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Safety Eyewear

Markings - ANSI, CSA, CE
ANSI: "The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, non-profit organization that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary
standardization and conformity assessment system." In order to maintain ANSI accreditation, a manufacturer must adhere to a set of requirements or procedures known as the "ANSI Essential Requirements:' They are also
responsible for writing the voluntary industry standards for OSHA compliance. OSHA does not approve products, but they provide the criteria necessary to meet ANSI standards.
CSA: "The Canadian Standards Association is a not-for-profit membership-based association serving business, industry, government and consumers in Canada and the global marketplace. CSA develops standards that address real needs, such as enhancing public safety and health." www.csa.org
CE: A mandatory European product marking and certification system that indicates the product complies with all applicable European product safety, health and environmental requirements within the CE marking system.
Base Curve
Base curve is the measurement of a spectacle lens or curvature. The higher the base curve, the greater the sweep of the spectacle. This provides more wrap­around protection and peripheral vision and eliminates the need for side shields.
Anti-Fog Lens Coating
We've subjected our lenses to extensive testing. We froze them. Heated them. Soaked them. Cleaned them. We put them through humidity and anti-static tests. No matter what we tried, our FogGard® Plus lenses wouldn't fog up. In fact, these tests, combined with on-the-job field evaluations, indicate the FogGarcJ® Plus coating will eliminate lens fogging in 99% of workplace applications.
UV Radiation Biological Effects:
To assess the effect of ultraviolet radiation (UV) on the human eye, the following photo biologic scheme divides the UV spectrum into three bands or regions.
UV-A (320-400 nm):
Unfiltered exposure to high levels (>200J/cm2) of radiation may produce severe reactions to all layers of the cornea.
UV-B (290-320 nm):
Unfiltered exposure to twice the threshold of radiant exposure (2 x HL*) may produce permanent cataracts.
UV-C (200-290 nm):
Unfiltered exposure to twice the threshold of radiant exposure (2 x HC*) may produce photokeratitis ("welder's flash").
*L = Lens, C = Cornea. Consult the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists for the corresponding Threshold Limit Values (TLV).

Wavelength Transmission Data Table

Lens Options
All spectacle lenses are made of polycarbonate (A) material, which provides 99.9% UV protection. Jackson Safety offers a variety of lens coating and tint options based on your particular application. Lens Coating:

  • Polarized Lens: Protection from glare reduces eye fatigue
  • Hard Coat: for scratch resistance
  • Anti Fog: for humid environments and extreme temperature variances
  • Uncoated: for economical budgets
Lens Tints Standard Lens Tints:
Clear Lens - All purpose no tint lens, for indoor and outdoor use, UV protection
Smoke Lens - All purpose smoke sunglass, for outdoor use where bright sunlight can cause eyestrain and fatigue, UV protection
Amber Lens - All purpose yellow tint lens, for enhanced contrast in low-light areas, excellent for inspection stations, UV protection
Specialty Lens Tints:
Copper Blue Block/Blue Shield - Bronze/Copper lens that filters out blue light for enhanced contrast, UV protection
IR 3.0 Lens - Protect against infrared light (IRUV). Perfect for cutting and brazing applications
IR 5.0 Lens - Protect against infrared light (IRUV). Perfect for cutting and brazing applications
Smoke Mirror Lens - Mirrored smoke tint sunglass with outer mirror finish coating, for outdoor use where sunlight can cause eyestrain and fatigue, UV protection
Silver Mirror Lens - Mirrored smoke tint sunglass with outer silver finish coating, for outdoor use where sunlight can cause eyestrain and fatigue, UV protection
Gold Mirror Lens - Mirrored smoke tint sunglass with outer gold mirror finish coating, for outdoor use where sunlight can cause eyestrain and fatigue, UV protection
Blue Mirror Lens - Mirrored smoke tint sung lass with outer blue mirror finish coating, for outdoor use where sunlight can cause eyestrain and fatigue, UV protection
Red Mirror Lens - Mirrored smoke tint sunglass with outer red mirror finish coating, for outdoor use where sunlight can cause eyestrain and fatigue, UV protection
Metallic Rainbow - Mirrored smoke tint sunglass with outer rainbow mirror finish coating, for outdoor use where sunlight can cause eyestrain and fatigue, UV protection
Copper Lens - Helpful in hazy or foggy conditions by enhancing contrast
Orange Lens - Increases contrast, visibility and detail. Used mostly for cloudy days
Indoor/Outdoor Lens - Helps reduce glare outdoors, while still effective in low-light areas
Teal - Reduces eyestrain and fatigue in facilities using sodium vapor lighting
Gray-Green - All purpose sunglass for outdoor use where sunlight can cause eyestrain and fatigue

Magnum 3G


  • Classic Magnum style ergonomically dimensioned for 3 point fit -- the ultimate in comfort
  • 7 base cut-to-shape spherical UV BLOCKER TM lens with nose pad posts molded as one unit
  • Built in hinge stops to virtually eliminate scratching of lens interior
  • Improved fit ergonomic nose pad with self-adjusting rubber fingers
  • Available in reduced size - Magnum Mini
  • 7 Base Curve
Magnum 3G
Frame/Lens Part No:
Black/3 Filter 3011668
Black/5 Filter 3011669
Black/Fog Free Clear 3011670
Black/ Copper Blue Block 3011671
Black/Clear 3011672
Black/ Smoke 3011674
Black/Yellow 3011676
Black/ Gold Metallic Mirror 3011824
Platinum/Clear 3011841
Platinum/Orange 3011678
Platinum/Teal 3011679
Copper/Red Mirror 3011680
Metallic Gray/Gradient In/Outdoor 3011681
Magnum Minis:
Mini, Black/Mirror 3013025
Mini, Black/Smoke 3011675
Mini, Black/Yellow 3011677
Mini, Metallic Gray/Gradient In/Outdoor 3013027

  • Contemporary, combination gunmetal finish frame and stylish chrome temples - Provides 99.9% UV protection
  • Built- in hinge stops to help prevent scratching of lens
  • Brow cushion, non-slip silicone nose pad bridge and rubber temple inserts for a secure and comfortable fit - Carrying pouch included
  • 8 Base Curve
Frame/Lens Part No:
Gunmetal/Clear 3013122
Gunmetal/Yellow 3013123
Gunmetal/Smoke 3013124


  • Ergonomic, quality classic style frame in attractive metallic finishes
  • Distinctive brow bar for stability and style
  • Soft, self-adjusting slip resistant silicone nose pad bridge for all day comfort
  • Soft, rubber coated temple tips for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Built in hinge stops to help prevent scratching of lenses
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • 10 Base Curve
Frame/Lens Part No:
Matte Chrome/Clear 3012787
Chrome/Red Mirror 3012788
Bronze/Smoke 3012789

Matte Black/Yeliow            


38 Special
  • Sporty, stylish and lightweight
  • Quality frame and stylish ergonomically contoured temples
  • Sure grip rubber temple inserts for a secure fit and a bold fashion look
  • 8 Base Curve
38 Special
Frame/lens Part No:
Black/Clear 3011699
Black/Smoke 3011703
Black/Mirror 3011702
Metallic Gray/Gradient Smoke 3011701
Chrome/ Blue Mirror


Code 4
  • No compromise sport styling
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Ribbed, non-slip rubber nose cushion and contoured temple tips provide a precise fit and all day comfort
  • Hinge stops to help prevent scratched lenses
  • Lightweight, weighs less than an ounce
  • 7 Base Curve
Code 4
Frame/lens Part No:
Black/Smoke 3011690
Black/Copper Blue Block 3011685
Black/Clear 3011687
Black/Mirror 3011688


  • Futuristic, frameless design with lens, hinge, and nose pad post molded as one unit
  • Precision cut to shape spherical lens for increased peripheral distortion­free protection
  • Ribbed, non-slip rubber nose pad
  • Straight back bayonet design temples eliminate temple pressure
  • 7 Base Curve
Frame/lens Part No:
Pewter Temples / Clear FF 3011693
Pewter Temples/Clear 3011694
Copper Temples/Orange 3011695
Black Temples /Smoke 3011696
Chrome Temples/Silver Mirror


Polarized Viewmaster
  • Polarized lenses offer protection from reflected glare along with reduced eye fatigue and enhanced vision
  • Streamlined classic frame striking metallic gray finish
  • Ergonomically designed temples and pressure pads provide comfort and a precise fit
  • Includes carrying pouch
  • 8 Base Curve
Polarized Viewmaster
Frame/lens Part No:
Metallic Gray/Polorarized Gray


  • Stylishly sculpted frame with the Olympic name and flame seared on both temples
  • Sure-grip rubber temple inserts provide a sure fit and make a bold fashion statement
  • Ergonomic nose pad with self-adjusting fingers and flared temple tips guarantee a comfortable and secure fit
  • 7 Base Curve
Frame/lens Part No:
Black/Clear 3011705
Black/ High- Def Copper 3011706
Olive Metallic/Gold Mirror 3011708
Olive Metallic/Smoke 3011709
Olive Metallic/Yellow


  • Stylish, ergonomic frame combines with sleek polycarbonate lenses for the ultimate in protection and style
  • Soft rubber nose pad with self-adjusting fingers for all day comfort
  • 7 Base Curve
Frame/lens Part No:
Tortoise/Clear 3011721
Tortoise/Dark Brown 3011715
Tortoise/Yellow 3011727
Tortoise/Red Mirror 3011722
Light Grey Metallic/Smoke


30-06 Readers
  • Stylish, ergonomic frame combines with sleek polycarbonate lenses for the ultimate in protection and style
  • Soft rubber nose pad with self-adjusting fingers for all day comfort
  • Available in clear, brown, yellow and IRUV 5.0 tint lenses
  • Precise placement of lens inserts helps prevent accidents, headaches and eyestrain
  • 7 Base Curve
30-06 Readers
Frame/lens/Diopter Part No:
Black/Clear/+ 1.0 Power 3011716
Black/Clear/+ 1.5 Power 3011717
Black/Clear/+2.0 Power 3011718
Black/Clear/+2.5 Power 3011719
Black/Clear/+3.0 Power 3011720
Tort/Brown/+ 1.5 Power 3011712
Tort/Brown/+2.0 Power 3011713
Tort/Brown/+2.5 Power 3011714
Black/YeIIow/+ 1.5 Power 3011724
Black/Yellow/+2.0 Power 3011725
Black/yellow/+2.5 Power 3011726
Black/IRUV 5.0/+1.5 3013933
Black/IRUV 5.0/+2.0 3013968
Black/IRUV 5.0/+2.5


Dual Segment Readers
  • Perfect for individuals who work above their heads or upside down and need to look up for near vision as well as down
  • Great for construction workers, assembly line workers, tool operators, painters, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, pilots, dentists, librarians, department and grocery store clerks
  • Help prevent neck and eye strain and headaches
  • 7 Base Curve
Dual Segment Readers
Diopter Part No:
1.5 Top/1.5 Bottom 3013327
2.0 Top/2.0 Bottom 3013328
2.5 Top/2.5 Bottom


  • Sleek, sporty lightweight design
  • Soft touch temples
  • Single lens wrap-around protection
  • Includes free neck cord
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • 8 Base Curve
Frame/lens Part No:
Black/Clear 3000354 [19804]
Black/Clear Foggard 3000355 [19805]
Black/Smoke Mirror 3000356 [19806]
Black/Indoor/Outdoor 3000357 [19807]
Black/Blue Mirror 3000358 [19808]
Black/Amber 3000359 [19809]
Blue/light Blue 3011373
Black/BlueShield 3011374
Camouflage/Bronze 3011375
Black/IRUV 3.0 3004762 [19859]
Black/IRUV 5.0

3004761 [19860]

Nemesis VL
  • Frameless ultra-lightweight design- 33% lighter than Nemesis
  • No-brow design increases upward and peripheral vision
  • Slip-stop temples specifically designed to prevent slipping and sliding when hot - Compact profile accommodates smaller faces
  • Includes free neck cord
  • 8 Base Curve
Nemesis VL
Frame/lens Part No:
Black/Clear 3013536
Black/Clear Foggard 3013537
Black/Smoke Mirror 3013538
Black/Indoor/Outdoor 3013539
Black/Blue Mirror 3013540
Black/Amber 3013545
Blue/light Blue 3013546
Black/BlueShield 3013541
Camouflage/Bronze 3013542
Black/IRUV 3.0 3013543
Black/IRUV 5.0


Nemesis CSA
  • Sleek, sporty lightweight design
  • Soft touch temples
  • Single lens wrap-around protection
  • Larger lens for a more complete wrap-around impact protection
  • Enhanced nose piece design with integrated ridges channels away sweat - Meets CSA
  • Free neck cord with purchase
  • 8 Base Curve
Nemesis CSA
Frame/lens Part No:
Black/Clear 3013296
Black/Clear Foggard 3013297
Black/Smoke Mirror 3013298
Black/Indoor/Outdoor 3013299
Black/Blue Mirror 3013300
Blue/light Blue 3013301
Black/BlueShield 3013302
Gunmetal/Smoke Mirror 3013303
Camouflage/Bronze 3013304
Black/IR 3.0 3014555
Black/IR 5.0


Nemesis RX
  • "Cheaters" style with integral diopters for vision assistance
  • Precise placement of inserts allows for distortion-free forward vision and safety when wearing
  • Larger lens for a more complete wrap-around impact protection
  • Enhanced nose piece design with integrated ridges channels away sweat - Meets CSA
  • Free neck cord with purchase
  • 8 Base Curve
Nemesis RX
Frame/lens Part No:
Black/Clear +1.0 Power 3013305
Black/Clear +1.5 Power 3013306
Black/Clear +2.0 Power 3013307
Black/Clear +2.5 Power 3013308
Black/Clear +3.0 Power


  • Streamlined, sunglass styling
  • Extreme lightweight design
  • High performance polycarbonate lens
  • Flex point temples for comfort and stability
Frame/Lens Part No:
Black/Amber 3013855
Black/Blue Mirror 3013858
Black/Clear 3013851
Black/Clear Anti-Fog 3013853
Black/Indoor/Outdoor 3013856
Black/IR 3.0 3013859
Black/IR 5.0 3013860
Black/Light Blue 3013857


  • One piece polycarbonate front with adjustable temples
  • Wrap-around protection
  • Sleek, lightweight and comfortable
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • Also available in CSA models
  • 8 Base Curve
Frame/Lens Part No:
Silver/Clear 3000303 [19492]
Silver/Clear Foggard 3000304 [19493]
Silver/Smoke 3000305 [19494]
Silver/Smoke Foggard 3000306 [19495]
Black/Amber 3000307 [19496]
Black/Indoor/Outdoor   3000309 [19498]
Black/Blue Mirror 3000308 [19497]
Silver/Light Blue 3011600
Visio CSA:
Clear/Clear 3005268
Clear/Clear Anti-fog 3005269
Silver/Smoke Anti-fog 3005271
Silver/Smoke 3005270
Black/Amber 3005272
Black/Indoor/Outdoor 3005274
Black/Blue Mirror


  • Single lens with molded nosepiece
  • Economical
  • Lightweight design
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • 9.5 Base Curve
Frame/Lens Part No:
Black/Clear 3004880 [31005]
Black/Smoke 3004882 [31006]
Black/Amber 3004883 [31007]
Black/Indoor/Outdoor 3011379
Black/Blue Mirror


Element RX
  • Economical "cheaters" style safety glass
  • Lightweight design
  • 9.5 Base Curve
Element RX
Frame/Lens Part No:
Black/Clear 1.0 3014253
Black/Clear 1.5 3014254
Black/Clear 2.0 3014255
Black/Clear 2.5 3014256
Black/Clear 3.0


  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Detachable side shields and universal bridge
  • Highly mirrored lens is ideal for different lighting conditions
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • 8 Base Curve
Frame/Lens Part No:
Black/Clear 3003291 [1439-0000]
Black/Smoke 3003292 [1439-0001]
Black/Silver Mirror 3003293 [1439-0002]
Black/Metallic Rainbow 3003294 [1439-0003]
Black/Metallic Blue

3003295 [1439-0004]

  • Sporty wrap-around look.
  • Adjustable ratchet temple for custom fit
  • Soft grip custom temple
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • 9 Base Curve
Frame/Lens Part No:
Black/Clear 3000337 [19741]
Black/Clear Foggard 3000338 [19742]
Black/Smoke 3000339 [19743]
Black/Amber 3000340 [19744]
Black/Indoor/Outdoor 3000341 [19745]
Black/Blue Mirror

3000342 [19746]

  • Folded-back lens design for increased peripheral vision and protection
  • Stylish frames made of durable, modified nylon
  • Slim profile, Cudaslide adjustable temple for individual fit with 5 different lengths
  • 6 Base Curve
Frame/Lens Part No:
Black/Clear 3000287 [19142]
Black/Clear Foggard 3000288 [19143]
Black/Smoke 3000289 [19144]
Black/Smoke Foggard 3000290 [19145]
Black/Sunburst 3000291 [19146]
Black/Amber 3000293 [19149]
Black/Indoor/Outdoor 3000322 [19563]
Black/Blue Steel 3000292 [19147]
Blue/Clear 3000294 [19157]
Blue/Clear Foggard 3000295 [19158]
Blue /Smoke 3000296 [19159]
'Cudas Caddy 3000297 [19174]
Pouch 'Cudas:
Black/Clear, Amber, Smoke 3005221 [19175]
BlaCk/Clear, Smoke, Sunburst

3005222 [19179]

Unispec II
  • Low-cost wrap-around protection with one-piece polycarbonate lens
  • Uncoated frame
  • 4 Base Curve
Unispec II
Frame/Lens Part No:
Clear/Clear Uncoated 3000285 [18832]
Smoke/Smoke Uncoated 3000298 [19238]
Amber/Amber Uncoated 3005267 [19614]
Clear/Clear Foggard 3000286 [19100]
Clear/Clear Hard Coated 3005206 [18333]
Smoke/Smoke Hard Coated 3005226 [19237]
IRUV 3.0 3000323 [19630]
IRUV 5.0

3000324 [19631]

  • Stylish over-the-glass safety eyewear
  • Fits over most prescription eyewear
  • 4 Base Curve
Frame/Lens Part No:
Black/Clear Anti-Fog 3015022
Black/Indoor/Outdoor 3015024
Black/Smoke Mirror


Guide for Goggle and Spectacle Applications
Hazard Protector Type

Flying fragments, large chips, particles, sand, dirt, ecl. during grinding, machining, masonry work, riveting, sanding, woodworking, etc.

• Spectacles with side shields
• Non-vented goggles
• Indirect vent goggles
• Direct vent goggles

Splash or irritating mists while handling acids and/or chemicals, degreasing or plating.

• Non-vented goggles
• Indirect vent goggles

Our anti-fog lenses have been subjected to extensive testing. These tests, along with on-the-job evaluations, indicate that our anti-fog coating eliminates fogging in 99% of workplace applications. To give you some idea of what the lenses stand up to, here is a list of tests they were subjected to.
Fog Test: Lens placed in 0°F temperature for 10 minutes, pulled out to ambient temperature (68-70°F) and held over steam generated by boiling water for 30 seconds.
Humidity Test: Lens placed in controlled chamber (90°F, 95% R.H.) for 30 minutes.
Fog Test: Lens placed in 120°F temperature for 10 minutes, pulled out to ambient temperature. Anti-Static Test: Lens rubbed 5 times on cotton fabric then held 1" above ash.
Adhesion Test: Cross hatching 10" x 10" 1/8" grid pattem placed on lens surface and coating pulled with a transparent tape to check for delamination.
Cleaning: Coating resistant to liquid and/or tissue-type lens cleaners.

Monogoggle XTR
  • Superior impact and chemical splash protection
  • Cylindrical shaped lens offers greater range of visibility
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Adjustable, wide band for comfort
Monogoggle XTR
Lens Part No:
Clear, AF 3010334
Clear Foam Lined, AF 3010336
Smoke, AF 3010335
Shade 3.0, AF 3010337
Shade 5.0, AF 3010338
Repl. Headband 3010349
Clear Repl. Lens 3010339
Smoke Repl. Lens 3010340
Shade 3.0 Repl. Lens 3010341
Shade 5.0 Repl. Lens


The Shield
  • Full face protection which detaches from goggle
  • Curved faceshield conforms to shape of face offering better protection
  • Polycarbonate shield for long lasting protection, compact size is ideal for storage & work in confined space
  • Provides dust, splash and impact protection
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • 3.0 and 5.0 models feature flame retardant headband
The Shield
Lens Part No:
Clear, AF 3010343
Shade 3.0, AF 3010345
Shade 5.0, AF 3010346
Repl. Headband Fire Retardant


Wildcat Goggle
  • Extreme performance vision protection, material does not melt, drip, or ignite at 350 ºF for five minutes
  • Dual anti-fog lenses
  • Lightweight and comfortable goggle ideal for any work environment
  • Pivot headband for optimal comfort placement
  • Cushioned eye cups for comfortable fit
  • Adjustable side vents to increase air flow
Wildcat Goggle
Lens Part No:
Clear, AF 3013710
Smoke, AF 3013711
Amber, AF 3013712
Shade 3.0, AF 3013713
Shade 5.0, AF


Revolution Goggle
  • VisiClear™ anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti static coating is standard on all lenses
  • Large eye Rx insert
  • Superior style, comfort and fit - Dynaflex material conforms to the face, stays supple in extreme climates and is easy to clean and sanitize
  • Proprietary Cross Vent Technology - unique design keeps air flowing in and moisture or chemical splashes out
  • Polycarbonate lens provides superior impact resistance, 10% lighter than the competition
Revolution Goggle


Part No:










Shade 5.0



Clear Repl. Lens



Smoke Repl. Lens



Amber Repl. Lens



Shade 5.0 Repl. Lens



Monogoggle 201
  • Direct ventilation with perforated frame
  • Separate, soft, pliable plastic nose piece for snug, comfortable seal
  • Ideal for dust & impact protection
Monogoggle 201


Part No:




Clear Visiclear™



Monogoggle 202
  • Unventilated
  • Protects against dust, splashes and fumes
  • .060" polycarbonate lens
Monogoggle 202


Part No:




Clear Visiclear™



Monogoggle 211
  • Indirect ventilation
  • Separate, soft, pliable plastic nosepiece for snug, comfortable seal
  • Frame designed with pantacopic angle to improve work area visibility and assist bifocal wearers
  • .060" polycarbonate lens
  • Ideal for dust & impact protection
Monogoggle 211


Part No:




Clear Visiclear™



Monogoggle VPC
  • Ideal for chemical splash protection
  • Indirect ventilation
  • Fits over today's prescription eyewear
  • Separate, soft, pliable nosepiece
  • Pantascopic design assists bifocal wearers and improves work area visibility - .060" Polycarbonate lens
Monogoggle VPC
Lens Part No.
Clear Visiclear™ 3003414 [10195]

Goggle Toggle
  • Snaps into universal slot on most safety caps for proper store age of goggles
Goggle Toggle
3005127 [14420]

Goggle Retainer
  • Holds goggle firmly in place on safety cap when not in use
Goggle Retainer
3000057 [10511]

Goggle Guardian
  • Keeps your goggles clean and scratch free          
Goggle Guardian
Stars & Stripes 3000059 [10514]
Black 3000058 [10512]

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