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CairnsHELMETS has been manufacturing fire helmets since 1836. For over 164 years, firefighters have come to expect a degree of performance from their fire helmets and MSA CairnsHelmets has delivered performance that is unparalleled in the industry.

Western Safety Products is a distributor of MSA products, including CairnsHELMETS. Due to contractural restrictions, we cannot sell CairnsHELMETS to municipal fire departments. We can sell to volunteer fire departments, industrial fire departments and other non-municipal fire fighters. Call Western Safety for more information.

Page 2 Helmets and descriptions. Includes Assemble-To-Order forms for Traditional, Modern and Leather helmets
Page 3 Clear Command Communication System, Medical information carrier system, goggles (high temperature resistant), faceshields
Page 4 Helmet accessories (fronts, decorative decals, numbers, logos, title tapes(this page is rather large, and may take time to download on slow connections).
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