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Guardian 2013 Supplement
There are new products and updates here. They do not replace these pages
Full Body Harnesses
Cyclone, Premium Edge, Seraph, Monster, Flame Retardant, Tux, Velocity, Front Loop, Lineman, Universal
Updated Cyclone Harness
New Cyclone Harness Design; updated 11-2013
Shock Absorbing, Cable, Positioning & Restraint, Rebar Assemblies
Self Retracting Lifelines
MK Edge, Edge, Heavy Duty Edge, Yellow Jacket, Daytona Big Block, 3-Way Rescue, Aardvark Self Retracting Lifelines
Diablo SRL
Diablo Self Retracting Lifeline (new 10-2013)
Anchor Points
Beam and Trolley Anchors, Roof Anchors, Anchor Straps, Commercial Anchors, Residential Anchors
Guardian Kits
Gotcha Series Rescue Equipment, Rapid Deployment Rescue Ladders, Suspension Trauma Straps
Equipment Accessories, Replacement Parts, Fall Protection Components, Supplementary Items
Guardrail Systems
Guardrail Systems and Leading Edge/Perimeter Protection Products
Confined Space
Confined Space Equipment including Davits, Tripods, 3-Way Winches, Bases and accessories
Scaffolding Systems
Scaffolding Systems, including hanging wall, and various stationary and rolling scaffolding platforms
Engineered Lifeline Systems
Horizontal and Engineered Lifeline Systems for temporary and permanent installations
Ladder Products
Ladder Safety Systems, including ladder anchors, ladder levelers, ladder dollies
Safety Netting Systems
Safety Netting products, residential and industrial. Debris and Personnel netting safety.