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Honeywell 2013 Index

Western Safety Home Manufacturers Fall Protection
Hearing Protection Head Protection Eye Protection



Fall Protection Miller Fall Protection
Fibre-Metal Fibre-Metal Welding (Hard Hats, Welding Helmets, Welding Filters)
Respiratory Protection North Respiratory Protection
Honeywell Laser Laser Safety
Fendall Portable Emergency Eyewashes, Eye Saline Bottles, Eyewash Stations
Foot Protection Work Boots, Mining Boots, Chemical Resistant Boots, Waterproof Boots, Cold Weather Boots
North Eye Face Protection Safety Eyewear, Faceshields Eye and Face Safety
Uvex Safety Eyewear, Safety Goggles, Eye and Face Safety
Howard Leight Hearing Protection
North Hand Protection Hand and Arm Protection
North First Aid First Aid Kits and Supplies
Lockout Tagout Stations Lockouts, Tagouts, Barricade Tape, Circuit Breaker Lockouts, Valve Covers, Cable Lockouts, etc.
Enabled Safety Products Barcode and RFID readers, wired and wireless. Tracking Software and subscription plans
Uvex Rx Safety Eyewear High-quality fashionable frames for prescription safety eyewear
Honeywell Vision Screen Titmus Brand Vision Screeners (Titmus V4, V3 and V2)
North Hard Hats North Hard Hats, Bump Caps, Winter Liners, Replacement Parts
Honeywell Protective Clothing Honeywell Protective Clothing. Coveralls, Rain Suits, Aprons, Safety Vests
Harley Davidson Safety Safety Glasses and Hard Hats
Oliver Premium quality specialized workboots for mining, oil & gas, heavy metal fabrication industries