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This is an older, but complete listing of all MSA products. The bottom of this table has links to the newest MSA pages
MSA Page 1 Advantage Respirators - Advantage 200 LS, 1000, 3000, 4000 models, Advantage Cartridges
MSA Page 2 Comfo Classic, Comfo Elite, Ultra Twin, Ultra Elite, Ultra Filter Respirators and Accessories including Fit Test Equipment
MSA Page 3 Powered Air Purifying Respirators - OptimAir TL, 6A, Chin Type Gas Masks, Facepieces, Millennium Gas Mask, Responder PAPR, Escape Respirators
MSA Page 4 Air Line Respirators - PremAire Supplied Air Respirators, Duo-Twin and Duo-Flo Respirators, Abrasi-Blast Respirators, Constant Flow and Pressure Demand Respirators, Versa-Hood Supplied Air Hood, TransportAire and PortAire Systems, TransAire Escape Respirators, Accessories
MSA Page 5 SCBA, Fire Service Equipment, FireHawk Air Mask, AirHawk and BlackHawk Air Masks, Helmet Communications, SCBA Accessories
MSA Page 6 Cairns Fire Helmets, Leather Helmets, Traditional Helmets, Modern Helmets, Rescue Helmets
MSA Page 7 Thermal Imaging Cameras For the Fire Service - Evolution 5200, 5200HD, 5600, Video Capture System
MSA Page 8 Gas Detectors - Solaris, Sirius PID, Orion, Orion Plus, Altair, Watchman, Altair QuickCheck Station, Various Combustible Gas Detectors
MSA Page 9 Detector Tube Pumps, Detector Tube Industrial Sets, Chemical Warfare Detector Tubes - Acetaldehyde through Chlorine
MSA Page 10 Detector Tubes Chlorine Dioxide through Hydrogen Fluoride
MSA Page 11 Detector Tubes Hydrogen Sulfide through n-Pentane
MSA Page 12 Detector Tubes Perchloroethylene (Tetrachloroethylene) through m-Xylene
MSA Page 13 Hazmatcad Hazardous Material Chemical Agent Detectors, Hazmat Response Kit, SafeSite Multi-Threat Detection System, Biosensor 2200R (biological agent detector system)
MSA Page 14 Escort ELF and LC Sampling Pumps, Cassettes, Calibration Check Devices, Ventilation Smoke Tube Kits, Calibration Gas Cylinders, Cylinder Holders
MSA Page 15 V-Gard Hard Hats and Accessories, including replacement suspensions, faceshields, visors, welding attachments
MSA Page 16 More Hard Hats: SmoothDome, Advance Caps, Topgard, Thermalgard, Skullgard, Vanguard Hard Hats, Comfo Cap, Bump Cap
MSA Page 17 Faceshields, Frames, Chip Arrester, Visors, Sound Control Caps (for hearing protection), Helmet Lights and slot adapters, Welding Kits, Winter Liners
MSA Page 18 Hearing Protection: Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs, Electronic Hearing Protection, Radio Headsets
MSA Page 19 Police / Military Products - Body Armor, Modular Accessories, Advanced Combat Helmets, Military/Police Faceshields, Radio Comm Headsets Discontinued!
MSA Page 20 Full Body Harnesses and Accessories - TechnaCurv, Workman, FP Pro, Gravity, ArcSafe and Thermatek Harnesses
MSA Page 21 Shock Absorbing Lanyards, Tie-Back Lanyards, Restraint Lanyards, Positioning Lanyards, Rebar Assemblies, Lineman's Pole Strap
MSA Page 22 Anchorage Connectors - Straps, Cables, Chains, Anchor Slings, ManSafe Post, BeamGrips, Trolleys, Carabiners, Fall Protection Kits, Anthron Descender, Rope Grabs
MSA Page 23 Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL) - Aptura, Dyna-Lock, Lynx Rescuer, Lynx Hoist, Confined Space Entry Kits, Tripods, Davits and Bases, Bosun Chair
MSA Page 24 Ladder Climbing Equipment, Horizontal Lifelines (temporary and permanent), SkyLink Stanchions, D6 Stanchions, Horizon Horizontal Lifeline
MSA Page 25 Rescue Pulleys and Components, Kernmantle Ropes, Suretyman Edge Rollers, Knot Passing Pulleys, Rescue Eight, Rigging Plates, Carabiners
MSA Page 26 Rescue Tripods, Rescue Kits, Bucket Truck Evacuation Kit, Suretyman Rescue System, High Angle Rescue Kits, Emergency Rescue Bag System
MSA Page 27 Custom Engineered Horizontal Lifelines - Sure-Rail, Latchways Mansafe, Saferidge System
MSA Page 28 Mining and Specialty Equipment - W65 Self Rescuer Respirator, Ultralight Cap Lamps, Sampling Cassettes, Solaris Gas Detector
New Updates for 2012 This section will show updates to MSA's product lines as new catalogs are released

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