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Glo Concepts manufactures one product that does its job exceedingly well. The gloves made by this company (in the US) has bright retroreflective panels on the palm and the knuckle sides. The knuckle sides have bright lime yellow panels on the fingers and a large directional triangle on the knuckle. The palm side has a large bright red octagonal (stop sign shape) panel in the center of the glove. These enable extremely visible directional signaling and visibility. They are a very useful addition to traffic control personnel, especially at night. Bikers and people on the road at night will find these gloves to be eye catching and a potential lifesaver. The life you save by wearing these gloves may be your own... See the images below for yourself.
Safe biking at night Stop! Now!
Biking Safety at Night Stop Now
Driver Signaling Traffic Control
Driver Signaling Traffic Control
Roadside Safety
Roadside Safety

Some of the situations where the Glo-Glove would be useful:

  • Police-traffic control
  • Motor police officers
  • Search and rescue
  • First responders
  • Landing zone coord.
  • Crossing guards Crane operators
  • Motorists safety
  • Gate patrol
  • Event parking-Crowds
  • Flaggers-construction
  • Pilot car drivers
  • Ship docking
  • Backing fire trucks
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