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Flare Alert - Premier Quality Electronic Flares

The FlareAlert is a battery-powered LED emergency beacon. The FlareAlert contains 1 high output LED and only requires four (4) AA batteries to operate. There are two (2) different types of flares, the Beacon and Beacon Pro.
Specs: 3.75” diameter x 1.75” thick and require 4 AA batteries

Safe & Versatile

  • Magnetic Base—elevate your flare
  • 360 Degree Visibility—can be seen for miles
  • Waterproof—wont extinguish in rain/snow
  • No flames—won’t burn user/equipment
  • LED technology—bulbs last for years
  • Safe—for anyone to use


  • Reusable—replaces thousands of flares
  • No perchlorate—wont contaminate ground water
  • No fumes—no toxic fumes released
  • No residue—no debris left behind
Flare Alert Information Beacon and Beacon Pro
Beacons with Cone Adapters and Weighted Bases
Beacons and Beacon Pro comparison
Cost Effectiveness of Beacons vs traditional Flares


  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Highway Patrol
  • Military
  • Construction
  • Home/Travel
  • Railroad and Trucking Industries
    • Lane closures, DUI checkpoints, Accident scenes, Helicopter LZ’s, Road maintenance, Search and Rescue, Crowd Control, Biking, Hunting, Vehicle Loading, Triage, Object or Evidence marker, and many more.