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MSA Half Mask Respirators Advantage 420, Advantage 200 LS, Comfo Classic
MSA Full Facepiece Respirators Advantage 4000 (4200, 4100), Advantage 3000 (3200, 3100), Ultra-Twin, Ultra Elite
MSA Filters and Cartridges for respirators Filters and Cartridges for Advantage and Comfo Classic air purifying respirators
Respirator Cleaning Supplies, Fit Test Kits Cleaning Accessories and Fit Test Equipment for Air Purifying Respirators
Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) OptimAir Mask Mounted PAPR, OptimAir MM2K PAPR, OptimAir TL PAPR and acessories
Welder's Adapters, Chin Type Masks Welder's Adapters for Full Facepiece Respirators, Chin Type Gas Masks, Escape Respirators
CBRN, Riot Control Gas Masks, Responder CBRN, Riot Control and Responder PAPR Mask Assemblies
Introduction to Air-Line Respirators Air-Line Respirators: Constant Flow and Pressure Demand.
Constant Flow Respirators Part 1 Constant Flow Air-Line Respirator Kits, Duo-Twin Respirators, Duo-Flo Respirators
Constant Flow Respirators Part 2 Abrasi-Blast and Versa-Hood Supplied Air Respirators
PremAire Cadet Supplied Air Respirator PremAire Cadet Supplied Air Respirator and Facepieces (Ultra Elite or Advantage 4000)
PremAire Cadet Escape Respirator PremAire Cadet Escape Respirator and SCBA assembly, TransAire 5 & 10 and Custom Air V Escape Respirators
PremAire Supplied Air Respirator System PremAire Air Supplied Respirator System with various options, including vortex tubes and dual air
Compressed Air-Line Accessories Industrial Air Cart, TransportAire System, PortAire System, Quick Disconnects
Grade D Breathing Air Distribution Systems Breathing Air Distribution Systems and Point of Attachment Boxes, Grade D Air Supply
Supplied Air System Accessories Air Supply Hose, Cascade System Accessories, Manifolds, Airline Filters, Pressure Gauges, Belts
G1 SCBA with T.I.C. MSA G1 SCBA with T.I.C. (thermal imaging camera). Available for pre-order
AirHawk II Industrial Air Mask SCBA for Industrial IDLH Environments. Not NFPA Approved.
FireHawk M7 Air Mask FireHawk M7 Air Mask, NFPA Compliant, with some accessories
More FireHawk M7 System Accessories Cylinders, HUD (Heads Up Display) for Ultra Elite Facepiece, Rescue Belt, Carrier and Harness
MSA Accountability System A fireground accountability system that uses 1 or more base stations for two way communications with up to 50 firefighters per base station
Emergency Breathing Systems Quick-Fill System, RescueAire II Portable Air Supply, ExtendAire I and II, Technical Rescue Cart
ClearCommand Communication System ClearCommand Communication System for Fire Fighters, lists radio interfaces available
Miscellaneous Accessories Accessories for SCBA Equipment; APR Adapters, Cleaning Supplies, Nose Cups, Spectacle Kits
Introduction to Gas Detection Basic introduction to gas detectors. Types of Gas Detectors and environmental sampling.
Altair 5X Multigas Detector Top of the line 5 gas detector from MSA
Altair 4X Multigas Detector Altair 4X Multigas Detector. Available in a charcoal color housing or a phosphorescent housing
Altair 4X MSHA Multigas Detector Altair 4X Detector optimized for Miners
Sirius PID 4X Multigas Detector Sirius PID Multigas Detector for up to 4 gases (LEL or Methane)
Replacement Parts, Options, Accessories Replacement Parts, Options, Accessories for Altair, Sirius and Solaris Multigas Detectors (Long Page)
Altair Pro Single-Gas Detectors Single Gas Detectors for O2, CO, H2S, HCN, Cl2, ClO2, SO2, NO2, NH3, PH3 %O2
Altair Maintenance-Free Single Gas Detector Single Gas Detectors for CO, H2S, O2 in a maintenance free version
Kwick-Draw Sampling Pump and tubesets Gas Detection Sampling Pump and Detection Tube Sets
Gas Detection Tubes pg 1 Gas Detection Tubes for Acetaldehyde through Chlorine
Gas Detection Tubes pg 2 Gas Detection Tubes for Chlorine Dioxide through Hydrogen Fluoride
Gas Detection Tubes pg 3 Gas Detection Tubes for Hydrogen Sulfide through N-Pentane
Gas Detection Tubes pg 4 Gas Detection Tubes for Perchloroethylene through M-Xylene
Hazmatcad and Hazmat Response Kit Hazardous Gas Detection: Hazmatcad, Hazmatcad Plus, Hazmad Response Kit
Safesite and Biosensor 2200R Safesite Multi-Threat Detection System and Biosensor 2200R Biological Agent Detector
Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System Automatic calibration and testing station for Altair Gas Detectors
Regulators & Calibration Gas Cylinders 1 Regulators for calibration gas cylinders
Calibration Gas Cylinders 2 More Calibration Gas Cylinders and Cylinder Holders
Intro to Head Protection - V-Gard Hats Introduction to Industrial Head Protection. V-Gard Caps and Hats, Replacement Suspensions
Specialty V-Gard Hats and Caps Sports Themed and other Specialty V-Gard Hard Hats and Hard Caps
Hard Hats and Hard Caps V-Gard 500, SmoothDome, Topgard, Thermalgard Hard Hats and Hard Caps
Skullgard, Super V and Vanguard Hard Hats Skullgard protective caps and hats, Super V and Vanguard protective caps for lateral protection
Comfo Cap Mining Cap, Bump Caps Comfo-Cap for Mining, Bump Caps for casual bump protection (not for impact protection)
Frames for Hard Hats and Hard Caps Frames to fit caps and hats, including full brim hard hats.
V-Gard Visors 1 General Purpose Visors for V-Gard Frames
V-Gard Visors 2 General Purpose, Heavy Duty, Mesh and Chemical Splash Visors
V-Gard Visors 3 Heavy Duty, Radiant Heat and Welding Visors
V-Gard Visors 4 Welding, Arc-Flash Visors, V-Gard Accessories, replacement parts
Cap and Hat Liners Cap and Hat Liners, Winter Liners, Flame Resistant Liners
Helmet Accessories Sunshades and sunshields, helmet lights, optional chinstraps, medical information carrier system
Earmuffs Passive and Electronic Earmuffs, cap and hat mounted
Passive Hearing Protection Passive Hearing Protection Earmuffs, Ear Plugs and Ear Bands
Safety Glasses 1 Selection of Safety Glasses, Indoor Humid Conditions, Outdoor, High Glare, UV Exposure
Safety Glasses 2 Selection of Safety Glasses, Indoor, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor with UV Exposure
Safety Glasses 3 Selection of Safety Glasses, Outdoor, Low Light and Over-the-glasses eyewear
Safety Glasses 4 Specialty Eye Protection; magnifying bifocals, goggles, retainers, lanyards, eyewear pouch
Evotech Body Harness Evotech Body Harnesses: Full, Construction and Tower and info on Field ID RFID System
TechnaCurv Body Harness TechnaCurv Body Harnesses, Full Body, Construction and Tower harnesses
Workman Body Harness The Workman Harness is available in Full Body and Construction styles
Gravity Harnesses 1 Crossover and Vest Type Gravity Full Body Harnesses
Gravity Harnesses 2 Derrick and Tower Gravity Full Body Harnesses
Gravity Harnesses 3 Rigger's and Welder's Gravity Full Body Harnesses
ArcSafe Harness ArcSafe Full Body Harness for maintenance and utility workers
Harness Accessories Shoulder pads, D-ring extensions, lanyard keepers, tool lanyards, suspension trauma safety strap, etc.
Workman Lanyards Workman Shock Absorbing Lanyards
ArcSafe Lanyards ArcSafe Shock Absorbing Lanyards for electric arc flash applications
FP5K Tie Back Lanyards FP5K Tie Back Shock Absorbing Lanyards
Diamond Lanyards Diamond series Shock Absorbing Lanyards, now with Kevlar versions
Sure-Stop Web Lanyards Sure-Stop Web Shock Absorbing Lanyards
Sure-Stop Cable and Rope Lanyards Sure-Stop Cable and Rope Shock Absorbing Lanyards
Latchways Sealed SRLs Latchways Sealed SRL. Four Models from 30ft to 130ft.
Latchways Standard SRLs Latchway Standard SRL, single and twin leg versions - Completely new design
Latchways Mini PFL Latchway Mini PFL, single and twin leg versions - Completely new design
Thermatek Lanyards Thermatek Shock Absorbing Lanyards for welding and high heat. Cable and Web versions
Workman Web Personal Fall Limiter Workman Personal Fall Limiter (PFL), Web version
Workman Cable and Twin Leg PFL Workman Personal Fall Limiter, Cable and Twin Leg versions
Workman, Short-Stop & Sure-Lock SRL's Workman Self Retracting Lifeline, Short-Stop SRL, Sure-Lock SRL
Aptura LT 30 Self Retracting Lifeline Aptura LT 30 Self Retracting Lifeline. Available from 13 ft to 30 ft in 1 ft increments.
Dyna-Lock Self Retracting Lifeline Dyna-Lock Self Retracting Lifeline is available in web, galvanized and stainless steel, 20 ft to 95 ft
Restraint Lanyards 1 Web Restraint Lanyards
Restraint Lanyards 2 Rebar Assemblies, Positioning Lanyards, Linemen's Pole Strap, Shock Absorbing Sub Assemblies
Anchorage Connectors 1 Anchorage Connector Straps, Boom Belts, Anchorage Slings
Anchorage Connectors 2 Swivel Bolts, Steel Bolts, Concrete Anchors, Toggle Bolts, Drop-Through Connectors
Anchorage Connectors 3 Anchorage Connector Components: extensions, bolt D-rings, ManSafe Posts
Anchorage Connectors 4 Beam Grips and BeamGlide Trolleys
Anchorage Connectors 5 Roof Anchors, Rail Sliders, Carabiners
Fall Protection Kits 1 Workman Fall Protection Kits, Workman Aerial Kits, Thermatek Kits
Fall Protection Kits 2 RCD (Remote Connect/Disconnect System), Anthron Descent System
Roofer's Kits Roofer's Fall Protection Kits.
Rope Grabs and Vertical Lifelines Various configurations of Rope Grabs and Vertical Lifelines
Workman Tripod, Confined Space Kits Workman Tripods and Confined Space Entry Kits
Workman Winch (New 2013) Workman Personnel and Material Hoisting Winch. 65 ft. cable length (Galv/Stainless)
Dynevac II SRL, Lynx Rescuer Both the Dynevac II SRL and the Lynx Rescuer are intended for Confined Space Entry environments
Lynx Personnel, Material Hoist, Bosun Chair Lynx Personnel and Material Hoist, Bosun Chair, Spreader Bars
Davits Folding Davits, Column Davits, Ladder Mount Davits
SureClimb Cable Climbing System SureClimb Cable Systems for temporary or permanent Ladder Climbing Installations
Dyna-Glide Climbing System Dyna-Glide Climbing System is an adaptable safety climbing system for nearly any ladder installation
Gravity Dyna-Line Temporary HLL (New 10-2013) New Gravity Dyna-Line Temporary Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline with Bypass
Gravity Dyna-Line Temporary HLL Gravity Dyna-Line Temporary Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline - easy installation and removal
Gravity Sure-Line Temporary HLL (New 10-2013) Gravity Sure-Line Temporary HLL with Bypass (Cable or Synthetic Rope)
Gravity Sure-Line Temporary HLL Gravity Sure-Line Temporary Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline or Temporary Cable Horizontal Lifeline
Horizon HLL - Beam Mount Horizon Permanent Horizontal Lifeline - Beam Mount version
Horizontal HLL - Stanchion Mount Horizon Horizontal Lifeline System - Stanchion Mount
Skylink HLL Stanchions Skylink Horizontal Lifeline Stanchions and Kits
Sure-Rail HLL Sure-Rail Horizontal Lifeline System. Available in standard configurations and customizable
Rescue Equipment: Pulleys and Components FP Rescue Pulleys, Rollers, Suretyman Q-Eight, Rescue Eight, Rigging Plates, Carbiners
FP Rescue Rope and Accessories FP Rescue Rope, Storage Bags, Termination Plate
Rescue Equipment 1 FP Rescue Workwinch & Tripod, Fall Protection Rescue Kit, SuretyMan Rescue Utility System
Basic High Angle Rescue Kit High Angle Rescue Kit for the Fire Service. Consists of a Belay System Kit, Raising/Lowering Kit
Head First Extraction and Bucket Evac Kit Confined Space Head First Extraction System and Bucket Truck Evacuation Kit
Escape Kit, Rescue Pole, SKED Rescue Kit Building Escape Kit, Rescue Pole / Remote Hook, SKED Basic Rescue Kit
Rescue Equipment and Tool Holders Rescue Cradles, Rescue Ladder, Rescue Etrier, Chisel Grip, Tool Holder (standard or spark resistant)
Mining Safety W65 Self-Rescuer, Miner's Support System and Pouch, Comfo-Caps for Miner's
Calculating Total Fall Distance MSA has provided formulas for calculating Total Fall Distance for various situations