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Western Safety Products announces the availability of our Garden Safety Kit. This kit contains items to make gardening safe. We want to make it convenient, so you don't waste time traveling around to various stores looking for items you need. It is here, and you can customize this kit by adding items from our accessory list.


Garden Safety Kit: $29.95

Items included in Garden Safety Kit
  1. Knee Pads
  2. 2 packages of "Pura-fit" disposable ear plugs (without cord)
  3. 1 pair Atlas gloves (or equivalent)
  4. 2 pairs Latex disposable gloves
  5. 2 pairs Nitrile gloves (chemical resistant)
  6. 1 Indirect vent goggles
  7. 1 container of Flent "Bite Relief" insect bite treatment
  8. 1 Flat accordian style dust/mist approved reusable/disposable respirator (not shown)


Accessories for Garden Safety Kit

Disposable respirator offers good protection against dust, spores, dander, and other nuisance airborn contaminants. It is inexpensive, and can be reused until it has lost its shape and facial sealing properties. $ 1.95 each.
This apron is inexpensive, and can be reused many times. Provides basic protection for clothing. $ 1.95 each.
This inexpensive goggle provides good eye protection against dusts, and other nuisance airborn contaminants. It is reuseable. $ 4.95 each.
These inexpensive latex gloves offer good general protection against dirt, mud, and other common contaminants. $ 10.95 per box of 100.
These nitrile gloves offer superior puncture and chemical resistance, and are more durable than latex gloves. $ 3.95 per pair.
These Atlas gloves offer superior abrasion resistance and grip. They are durable and long lasting. $ 5.95 per pair.
For the ultimate in chemical, dust, and dirt resistance, this tyvek® suit is unmatched. It is durable, and can be reused. Respirator shown is NOT included. For extra protection, boot covers can be worn over the suit. (see below) $ 11.95 each.
These boot covers are the perfect adjunct to the tyvek® suit shown above. They are durable, and reuseable. $ 9.95 per pair.


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