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The ASE30 Fire Escape Hood is a substitute for the EVAC-U8 Smoke Hood which has been discontinued by its manufacturer, Brookdale International Systems. Testing revealed that the EVAC-U8 was not effective against Carbon Monoxide as claimed, causing the manufacturer to recall all of their smoke protective products. The replacement that Western Safety Products is stocking is the ASE30 Fire Escape Hood, a new smoke hood from CY Holding. This company also makes several related products, including respirators, SCBA units, oxygen generators and mine escape filters.

The fire escape hoods are available in several models, one with a PVC hood and another version with an aluminized hood. These are available in a hard case and soft case.

These Fire Escape Smoke Hoods are available in 30 minute and 60 minute versions. Call Western Safety for more information. These units are now certified CE (European Standard).

ASE30A and ASE60A are hard case units
ASE30 and ASE60 are soft pack units

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There is a movie available for download. It is approximately 8.7 megabytes, and is a WMV file.

ASE Demo Movie

According to statistics, up to 85% of fire victims don't die from fire or heat, but from poisonous combustion gases and smoke produced by the fire. Before they are burnt, most victims have already perished from smoke inhalation.
The ASE30 Fire Escape Hood can help you and your family escape fires. This smoke hood can protect against Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Sulfide, and other toxic combustion by-products. Presently used in office and residential buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, government offices and others, the ASE30 Fire Escape Hood can save your life.
Please note that the Purify Air Masks are CE certified, but the ASE Smoke Hoods are NOT CE certified.

To order the ASE30 Fire Escape & Smoke Hood or the Purify Air Mask online, visit our online store: http://www.westernsafetystore.com/ase30.html

Smoke Hood For Kids
The ASE20C smoke hood for kids is now available. Contact Western Safety for more information.
Smoke Hood and Smoke Detector Combination Kit
A combination package, the ASE30DH has a smoke detector and Escape Hood together.

Test Data for ASE30 and Purify Air 30M
Concentration Service Life
ASE30 Purify Air 30M
HCN - Hydrogen Cyanide 400 PPM > 30 Minutes > 30 Minutes
CO - Carbon Monoxide 2500 PPM > 30 Minutes > 30 Minutes
Acrolein 100 PPM >30 Minutes > 30 Minutes
HCL - Hydrogen Chloride 1000 PPM > 30 Minutes > 30 Minutes
Particulate Efficiency: > 95%
Exhalation Resistance: < 300 Pa
Inhalation Resistance: < 800 Pa
ASE30: 730 g
Purify Air 30M: 860 g
Storage Temperature: 0 — 40ºC
Shelf Life: 5 years

ASE30SoftPack Smoke Hood
Soft Pack Case
Purify Air ASE30 Smoke Hood Hard Pack
Hard Pack Case

Open package and remove smoke hood. Remove 2 red rubber stoppers from front and back of air purifying canister. Pull canister to front of mask. Put on mask and pull it down towards your neck. Position canister in front of nose.
Tighten head / neck strap to seal unit. Diagram shows smoke hood properly deployed. Seek exit.

  • In the event of a fire or fire alarm, put on mask immediately. Do not wait until you can smell smoke. It is possible that carbon monoxide or other harmfull gases may be present before smoke is obvious.
  • This smoke hood does not provide oxygen. It is intended for use in environments with at least 17% oxygen. The canister will filter out carbon monoxide up to 1.5%.
  • Warranty Period: The ASE30 must be stored in a cool dry place. Valid warranty period is five (5) years from date of manufacture. CY Holding Company will replace this device anytime during this period "Free of Charge" should it be used in an emergency
  • The mask is a disposable device. After canister seals are removed, smoke hood should be disposed of after emergency use.

Evacuation Kit
CY Holding is introducing a new Evacuation Kit, including an aluminized full body suit. For more information about this kit call Western Safety Products at 1-888-823-0808
Evacuation Kit

Oxygen Generators
Emergency Oxygen Generator Marine Emergency Oxygen Generator
These two units are similar, in that they generate oxygen by chemical means. One is intended for land based usage and the other is certified for marine use. They both produce 60 minutes of oxygen suitable for emergency escape in IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life & Health) atmospheres. They will not protect against skin penetrating nerve gas agents.
The hood provides protection from temperatures up to 800ºC (approx. 1472ºF), including direct flame contact and hot falling ash protection. The units are ideal for shipping, private yachts, chemical and petrochemical plants, hotels, high rise office buildings, first responders, police and mining industries. For pricing and other information, call Western Safety Products at (206) 264-0808.

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