
Medium 815854 815857
Large 815875 815876
Ultravue MMR Facepiece with 1/4 turn Quick Disconnect & Rubber Head Harness, without Nosecup
Size Black Hycar Rubber Black Silicone
Small 815877 815880
Medium 815878 815881
Large 815879 815882
Facepiece Assemblies for Ultralite II & Custom 4500 II Air Masks (BMR) (NFPA Compliant)
Ultra Elite BMR Facepiece with SpeeD-ON Head Harness and Nosecup
Size Black Hycar Rubber Black Silicone
Small 805327 493316
Medium 492006 493196
Large 805331 493436

Ultravue BMR Facepiece with Rubber Head Harness, without Nosecup
Size Green Hycar Rubber Black Hycar Rubber Black Silicone
Small 801451 801450 801456
Medium 801449 801448 801454
Large 801453 801452 801458

Overview of Air Masks — NFPA Compliant SCBA for Firefighting Applications
MSA offers Air Masks with a mask mounted regulator (MMR) available in low pressure (2216 or 3000 psi) or high pressure (4500 psi) versions; both versions can be customized with a variety of air cylinders for regular and extended use applications. All MSA air masks designed for the fire service comply with NIOSH requirements and NFPA-1991, 2002 edition.
Sleek, rugged and lightweight, the MMR Xtreme Air Mask is the gold standard of self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). It has the best of everything — from its comfortable, wide vision Ultra Elite facepiece and clean, low profile Firehawk second stage mask mounted regulator, to its high strength yet remarkably lightweight cylinder options and advanced Vulcan carrier/harness assembly.
With MSA MMR air masks, performance is enhanced by a unique split regulator design. The regulator's first stage is located on the cylinder backplate, while the second stage attaches to the user's facepiece. The low pressure air mask can be used with cylinders pressurized to 2216 psig. MSA also offers a mid pressure air mask that uses a 3000 psig cylinder, which gives users slightly more than 30 minutes of air. A high pressure mask is used with 4500 psig cylinders. All MMR units can be upgraded to include the Quick-Fill option for emergency breathing system (EBS) plus fast, convenient refilling of cylinders. For added versatility of MMR air masks, dual purpose conversion kits are available to provide the capabilities of an air line respirator and SCBA in one. Cylinder choices remain the same.
Nightfighter Heads-Up-Display exceeds the latest requirements for firefighting SCBA as specified in NFPA 1981, 2002 edition that requires all NFPA compliant SCBA be equipped with at least one heads-up-display. When you open your air mask's cylinder valve, the Nightfighter HUD automatically activates, displaying the cylinder pressure reading in 25% increments. The wireless Nightfighter system consists of three components: a transmitter that mounts on the air mask's gaugeline, a facepiece bracket that attaches to the Ultra Elite facepiece, and a receiver that attaches to the facepiece bracket.
QuickFill® Universal Rescue Connection (URC)
The Quick-Fill URC system exceeds NFPA's requirement that all SCBA have a Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) universal air connection (UAC) male fitting for the replenishment of breathing air to the firefighter's SCBA. MSA's system allows the replenishment of a firefighter's SCBA and additionally allows for transfilling from one MSA SCBA to another. The transfilling capability is patented by MSA.
Minimum SCBA requirements for upgrading:
MSA air masks must meet the following minimum requirements before they can be upgraded to the 2002 Edition of the NFPA 1981 Standard. Upgrading an air mask that does not meet these minimum requirements will void all previous NFPA approvals.

Mask Mounted SCBA:

  • Compliant to NFPA 1981-1997 edition
  • Ultra Elite facepiece with nosecup
  • Split hose design (gaugeline over right shoulder)

Belt Mounted SCBA:

  • Compliant to NFPA 1981-1997 edition with Redundant Alarm
  • Ultra Elite facepiece with nosecup
  • Standard breathing tube PN 801165

SCBA Units: Airhawk MMR Air Mask & BlackHawk Tactical Air Mask
Airhawk MMR Air Mask
Based on the highly successful MMR Xtreme air mask which sees duty in the harshest environment — firefighting — MSA's Airhawk MMR air mask incorporates the latest technologies available for industrial, agricultural, hazmat and HVAC work. What sets the Airhawk SCBA apart from the rest of the field is the long list of options that let you customize the apparatus for your specific needs.
  • The Airhawk SCBA is available in low pressure (2216 psig) or high pressure (4500 psig) versions
  • Three different 30-minute rated low pressure cylinder types (aluminum, hoop wound or stealth) let you choose low weight or low cost
  • High pressure carbon fiber wrapped composite cylinders are available in 30, 45 or sixty minute rated durations
  • The innovative Firehawk PTC (push to connect) regulator easily and securely attaches to your facepiece
  • The industry leading Ultra Elite facepiece offers the choice of three sizes in either SoftFeel® hycar rubber (nitrile) or silicone
  • Dual purpose options allow the connection of an airline. Five different quick disconnect fittings are available
  • The harness assembly is available in nylon or flame and heat resistant Kevlar. A chest strap, lumbar pad and shoulder pads can also be added, making this the most comfortable industrial air mask on the market today

BlackHawk™ Tactical Air Mask
The BlackHawk Tactical Air Mask is especially designed for surveillance. Certain BlackHawk features eliminate reflections and/or audible sounds that would compromise concealment, in other words, it is black, sleek and silent

Ultra Elite facepiece

  • All black Ultra Elite facepiece, available in hycar (nitrile) or silicone
  • Three sizes of facepiece with two sizes of black nosecups
  • Nightfighter™ HUD system mounting bracket
  • SpeeD-ON head harness

Mask Mounted Regulator (MMR)

  • Firehawk™ regulator with push to connect feature
  • Neoprene intermediate pressure hose
  • Variable flow bypass system

EOSTI / Gauge

  • Nightfighter HUD functions silently as the low pressure warning device and the cylinder pressure gauge (there is no audible low pressure warning on this unit)
  • System consists of a transmitter mounted on the gauge line and a receiver that mounts on the facepiece
  • A series of LEDs provide the user with cylinder volume information
  • LEDs function in an intermittent mode and can be refreshed by depressing the refresh button on the transmitter

Harness and carrier

  • Composite backplate made of glass reinforced thermoset plastic
  • Waistbelt, shoulder straps and pull strap are all made of flame and heat resistant Kevlar
  • Optional FHR shoulder pads and lumbar pad
  • Adjustable Kevlar cylinder retention strap with over center latching system
  • Cylinder shroud that encompasses the cylinder and air mask pneumatics. Shroud is made of Advance FHR material


  • The BlackHawk air mask is available in both low pressure (2216 psig) and high pressure (4500 psig) operating systems
  • Carbon fiber cylinders available for use are: L-30 Stealth, H-30 Stealth, H-45 Low Profile Stealth and H-60 Stealth

Quick-Fill system option

  • A shoulder mounted Quick-Fill system option is offered

Workline accessory

  • For extended use applications, and air line accessory is available with your choice of five different types of fittings

Carrying case

  • A hard case or soft case are offered for storage purposes

Carrier and Harness Assemblies

Vulcan Carrier and Harness

Black Rhino Carrier and Harness

Wolverine Carrier and Harness
Carrying and distributing the weight of the SCBA is the job of the harness and carrier assembly. MSA's line of flame and heat resistant (FHR) harnesses used on NFPA compliant Air Masks consist of a large back pad, an ergonomically formed backplate and fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps. On MMR Air Masks, the regulator and pressure gauge air hoses are concealed in the shoulder strap for a smooth, non-tangling profile.

Vulcan™ Carrier and Harness System
The Vulcan Carrier and Harness assembly offers MSA Air Mask users the latest in comfort and design. The formed carrier, made from thermo-set composite material, offers extreme ruggedness and durability as well as proper weight transfer of the Air Mask. The "Soft Goods" are easily removable for maintenance or cleaning. The Vulcan system comes with either a single pull or double pull waist belt, and an optional chest strap. When upgrading to the Vulcan carrier and harness (from an earlier MSA harness), a new Audi-Larm device designed for the Vulcan should be used

Black Rhino™ Harness
The Black Rhino Harness features an aluminum backplate, combined with rubber backpad designed to increase wearer comfort and transfer the maximum weight to the wearer's hips.

Wolverine Harness
The Wolverine Harness complies with all NFPA requirements, in a "no frills", lightweight, rugged design. The Wolverine Harness embodies the word "value" in an FHR harness system.

Carrier and Harness Ordering Information
Vulcan Carrier and Harness Assemblies
For Ultralite II Air Mask, single pull 10005712
For Custom 4500 II Air Mask, single pull 10005714
For Ultralite MMR Air Mask, double pull 10005788
For Custom 4500 MMR Air Mask, double pull 10005789
Black Rhino Harness Assemblies
For Ultralite MMR Air Mask 816487
For Custom 4500 MMR Air Mask 816486
For Ultralite II BMR Air Mask 816489
For Custom 4500 II BMR Air Mask 816488
Lumbar Pad, for use with Vulcan Harness 10011767
Chest Strap for use with Vulcan Harness 10012167
Lumbar Pad, for use with Black Rhino Harness 817104

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