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Miller Page 1 Full Body Harnesses
Miller Page 2 Body Belts, Lanyards, Safety Straps
Miller Page 3 Fall Limiters, Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL), Lifelines
Miller Page 4 Anchorage Connectors, Carabiners, Beam Anchors, Roofing Fall Protection
Miller Page 5 Temporary & Permanent Lifelines, Ladder Climbing Systems, Tripods, Quad Pods and Rescue Systems
Miller Page 6 Wind Energy - Body Harnesses & Lanyards
Miller Page 7 Wind Energy - SRLs, Personal Fall Limiters, Anchorage Connectors, Rope Grabs, Vertical Lifelines, Relief Step, Tool Lanyard
Miller Page 8 Ladder Climbing Systems, Rescue, Escape & Descent Systems
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Harness Features
Standard Features D-Ring Options
Sliding Back D-Ring
Sliding back D-ring with injection molded, flexible Santoprene D-ring pad. Comfort-touch back D-ring pad (insert) provides added comfort
Pull-Free Lanyard Rings
Allows user to attach lanyard when not in use. Minimizes hazards associated with the lanyard hanging freely
Front D-Ring
Used for a variety of climbing, confined space and rescue operations
Side D-Rings
Most commonly used for work positioning
Shoulder D-Rings
Primarily used for lifting and lowering individuals, such as in confined space and rescue applications
Adjustment Buckle Types
Friction Buckle
To adjust the friction buckle, simply pass the webbing over the knurled bar and back down between the knurled bar and frame. Pull web end to tighten
Mating Buckle
To connect the mating buckle, push the center bar buckle completely through the square link and allow it to fall into place. Pull web end to tighten
Tongue Buckle
The tongue buckle works similar to a belt buckle. Insert the loose strap of webbing through the tongue buckle placing the buckle tongue through the appropriate grommet hole. Push remaining webbing through the keeper
Quick-Connect Buckle
Quick connect buckles for chest and leg straps interlock similar to a seat belt for easy donning and feature a dual tab release mechanism to prevent accidental opening
Relief Step Safety Strap
Small and lightweight, the Relief safety strap attaches to any brand full body harness

Putting On A Full Body Harness

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