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Legge Page 1 Conductive & static dissipative coatings, static control floor products
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LEGGE SYSTEMS became involved with static electricity control shortly after establishing an extensive line of maintenance and cleaning products in the 1930s. A demand for static control products, mainly in hospital operating rooms as well as in the defense and military establishments, led to the development and patenting of a complete line of body grounding devices, conductive and static dissipative coatings and later, static dissipative floor finishes and polishes. LEGGE was well positioned to apply vast knowledge of floor care to develop and apply products for static control. LEGGE SYSTEMS became one of the first manufacturers to introduce an extensive line of static control products and today that tradition continues.

As new products were developed our services were expanded to include other industries. Aerospace and electronic as well as communication and computer industries benefit from a well thought out and applied static control program. The LEGGE Co. designs and manufactures an extensive line of body grounding devices. At LEGGE, we also have the capability to alter existing models or design completely new models to customer specifications in our manufacturing facility.

The Walter G. LEGGE Co., Inc. is a pioneer in the development of an extensive line of water based, conductive and static dissipative coatings. These coatings have permanent conductivity with various standard colors, including a metallic stainless steel coating. All of the coatings LEGGE man-ufactures are available with a variety of conductivity to provide the industry with unlimited choices when conforming to various industry specifications.

Our corporate offices are located in the beautiful Hudson River Valley of Westchester County, New York — 40 miles north of New York City.Manufacturing, marketing, research and product development along with personalized customer relations offer the maximum in customer service and professionalism. The Walter G. LEGGE Company offers immediate, direct, customer service for applications and technical assistance by toll-free telephone, web site, fax or e-mail. With distribution points nationwide, our company logo appropriately reads...
"You Always Have Legge to Stand On."

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