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Level-Eze Ladder Leveler


Level-Eze Automatic Ladder Leveler
511,000 ladder-related accidents each year suggest you should pay some attention to ladder safety.
At Jershon, Inc., we do something very unique by making ladder safety automatic. No more digging holes, slippery boards or shifting bricks. Eliminate the risk of climbing a ladder that is not set level.
Installs quickly on any conventional aluminum or fiberglass extension ladder. Will not affect ladder load rating.
A new concept in ladder safety...
  • Pre-assembled so installation is easily performed in the field
  • Automatically adjusts up to 9 inches
  • Adds less than four pounds to the ladder
  • Securely locks when the ladder is set down and unlocks when ladder is picked up
  • No adjustments, levers or locks
  • Heavy duty hoop foot is standard equipment
  • Can be used with optional swivel feet
  • Works equally well on level surfaces
  • Field tested for fifteen years in all weather conditions
  • Will not affect duty rating of ladder
  • Meets or exceeds all proposed ANSI standards for ladder accessories
  • Designed for commercial and industrial use
  • Ideal for utility companies, contractors, painters, roofers, electricians, maintenance and home owners
  • Over 120,000 in use
  • Can be purchased factory installed from most major ladder manufacturers and distributors

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